Is DP Ruto cunningly using Kibra violence to oppose the BBI and Handshake?

Is DP Ruto cunningly using Kibra violence to oppose the BBI and Handshake?

Deputy President William Ruto has sent the clearest signal yet that he might oppose the Building Bridges report, exposing his dilemma over an initiative spearheaded by his boss.

The DP’s opposition to the report is likely to put him on a collision course with President Uhuru Kenyatta, the architect of the initiative, setting the stage for a nasty political divorce.

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DP Ruto together with Jubilee candidate in Kibra by-elections McDonald Mariga Photo/Courtesy

Ruto’s position on the report, however, seems to be pegged to his growing rivalry with Opposition chief Raila Odinga, and not the contents of the report — which is yet to be made public.

The just concluded Kibra by-election is now an escape route from the Uhuru-Raila project and the DP is out to make the best out of it.

At the outset, Dr Ruto was categorically opposed to the BBI and the handshake citing it was going to give additional positions to political rejects by expanding the executive. His grounds were that Raila Odinga is cunningly using the BBI as well as the handshake to get to power through the backdoor.

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“We reject politics of conmanship and the use of the handshake to give positions to political rejects. We will make sure that their evil schemes do not succeed,” said DP Ruto

The BBI task force is a joint team that was appointed by President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga.

However, with the recent Kibra events, Ruto now claims the BBI is just a fake project that does nothing to correct the country’s political ills. He says ODM leader must first apologize to Kenyans for the Kibra violence.

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More than two weeks ago, Ruto dismissed claims he was in a dilemma over the report and declared he and his troops would rally behind Uhuru and support the BBI.

 “Ultimately, as initiators of inclusive non-tribal political discourse, we will stand behind our Party and Leader,” Ruto said.

Ruto’s foot soldiers are tough-talking, however, and have announced they will reject the proposals of the BBI within and outside Parliament.

Mathira MP Rigathi Gachagua, a close ally of the DP,  has openly said, “We will reject the BBI together with Raila.”

He claimed the former Prime Minister “is the face of whatever is going wrong in the country”. “If he will be the face of BBI, we will reject Raila, we will reject the BBI,” he pledged.

SHARING MIGINGO: The territorial integrity of Kenya will never be negotiated- CS Juma

SHARING MIGINGO: The territorial integrity of Kenya will never be negotiated- CS Juma

Kenya has agreed to share the disputed Migingo Island with Uganda. This comes even as the government maintains that the land is in Kenya.

Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary Monica Juma on Wednesday said they had signed an MoU with Ugandan authorities to enable fishermen and other Lake Victoria users to access either side of the boundary.

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Migingo Island covers less than half a football pitch but over 500 people live on this tiny African fishing island. Photo/Courtesy

Local fishermen prepare their netsNile perches are cut and cleaned, ready to be cooked

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Fishing boats anchored in the small harbour of Migingo Island. While a boat ride from the Kenyan mainland to Migingo takes two hours, getting from Migingo to Jinja in Uganda takes 18 hours, according to Kenyan fisherman Kennedy Ochieng and Ugandan fisherman Eddison Ouma

What is left now is to set the modalities for access management and sharing of resources.

“Kenyans should know that these boundaries are shared by communities across the countries, and we have to find a way to make them soft,” said the CS.

“My message to Kenyans is that we have their interests at the top of our minds and this can be realised by reducing the risks they face in accessing the trans-boundary resources,” she added.

Asked whether the agreement will define where the island legally belongs, Ms Juma said: “Kenyans must know the territorial integrity of the country will never be negotiated away.”

Kenya to launch UNSC bid Thursday

Kenya to launch UNSC bid Thursday

Kenya will formally launch its candidature for the Non-Permanent seat at the United Nations Security Council Thursday in New York USA.

Kenya made history as the first East African country to secure the endorsement of the African Union for the seat during a vote conducted in August this year.


Kenya will need the support of at least two-thirds of the countries voting in the June 2020 poll.

The launch will be done Thursday, November 7th in New York, USA. The United Nations Security Council plays a key role in international affairs such as maintaining international peace and security and can impose sanctions and authorization of military action when international peace is threatened.

Kenya trounced Djibouti after garnering 37 of the 52 votes cast in the second round of voting.

Kenya has put up a well-crafted strategy to win the support of the international community to get the United Nations Security Council non-permanent seat ahead of the June 2020 vote which will be conducted in New York.

Visibly furious CJ Maraga demands full red carpet treatment otherwise he will not attend State functions

Visibly furious CJ Maraga demands full red carpet treatment otherwise he will not attend State functions

Chief Justice David Maraga has vowed not to attend some state functions unless the government starts treating him and the Judiciary with respect.

“Unless I am treated with the respect I deserve, I will choose state functions to attend,” CJ David Maraga said on Monday during a press conference.

“The CJ is not accorded the respect accorded to his office.. CSs and PSs are cleared to enter in places before the Chief Justice.”

Maraga said he is treated better abroad than he is back at home in Kenya.

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CJ David Maraga during media presser at Supreme Court Photo/Courtesy

Maraga said during the last Mashujaa Day he walked to the dais without being recognized.

“I walked to the dais through a side walk and the MC did not acknowledge my arrival, but he did for other people,” he said.

Maraga said he is exercising the mandate given to him by Kenyans. He said the Judiciary was being treated with contempt.

“The CJ has no Mercedes; when we applied,  we were told that we do not want wastage. It is wastage to buy a CJ a Mercedes 500, but it not a wastage to buy the two speakers one,” Maraga said.

However, its worth noting CJ Maraga spoke about government like he’s not part of it. He ignored the fact that the government is made up of the Executive, the Legislature and the Judiciary.

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Remarkably the media presser was all about budget cuts and what the CJ does not have compared to speakers, PSs and CSs but nothing about Judiciary commitment to ensuring that all the Anti-corruption and Economic Crimes cases brought before courts are dealt with impartially, expeditiously and in accordance with the law.

“The CJ has no Mercedes; when we applied, we were told that we do not want wastage. It is wastage to buy a CJ a Mercedes 500, but it’s not a wastage to buy the two speakers one,” the CJ lamented.

Maraga also lamented the ‘ill-treatment’ of the Judiciary after he said he has to wait to be cleared to access State House after ‘junior officers’ like Cabinet Secretaries and Principal Secretaries.

The CJ also noted that he was denied the use of a Mercedes S500 despite the same vehicles being used to chauffeur Speakers of the Senate and National Assembly who also get VIP traffic clearance.

Maraga noted that his entitlement to traffic clearance was only reinstated after intense lobbying. The Government, however, maintained that the exclusion of Maraga from the list was an inadvertent “mistake”.


Bedroom Politics: In the bedroom, everyone should fight for themselves- DP Ruto

Bedroom Politics: In the bedroom, everyone should fight for themselves- DP Ruto

Opposition leader Raila Odinga has fired back at DP William Ruto over his ‘bedroom’ comments.

Raila said that there was no problem inviting his friends to the Kibra campaign which has been considered as his political backyard.

Others are barking saying Raila has called people to his bedroom. What is wrong with me calling people to my bedroom. You only invite friends to your bedroom,” the ODM leader stated.

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Earlier on Dr Ruto had thrown a jab at Mr Odinga for calling on his allies to help campaign for Imran Okoth in the Kibra by-election.

DP William Ruto campaigning for Jubilee candidate McDonald Mariga

Speaking in Nakuru the DP said that men should not ask for help in their bedroom.

Things are thick in Kibra, the bedroom man has now asked for help. If you see someone asking for help in their bedroom just know things are thick,” DP Ruto stated.

“In the bedroom, everyone should fight for themselves. When you see a man asking for reinforcement just know things are thick,” he added.

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Image may contain: 1 person, crowd and outdoorMr Odinga led a meeting involving members of the Kamba community in which governors Charity Ngilu (Kitui) and Alfred Mutua (Machakos) pledged to support the ODM party candidate.

Governors Alfred Mutua, Anne Waiguru, Charity Ngilu, Kivutha Kibwana

During the Sunday campaigns, Mr Odinga was also joined by Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru who dismissed claims by DP Ruto of developing Kibra if Jubilee candidate McDonald Mariga is elected as MP.

We must say in plain truth that the country is peaceful because of the handshake. We will protect it,” she said.

The others who claim they want to bring developments are just baiting you. They are a one-man guitar, unlike Imran who is the fruit of handshake,” the Kirinyaga governor added.

EXPOSE: Kenyan on Twitter (KOT) faults vindictive civil society groups at the coast for covertly staging SGR protests

EXPOSE: Kenyan on Twitter (KOT) faults vindictive civil society groups at the coast for covertly staging SGR protests

Civil society is constituted as the arena outside of the state and the market where organizations and individuals interact and promote common interests outside of the logic of the political and the economic.

However, some of these organizations have been leading aggressive political and media campaigns against the government projects in the hope of tarnishing the image of the ruling government.

A vibrant set of idealistic Twitter users employing the hashtag #EvilSociety seem to prove this is the case with the current SGR protests at the coast.

Netizens noted that the said activists have a hidden agenda that is always to their own benefits. They don’t fight for Kenyan’s rights as they claim.

An agitated netizen noted that the activists wants Kenyans to focus on the SGR while in the background they are protecting their clandestine businesses at the port. 

Another lot called out NASA strategist David Ndii for being mean with the truth about the benefits of SGR. He instead has opted to use propaganda to discredit the SGR.

Here are other comments on the hashtag;