Blow to DP Ruto as Rift Valley Elders Call for his Impeachment

Blow to DP Ruto as Rift Valley Elders Call for his Impeachment

Deputy President William Ruto has fallen out of favor with a section of elders from Rift Valley who have called for his impeachment.

Speaking to journalists on Tuesday, January 19, in Molo, Nakuru County the elders stated that DP Ruto was undermining his boss, President Uhuru Kenyatta.

“If the president and Members of Parliament want to preserve peace and unity in the country, they should remove the deputy president.

“One person can spoil the whole country. We insist that if the DP is a threat to peace and unity, they should impeach him so that he conducts his business outside the government,” the elders’ spokesperson stated.

He accused Ruto of being an impediment to the delivery of government projects, cautioning that disunity could lead to very dire consequences.

During President Kenyatta’s interview with vernacular radio stations on Monday, January 18, the president stated that the hustler vs dynasty narrative was causing divisions in the country.

“If their logic is to say that because my father was the president, and I am the president today, then we are called dynasties, then is it right to say that if your father was a doctor, and you are a doctor, then you have no right to take care of patients?” Uhuru wondered.

The head of state added that he would not be distracted by allies of the DP whom he accused of prioritizing politics over development.

“They insult me from the roof of their cars, and at the same time praise projects which have been done by my own government,” President Kenyatta stated.

The narrative was first propagated by DP Ruto in 2020 who stated that the 2022 General Election would be about hustlers vs dynasties.

“The Kenyatta and Odinga families have been in power in the past and it is now time for a hustler like me to lead this country,” the deputy president told a group of Taita Taveta.

“I have been fought left and right but this will not distract me from seeking the presidency,” he added.

SECURITY: Matiang’i Goes After Politicians in Kapedo Killings

SECURITY: Matiang’i Goes After Politicians in Kapedo Killings

A massive security operation is underway in the infamous Kapedo area in Turkana county to flush out bandits who killed a General Service Unit officer.

Interior CS Fred Matiangi condemned the Saturday heinous attack on the security officers who were on a routine security mission in the area.

Emadau Temako, the GSU Deputy Operations Director died while two others are nursing injuries.

Speaking In Nairobi on Tuesday, January 19, after a meeting with security officials, the CS revealed that operations in the area would be ongoing until the perpetrators are caught.

“We are going to act decisively. We are going to make sure that those involved are facilitated to meet with the law. By the time we are done, it will be a story to be told to the generations to come.

“I am asking those who know those who murdered our senior police officer to bring to surrender them. We will go for them no matter how long it will take us,” stated Matiang’i.

“Some people have done that, including leaders and I need to emphasize that. They have gotten away with that kind of behavior for far too long,” he added.

He further revealed that the killing of the officer, who was the GSU Deputy Director of Operations, was a premeditated ambush.

“There is a culture in that part of our country which seeks to protect negative and criminal armament that disguises as cattle rustling but in actual fact, it is funded. We are in hot pursuit of certain people including leaders,” he continued.

The CS also put radio stations in the area that are on the ministry’s radar over the ongoing conflict in the area promising to take action.

On Tuesday, the officers were using military vehicles and choppers in a crackdown in Kapedo seeking to arrest the killers of the officer.

The attack is said to have happened after the peace meeting. The first batch of police officers, who left the meeting through the Baringo route, were ambushed by bandits.

The ambush prompted the GSU boss and other officers to rush to the scene to provide reinforcement. Unfortunately, before arriving at the scene the GSU encountered another ambush by the bandits where the officer was shot dead.

The attack followed a ritualized oath-taking ceremony administered by traditional leaders.

“Initial investigations reveal that the ambush took place against the backdrop of a ritual ceremony in which organized bandits were intentionally charged and adjured by some traditional leaders in a form of cultural ceremony” he revealed.

The CS regretted the many lives of security officers and residents lost in efforts to restore peace in the volatile region vowing that the authorities will not rest until the culprits are brought to book.

“The Inspector-General of the National Police Service has since launched an unprecedented operation in the area, and we will not relent until all the perpetrators, including the elders who administered the oath and sent off the killers, are surrendered and brought to justice. This operation will be extensive and sustained as we meticulously comb through every nook and cranny in the area until we find the last criminal” Matiangi said in a statement.

He further blamed local leaders for sabotaging efforts by the government to find a lasting solution to the persistent conflict pitting the communities.

“It is extremely unfortunate that extraordinary efforts to find a lasting solution to the security challenges and breakdowns in peace between the Pokot and Turkana communities continue to face serious resistance from leaders, who have been patronizing the deadly attacks in pursuit of criminal and selfish interests”.

He appealed to members of the public to work closely with the security officers to end the unrest.

“Our heartfelt condolences go to the families and loved ones of the gallant officers, who selflessly put their lives on the line to protect the nation”.

Tension has been high along the Baringo-Turkana border since the attack.

The ambush comes barely a week after a middle-aged man was killed by bandits who attacked Kapedo following the theft of hundreds of livestock from a neighbouring community.

Search For New Chief Justice Officially Kicks Off

Search For New Chief Justice Officially Kicks Off

The process of recruiting a new Chief Justice to replace the retired David Maraga formally kicks off.

The office of the Chief Justice (CJ) has been declared vacant, a week after Justice David Maraga retired.

In a gazette notice on Monday, January 18, acting CJ Philomena Mwilu who currently chairs the Judicial Service Commission (JSC), opened doors for interested candidates to apply for the position.

Interested candidates must be advocates of the High Court and have served as a judge of the High Court or the Court of Appeal for at least 15 years.

The candidate must also have 15 years’ experience as a distinguished academic, judicial officer, legal practitioner.

The successful candidate will earn a salary of between Ksh. 900,000 and Ksh. 1,327,888.

Kenya’s Chief Justice functions as the head of the Judiciary, the President of the Supreme Court, the chairperson of the JSC. He/she also acts as the link between the Judiciary and other arms of government.

Among those who have shown interest in the post include Senior Counsel Philip Murgor, Justice Mwilu, Court of Appeal President William Ouko, Attorney General Kihara Kariuki, and his predecessor Prof Githu Muigai.

Interested candidates have 21 days to apply, while JSC has 28 days to scrutinise the applicants for shortlisting.

Maraga officially left office on January 11 and handed it over to his deputy Philomena Mwilu who took over in an acting capacity.

Maraga, who is known to pull no punches, used his final speech to slam politicians over claims that they are “better than judges.”

“I want to tell you, judges, Kenyans have bestowed you to be the guardians of our constitution, I have heard politicians say they are better since they are elected. I want to tell you that you are in a better position than them. You live in this country and you have seen the politics. If you waiver, God will punish you. Do the right thing for the people of Kenya,” he said.

Online uproar as Kenyans rise against DP Ruto’s ‘Hustlers Vs Dynasties’ narrative

Online uproar as Kenyans rise against DP Ruto’s ‘Hustlers Vs Dynasties’ narrative

Kenyans on Twitter and other social media platforms were this morning up in arms against the ‘Class Warfare’ being propagated by Deputy President William Ruto and his followers who are pushing the ‘Hustlers vs Dynasty’ narrative as his vehicle to the presidency in 2022.

The notion has been debunked by Netizens who claim Ruto and his allies are not hustlers as they are billionaires who own a lot of wealth.

Class wars the world over have been viewed as ways in which nations are destroyed for selfish gains.

Under the hashtag #ClassWarLoading, concerned netizens sought to bring fore the dangers of class warfare which are already being experienced in the expansive Rift Valley region through the burning of vehicles presumed to belong to the rich in the area.

One visibly angry netizen noted that it is deceitful when few wealthy politicians use poverty connotations to hoodwink Kenyans and attract political support. Kenyans must open their eyes wider and say no to such trickery. The Hustlers vs Dynasty narratives are an excuse for lynching innocent Kenyans. Both narratives must be outlawed.

Another netizen said that the storyline of “dynasties vs hustlers” that has been circulating in Kenya is really a red herring. First and foremost, the problem in this country is not “dynasties” or self-styled hustlers per se. It is corruption. That is what must be eradicated. Bogus tales of childhood deprivation are a distraction. When people are not too eager for their true selves to be unmasked, they throw up smokescreens like this “dynasties vs hustlers” nonsense. It’s pathetic.

It was clear from the tag, that Ruto has created a clique of ”hustlers” who thinks the rich or anyone who is well off is the reason why they are poor. They are burning cars and destroying property in the name of hustler’s spirit

Here are more reactions;

Notice served:  KRA targets social media influencers with new tax

Notice served: KRA targets social media influencers with new tax

The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) on Monday notified social media influencers that they will be liable to pay Digital Service Tax (DST) since their income is accrued from the provision of services in the digital marketplace.

KRA further noted that DST has been effective since January 1, 2020, and all influencers must adhere to the set guidelines.

This begs the question, who is a social media influencer?

A social media influencer refers to an influential person who has established credibility in a specific field, has access to a huge audience, and can drive engagement, set trends, and promote brands/services.

Digital Market Place

This is a platform that enables direct interaction between buyers and sellers of goods and services through electronic means.

It is important to note that apart from the ordinary tax regimes, DST, and VAT on digital supplies apply to the digital space.

Rate of DST

According to KRA, the rate of DST is 1.5% of the gross transaction value:

a) In the case of the provision of digital services, the payment received as consideration for the services; and
b) In the case of a digital marketplace, the commission or fee paid to the digital marketplace provider for the use of the platform.

The DST will also be applicable for both Businesses to Business (B2B) transactions and Business to Consumer (B2C) engagements.

The return and payment with respect to DST are due on or before the 20th day following the end of the month the digital service was offered.

It is important to note that DST is only applicable to digital services, therefore, those who sell their goods online are exempted although the suppliers are required to declare income earned under the self-assessment regime provided under the relevant Tax Laws.

If individuals or companies use your website to sell products, you will also be liable to DST since you will have enabled interactions between buyers and sellers through a digital marketplace.