Hypocrisy! DP Ruto Lectured After Latest Message to Kenyans Concerning Covid-19

Hypocrisy! DP Ruto Lectured After Latest Message to Kenyans Concerning Covid-19

Deputy President William Ruto yesterday attended a church service at AIC Ziwani church accompanied by 15 Members of Parliament among other delegations.

The second in command had graced the installation ceremony of the Nairobi Area Bishop Rev Joshua Nzau Kimuyu.

Ruto who has recently been holding gatherings both in public and his official residence in Karen has definitely set his eyes on the top seat come 2022. Ruto who enjoys massive support from the majority of Kenyans has also been holding donation events for the youths where he has been donating business tools and monetary support to Hustlers.

Ruto after the church service went ahead and addressed thousands of Ziwani residents who were eagerly waiting for his speech. However, the DP and the crowd were not considering the set health guidelines. Taking to his social media platform, Ruto urged Leaders to empower Kenyans during this pandemic period.

However, Kenyans bashed the DP for violating the covid-19 violations and at the same time urging Kenyans to follow the set rules. Many Kenyans branded the DP as a hypocrite.

In the wake of Senate razzmatazz, Ruto should forget Mt Kenya vote

In the wake of Senate razzmatazz, Ruto should forget Mt Kenya vote

Determined to claim credit for any sense of a resolution of the dispute over the revenue-sharing formula, they celebrated so wildly, you would think they had just landed on the moon.

Even Kakamega’s Cleophas Malala, who had wept uncontrollably the other day before the Senate Security team, somehow wore a smile on his face.

Yet after holding the County governments to ransom for months, all the Senators could hand each was the same old allocation and a promissory note no one is obligated to honor.

Never mind that they had somehow found a reason to reject similar proposals more than 10 times.

And, that it actually took the fear of a public backlash against the Senate after Governors threatened to shut down the Counties for the Senators to quit their political games!

Elite friends

The glee with which Dr. Ruto’s social media people and his tweeting elite friends from NFD have amplified the propaganda around the so-called ‘win-win’ formula, betrays the real political schemes that held the Counties hostage for so long.

Not that anyone should begrudge the Deputy President’s allies for their claim to victory.

After months of suffering at the hands of the Handshake group, which is loyal to President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga, it was about time the ‘Huster Nation’ found something to celebrate.

The hostage-taking in the Senate has notably had an instant morale-boosting effect in the Ruto camp. The loyal crowd of MPs who were recently dispersed in the Jubilee Party purge is regrouping.

Church and clan delegations are trooping back to the Deputy President’s Karen and Sugoi residences to pay homage. What a difference a few days of hype makes in politics!

Away from the dance floor, though, Dr. Ruto will be reflecting on what he might have really won or lost in the grand scheme of things.

Walk into a trap

Remember the ‘one-man, one-vote, one-shilling’ campaign was as much a resource distribution mantra as a political trap set for the Deputy President in the Mt Kenya region.

Did he walk into the trap with his eyes shut? Has he won Wajir and lost Kiambu along the way?

If Dr. Ruto believes he can have his cake and eat it on the revenue-sharing matter, he is mistaken.

Somewhere in any of those hotels whose names cause the DP nightmares, someone will be thinking of how to weaponize the outcome of the Senate vote against him on the local campaign platforms.

And, needless to say, President Kenyatta is not exactly a good loser. He needed the original cash-sharing formula to appease his restless Mt Kenya base.

Its defeat looks like something he ‘shall revisit’.

Mt. Kenya Awakens: Mt Kenya leaders meet as Uhuru succession gathers steam

Mt. Kenya Awakens: Mt Kenya leaders meet as Uhuru succession gathers steam

Political leaders from Mt Kenya were last evening holed up in a meeting in Thika as President Uhuru Kenyatta succession talks in the region gather steam.

Although the gathering of elected leaders at the exclusive Thika Greens resort was described as a development forum, the Uhuru succession talks have been shaping up as the clock ticks towards 2022.

The agenda of the meeting that went late into the night was not clear but sources indicated that it was aimed at uniting the region whose leaders have been pulling in different directions.

Yesterday’s meeting was held in the residence of Kirinyaga Senator Charles Kibiru who is among the investors in the prestigious golf course.

A declaration by Uhuru last week that he was preparing to exit the stage after his two terms end, has heightened political activities in the region.

The meeting was attended by leaders from across the factional divide that has dominated the Jubilee Party, with staunch supporters of Deputy President William Ruto also invited for the get-together.

Ruto allies who have not been seeing eye to eye with politicians allied to the President have previously been in the dark on such gatherings.

The meeting was reportedly attended by Interior Principal Secretary Karanja Kibicho. Conspicuously missing from the list of attendees were outspoken Mathira MP Rigathi Gachagua and his Kikuyu counterpart Kimani Ichung’wah.

Last evening, Mr. Rigathi who questioned the sincerity of the agenda, said he had not been invited. “I’m not aware of such a meeting. If they are talking about the development of the region why should I be excluded? This puts the agenda of the meeting into question,” Rigathi said.

Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro was also in the dark over the Thika Greens meeting and questioned its agenda. “Maybe those invited could be members of a merry-go-round since I have not heard of any meeting of Mt Kenya leaders,” he said.

Invitations were sent through text messages. Invitees were required to be at the venue by 4 pm. Some attendees received their invite from Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria, who is one of the key Ruto allies in the populous region.

Most leaders at the meeting remained tight-lipped on the agenda. But even before the meeting started, there was grumbling among some leaders who warned against introducing politics into the meeting.

“I’m attending this meeting because I was told it is about the development of the region, if the conveners try to introduce any political agenda, I will just walk out. I have made this clear,” said one MP, who declined to be named.

Another MP also said he had agreed to attend the meeting after he was assured it was not a political forum.

“I was categorical that this meeting should not be turned into a political forum where certain declarations will be made. There are some meetings where your signature will be used to prove you are party to some resolutions,” said the MP allied to DP Ruto.

Come in peace; watch what you say about Raila, Kisumu ODM officials tell Ruto ahead of the visit

Come in peace; watch what you say about Raila, Kisumu ODM officials tell Ruto ahead of the visit

The DP’s handlers are currently planning his tour of Kisumu County after Ruto held successful rallies in Kisii last week.

The Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Party officials in Kisumu have urged Deputy President William Ruto to avoid direct verbal attacks against Raila Odinga should he (Ruto) visit Kisumu County next week.

The DP’s handlers are currently planning his tour of the Nyanza County after Ruto held successful rallies in Kisii last week. The official tour date is yet to be communicated.

The DP is relying on his recent political acquisition, Eliud Owalo, and former Kisumu Trade and Industrialisation executive, Richard Ogendo, to lay the groundwork for his maiden visit to Kisumu.

The coordinating committee chairperson of ODM in Kisumu, Prof. Ayiecho Olweny, said the DP is welcome to the County but should be cautious against engaging in a bitter verbal assault against ODM leader Raila Odinga.

“If someone insults your friend, your father, your associate, you won’t be happy. We always watch him (DP Ruto) on television insulting the [ODM] Party leader. We are requesting him not to do that when he tours Kisumu,” Olweny told K24 Digital on Friday, September 18.

“If he decides to insult the party leader, most likely, his utterances would cause problems at the function. Chances are high that some people who will attend his event won’t be his supporters, but those of the [former] Prime Minister. They would be at his function out of curiosity or just to listen to what he has to say. Therefore, if he insults the party leader in their presence, they might yell at him, and that won’t be good,” added Olweny.

Moses Kuria’s heaps praises on Uhuru amid reports of new political realignment

Moses Kuria’s heaps praises on Uhuru amid reports of new political realignment

I take this opportunity to express my delight over the passage of the 3rd Generation Formula for Revenue Sharing among Counties.

This is a victory for all Kenyans in that:

1. By maintaining the weight of population at 18% and landmass at 8%, the formula comes as close as possible to the One Man, One Vote, One Shilling AS A PRINCIPLE.

2. By offering a transitional relief of Ksh.54 Billion CONDITIONAL GRANT, President Uhuru Kenyatta has made it possible to not only break the stalemate but also ensure that no County receives an allocation less than what they received in the Financial Year 2019/2020.

Further, the extra Ksh.54 Billion is not a Harambee donation to Counties – It is a conditional grant which will be ring-fenced for health, water, and roads and not left to the whims of Counties.

Whereas the Formula as passed ensures fairness in PRINCIPLE, the Ksh 54 Billion ensures that the fairness works in PRACTICE.

3. With the passage of the One Man, One Vote, One Shilling today, the Ksh.370 Billion if taken against an expected Ordinary Revenue of Ksh. 2.1 Trillion over the same period, represents 17.6 % of Revenue which is just slightly above the Constitutional threshold of 15%.

Now that the historical injustice in the formula has been cured, it is possible and even desirable to devolve even more funds to Counties.

There is talk within the BBI circles of 45% of Revenue but with our runaway debt obligation and spiraling national wage and recurrent expenditure, I do not see this being feasible. But even if we settle for 30%, that would mean Ksh 750 Billion going to our Counties.

Moral of the story.

Let’s have an Interparty Parliamentary Group (IPPG) to look at the good side of BBI and create a national consensus the way Senate and President Uhuru Kenyatta have done with the formula.

It is doable.

No one is absolutely right and no one is absolutely wrong.

This is a lesson that no single person will solve our problems. We have to sit and reason together as Kenyans.

The triumphalism of “No one can stop Reggae” goes against this spirit of reasoning and working together.

It has to stop. If we resorted to “No one Can Stop Reggae” in the Revenue Sharing Formula, nothing could be achieved.

This is our country. Let’s talk to each other, not at each other.

God Bless Kenya.

I apologize for any misunderstanding caused – Raila Junior after a provocative tweet on ODM Party

I apologize for any misunderstanding caused – Raila Junior after a provocative tweet on ODM Party

ODM party leader Raila Odinga’s son, Raila Odinga Junior has apologized over his remarks about ODM party losing focus of its basic principles, a move that saw him become the topic of discussion on twitter, as Kenyans expressed mixed reactions over his remarks.

In a statement seen by Pulse Live, Junior said that as an ordinary member of ODM, his views do not reflect those of the party in any way.

He also clarified that his words were not targeted at any leaders in the party, and apologized for any misunderstanding the tweet might have caused.

“CLARIFICATION as an ordinary ODM member my views are my own and not that of PARTY 2. I’m grateful to ODM for allowing democratic space in which different views and opinions are expressed 3 My views were not targeting any leaders & I apologize for any misunderstanding caused,” said Raila Junior.

On Tuesday, Raila Junior said the Orange Party needed to find its way back to the basics of their agenda, and what they stand for as a party.

He went on to state that the party was not just about private jets and slay queens, and abusing rival politicians, part of which was highly interpreted as throwing shade at Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho and Suna East MP Junet Mohamed, who flew to Dubai in a private jet in July to visit former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, after a minor surgery.

“We as ODM need to find our way back to basics, we’re not just about private jets & slay queens whilst abusing rival politicians, we have a development agenda clearly outlined in our manifesto, let’s focus on service delivery, democratic space, protecting private citizen rights,” said Raila Junior.