Top Judge, Sarah Cohen’s lover arrested in Connection with Cohen’s Murder

Top Judge, Sarah Cohen’s lover arrested in Connection with Cohen’s Murder

A court of appeal judge has been arrested.

The Judge identified as Sankale Ole Kantai was apprehended by the DCI in regards to the murder case of Tob Cohen

Reports emerged that the embattled Sankale and Cohen’s widow Sarah Wairimu is claimed to have had a romantic relationship.

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Sarah Wairimu Kamotho in Kiambu law courts with her lawyer Philip Murgor Photo/COurtesy

According to the details, the two met in Kisumu for an intimate getaway after the murder of the Dutch billionaire according to Daily Nation.

The local daily explained that the murder suspect had approached the judge seeking advice on what to do in the event she was arrested.

Sankale being out of Nairobi at the time asked her to travel to the Lake city where he was attending a workshop.

The judge is articulated to have gone a step ahead and facilitated the cost of the trip including her stay at the hotel.

To ensure that the criminal was well taken care off, Sankale instructed his driver to pick her up and take Sarah to Wilson Airport.

In addition, it was understood that the two had a business partnership that went back to the time the judge was just a mere lawyer. The two are highlighted to have been in contact during the flight.

More revelations were made that Sarah did not book a separate room from that of Sankale at the Aqua Pool hotel.

Further intelligence intimated that the two shared a meal and had a drink during their stay at the premises.

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Sarah Wairimu visits late hubby Cohen’s grave after erecting a tombstone Photo/COurtesy

The cosy trip was, however, cut short after Sarah was forced to travel back to the capital after being summoned by the police.

In a cunning move, it is mentioned that wife to the deceased business mogul, made and scanned copies of publications and sent them to Sankale.

She later went on to record a statement at Kilimani Police Station and requested to have a soft copy of the same for herself.

Sarah then sent the police statement to the Court of Appeal judge asking him to go through it and make changes that he deemed necessary before he gave it back to her.

The latest development poses a problem for the murder suspect who was set free on a Ksh 2 million cash bail in October 2019.


BREAKING: Armed Al-Shabaab Suspect Surrenders to Police in Mandera

BREAKING: Armed Al-Shabaab Suspect Surrenders to Police in Mandera

In a rather unusual scenario, an armed Al-Shabaab suspect surrendered to security agencies in Mandera South.

Salat Hajir Jimale, 23, surrendered to security agencies at Elwak town in Mandera South on Thursday, February 20.

This comes one day after the militants attacked a Nairobi-bound bus, Moyale Raha, killing three.


Salat Hajir Jimale, a suspected Al-Shabaab fighter at Elwak Police Station in Mandera on February 20, 2020.

County Commissioner Onesmus Kathya confirmed the incident.

“Al-Shabaab member with an AK 47 rifle and three magazines fully loaded is in our custody,” Kathya affirmed. 

The police boss further disclosed that the suspect was detained at Elwak Police Station for interrogation.

“It was reported by a chief that a suspected Al-Shabaab militant was sighted in his area while making efforts to surrender,” a police source informed the outlet.

The suspect who was found in possession of military jungle uniforms hails from Ashabito area of Rhamu in Mandera North.

On Wednesday, February 19, the fighters attacked the Moyale Raha bus company at Lanfin in Mandera North located between Sarman and Tarbe areas of Banisa Sub-county.

After the incident, the government ordered that all buses plying North-Eastern routes should have a police escort before embarking on journeys.


Duale In Trouble After Distributing Expired Food

Duale In Trouble After Distributing Expired Food

The National Assembly Majority Leader, Aden Duale, has found himself in a fix after allegations trailed him regarding the food he distributed which was said to be expired.

As MP for Garissa Township, Aden Duale’s problems began following claims that he had distributed expired food to an orphanage in Garissa town.

Duale, who was summoned by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), asserted that the claims were disingenuous.

In a summons penned by the DCI on February 18, 2020, the Majority Leader was asked to appear before the Assistant Inspector General of Police, Benedict Oyaro, after complaints were received from the residents of Garissa town.

“Following several complaints from Garissa County residents, we have undertaken an investigation pertaining to the alleged distribution of unsafe food.

I do hereby require Aden Duale to personally appear before Mr Benedict Oyaro an Assistant Inspector General of police investigating the alleged offence on 19 February at 10.00 am at DCI headquarters, Nairobi.”

Sources who spoke on February 20, 2020, corroborated the allegations, stating that the Garissa MP had visited Najah Children’s Home in Garissa town on Monday 17, 2020 and had donated food to the centre.

“He (Mr Duale) visited the orphanage on Monday. When we opened the food sacks we saw some black substance which raised concern amongst us. It is then that we learnt that the food had already spoiled, meaning it was expired.”

The orphanage manager, Mohammed Noor confirmed that the food, which included rice, flour and maize, was unfit for human consumption and subsequently destroyed.

Duale has however denied the allegations despite the information that is coming to light.

The majority leader has stated that both the summons and the claims by Garissa residents were an exercise in blowing smoke.


PANIC engulfs Harambee House Annex as DP Ruto throws his staff under the bus

PANIC engulfs Harambee House Annex as DP Ruto throws his staff under the bus

Deputy President William Ruto has written to the Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai seeking to have the Harambee Annex investigation expedited.

The DP made the request and further asked the IG of Police to ensure that anyone in his office found culpable of colluding with suspects in the Ksh39 billion arms deal, charged.

According to him, an official statement is required to explain their presence in the country and particularly at his office on February 13.

“Foreign Affairs should facilitate information on these foreigners and the profile of the companies they purport to represent,” the DP’s letter reads.

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He is demanding that the foreigners be blocked from leaving the country until investigations are complete.

DP has been in a grilling meeting since last night with his members of staff from Annex at his Karen office.

Investigators had visited the Annex to probe how former CS Rashid Echesa got access to hold a meeting with foreign investors.

Detectives were collecting evidence on the multibillion fake arms deal at Harambee Annex where among others, the office of DP Ruto is located.

It emerged that about 14 people who work at Harambee Annex were identified for questioning by detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).

DP Ruto’s Spokesperson David Mugonyi in a statement said the office was cooperating with DCI detectives.

Mugonyi admitted that Echesa had taken two foreigners to Harambee Annex, seeking to meet Ruto, but they left when told he was not available.

Apparently, this is not the first time DP Ruto is sacrificing his staff.

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In July 2019, when Dennis Itumbi a digital strategist/propagandist based at Deputy President William Ruto’s Harambee Annex office was arrested by officers from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) over an alleged plot to assassinate Ruto, the Office of the Deputy President distanced themselves from Itumbi denouncing him as not one of their own.

This was unexpected given the fact that in the past year, Itumbi has been operating from Harambee Annex after being bundled out of Statehouse when the presidential digital team was restructured. Itumbi has been seen as campaigning for Ruto whom many see as his new boss after breaking ranks with the presidency.

It’s unclear why the ODP would throw their staff under the bus leaving them to be hanged dry.

Even in death, even your shadow leaves you.

Carry your own cross; Stop Diversionary tactics, DoD tell Ruto

Carry your own cross; Stop Diversionary tactics, DoD tell Ruto

Kenyans should treat rumors and finger pointing towards the Kenya Defense Forces as the sole executor of the fake arms procurement scandal as lies being peddled by people who should be telling Kenyans what they know about the alleged scandals.

The complainants have never interacted with any representative from the Department of Defense.

The Complainants have never visited the Department of defense.

The Department of Defense has elaborate and well laid down procurement procedures – Bogita Ongeri-KDF Spokesperson.

The Kenya Defense forces have issued a statement on the military arms and equipment scandal from Poland, distancing itself from the scandal through a strongly worded document which in essence, is targeting the Deputy President Dr. Ruto’s allegations that the CID should look for evidence from the Department of Defense because the equipment were to be used by them.

In a terse memo to the media houses, the Kenya Defense Forces Spokesperson Dr. Bogita Ongeri said that the Kenyan Military is a disciplined force and cannot flout procurement rules and use politicians to negotiate or procure for them equipment which they don’t even know how to use. So Kenyans should treat Dr.Ruto’s claims as pure lies that are basically a diversionary tactic.

The Deputy President had twitted earlier claiming that if Kenyans want to know the truth, then the Department of Defense are better placed to answer on the scandal, not his office where he says the investors spent only a record 23 minutes. So, there was no way the scandal could have been executed in his office.

Kenyans on social media, TV and Radio interviews have lambasted Dr.William Ruto and called on him to reveal to Kenyans what he knows about the deal which he has tried to distance himself from, but unfortunately, it’s alleged that all evidence and execution of the scam, points fingers to his Harambee Annex office.

The military Scam has taken the nation by storm as the Kitui Governor Hon. Charity Ngilu has told the Deputy President to step aside to allow for proper investigation to take place rather than trying to defend himself on twitter and on social media forums.

Kieleweke wing of the Jubilee Party has found fodder and are calling for the sacking, resignation or impeachment of the Deputy President because his office has become a crime scene and Dr. Ruto, they claim, can’t be trusted with leadership because of the high level corruption scandals that are being coined and then executed in his office in Harambee Annex.

TRAGIC: Kenyan Ambassador dies of heart attack

TRAGIC: Kenyan Ambassador dies of heart attack

Kenya’s ambassador to South Sudan, Chris Karumba Mburu has died of a heart attack.

The ambassador’s family broke the news on Monday morning without disclosing further details of the death.

Amb. Karumba previously served as a National Intelligence Service (NIS) director.

The Kenyan Ambassador to South Sudan, Chris Karumba Mburu, died of a heart attack.

More to follow…