Inside Kibaki’s coded warning to President Kenyatta Against DP Ruto

Inside Kibaki’s coded warning to President Kenyatta Against DP Ruto

New details have emerged on how the former President Mwai Kibaki who has not been in the limelight of late due to his health condition warned the incumbent President Uhuru Kenyatta against his deputy William Ruto.

The former country head has not been making it to the public gathering since he handed over power on most occasions but when he graced one, his sayings could confuse Kenyans so much.

President Uhuru Kenyatta and former President Mwai Kibaki were among thousands of mourners who attended the burial of former Nyeri Governor, Nderitu Gachagua, in Mathira constituency in March 2017.

Gachagua died while undergoing specialized treatment in the United Kingdom having fought a long battle with cancer.

Deputy President William Ruto was also among mourners who went to Mathira village to bid farewell to the governor, who was a billionaire.

When Kibaki was invited to the podium by DP Ruto to air his speech to the mourners, the former Head of State spoke in a confusing language that only a few people understood his message.

Kibaki described Uhuru as ‘Kamwana’ saying that he always speaks the truth and that the “other guy” who had invited him to the podium cannot be trusted.

Kibaki then urged the congregants to vote for ‘Kamwana’ now Uhuru Kenyatta, because plans were there to take the country forward and he could see them being executed.

The ailing Hospital? How Nairobi Hospital Lost Billions Within A Year

The ailing Hospital? How Nairobi Hospital Lost Billions Within A Year

Nairobi Hospital lost at least Ksh2.2 billion within one year due to mismanagement, a new audit report by Grant Thornton has revealed.

The hospital could not explain the variance of Ksh2.2 billion between its two internal billing systems – Kranium and Navision – in billing and receipts.

“As of December 31, 2019, the total inpatient and outpatient revenue recorded on Kranium for the Financial Year 2019-20 amounted to Ksh12.8 billion.

The total revenue recorded on Navision amounted to Ksh10.6 billion resulting in an unexplained variance of Ksh2.2 billion. This is equivalent to two months’ revenue,” reads the report in part.

Also, it was revealed that some projects had price variation orders amounting to Ksh2.8 billion, which were never discussed during board meetings.

Ksh1.4 was paid out to contractors without proper records, policies, and procedures for some projects.

Grant Thornton also found out that the purchase of a C-arm machine that carries out endoscopy was not done according to procurement rules.

“During the review of suppliers pre-qualification, we noted that some of the service providers did not submit mandatory documents such as completed trade reference forms, latest audited accounts, tax compliance certificates, completed supplier code of ethics and signed an affidavit on bidder litigation history for the last three years,” adds the report.

As of December 2019, the hospital was owed Ksh2.8 billion by 25 debtors, with only one responding and disputing the debt.

“In our view, there is a need to investigate credit balances in-depth and reconstruct the debtors account afresh,” reads the report.

Some debtors had signed agreements amounting to Ksh77.2 million without security, the audit found.

“No guarantee was provided for Ksh98.4 million, which constituted 31 percent of entire cash amounts,” reads the report.

The audit also found several cases of improper staff dismissals which ended up costing the company, conflict of interest in the hiring key staff, unfair and unprocedural pay hikes for select staff, and interference with procurement processes.

One of the staffers, a relative to a former board member, had his salary hiked by the board from Ksh600,000 to Ksh900,000 without consulting the management.

The hospital lost more than Ksh300 million in fallen Imperial Bank.

DP Ruto is Depleting our Resources in Ferrying People in His Meetings – Sotik MP

DP Ruto is Depleting our Resources in Ferrying People in His Meetings – Sotik MP

Sotik Member of Parliament Dominic Koskei has accused Deputy President William Ruto of depleting their resources inferring people in his meetings.

He says It hurts to be taken as robots and clueless sycophants by one William Ruto.

“It’s high time I speak up my mind concerning the way we are being treated and handled by the Hustler-In-Chief.

It’s extremely disappointing and unhealthy to use your own resources to ferry unemployed youth to and from crusade camp without being considered and given a chance to even wave and say hi,” says Koskei.

The Sotik MP further said despite them ferrying people to and from Deputy President’s meetings they are not allowed to even say hi.

“It hurts to be taken as robots and clueless sycophants by one William Ruto. I had offered to work for William Ruto ahead of 2022 but the guy is siphoning and depleting my resources mercilessly.

Meanwhile, mkokoteni and wheelbarrows are also needed in my constituency,” the Sotik legislator added.

The Sotik Member of Parliament who was elected on a Jubilee party ticket is serving his first term as a Member of Parliament.

It’s only time which will tell if the legislator will be elected come 2022 after he had started attacking the Deputy President William Ruto who is perceived as the Rift valley kingpin.

Deputy President William Samoei Ruto will be vying for presidency come 2022 but his bid has been rubbished by the dynasties led by COTU Secretary General Francis Atwoli and Jubilee party Vice-Chairman David Murathe terming him as corrupt and that cannot be trusted with the country’s leadership.

Tuunganishe Wakenya! Ben Githae Emerges with BBI Hit Song Days After Report Launch (AUDIO)

Tuunganishe Wakenya! Ben Githae Emerges with BBI Hit Song Days After Report Launch (AUDIO)

Popular Kikuyu Gospel Artist Ben Githae always takes the opportunity with both hands when it comes to politics.

The Tano Tena hitmaker has wowed his fan base after he finally released the much-awaited BBI theme song.

Githae has been a Kikuyu artist for over 20 years but came into the national limelight after he released the 2013 Nusu Mkate song.

Githae campaigned against former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s request where he wanted the coalition government with President Uhuru. His song Nusu Mkate worked wonders with President Uhuru taking part in reciting the song during his campaigns.

In 2017, Ben Githae resurfaced with his popular song Tano Tena. The song was played all over the country popularizing President Uhuru and his Deputy William Ruto. The song lyrics urged Kenyans to vote for Uhuru’s government for their second term.

A week after the BBI report was launched in Kisii, the artist has released another hit song dubbed BBI Ndani. In the song, Githae urges Kenyans to support the Uhuru-Raila handshake by passing the BBI report. He further supports the report for its all-inclusivity.

“Utuletee Baba” Mt Kenya Residents Tell Uhuru

“Utuletee Baba” Mt Kenya Residents Tell Uhuru

On his way back to Nairobi after attending a church service in Mathira Constituency at PCEA Tumutumu, President Kenyatta made a stopover to address residents of Mathira Constituency who made a special request to him.

The residents could not hide their joy when at the end of the President’s address, asked him to bring ODM leader Raila Odinga with him in his next visit.

” Na úrehe Baba!”( You bring us Baba), the residents asked the President.

For the better part of the week, Uhuru and Odinga spent time in Nyanza launching various projects as they popularized the BBI report.

In his address, Uhuru asked the people of Mathira Constituency to support the BBI report saying it was not for his own good but that of Kenyans. The Head of State also advised the area residents to engage objectively with BBI saying the process is aimed at securing Kenya’s future as a cohesive and prosperous country.

“BBI is not Uhuru’s but for all Kenyans, it is not good that the economy stops before any electioneering year but should continue to flourish even without election campaigns,” the President urged asking Kenyans to fully read and understand the report.

The President is expected to officially launch the BBI report tomorrow at the BOMAS of Kenya in the presence of ODM leader Raila Odinga and other leaders after receiving it in Kisii this week. It is expected that after the launch, Odinga and the President will embark on a country-wide tour to popularize the report.