An insecure man is a violent man – Moses Kuria’s hate for women turns physical

An insecure man is a violent man – Moses Kuria’s hate for women turns physical

A rich, oppressive, exploitative politician treads on the streets of Nairobi and Gatundu freely preaching his ideologies that according to him must be eaten with a big spoon. Moses Kuria is his name, the Gatundu South MP who has become an eyesore to women in Kenya. He has grown to become the perverted politician whose highly sexualized insults to women have left tongues wagging over the rate at which he is demeaning women at every corner he encounters them. From journalists to his fellow women counterparts, Moses Kuria finds satisfaction in seeing and causing misery in women to the level of inflicting them with physical injuries. A violence evoking politician.

To the Gatundu South MP, women are weaklings and must remain so. No woman should question or disagree with him and if you do, you shall forever remember who Moses Kuria is by the fists he will use on you. This was the fate of one Joyce Wanja, of whom is alleged Moses Kuria assaulted and verbally abused, hurling insults at her. According to sources and further confirmed by the victim, Moses Kuria descended on her with slaps and blows because she offered to correct the MP over inappropriate and derogatory statements he had made in front of children and faithfuls who had gathered to raise funds for orphans. The lady was beaten up by the MP and fell to the ground, only being helped by those who had accompanied her to Royal Media Services where they had been invited to discuss other political matters.


Joyce Wanja inset

With no respect for the law, no respect for women and no respect for media, Moses Kuria pounced on a helpless lady whose only power is her voice and her activism. Joyce Wanja being an activist and political commentator has chosen to speak out and is crying out for justice. Understanding that money can change hands, Joyce Wanja is calling on the DPP and DCI to bring this politician to book. Many have gone through the hands of such crooked leaders and just recently, the country witnessed Mumias Member of Parliament Ben Washiali pouncing on a resident, where he smirked his head and up to date has never been reported as an assault. What gives leaders like Moses Kuria the right to hurl insults and physically abuse their own voters?

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Moses Kuria openly abuses women, even on altars and in front of religious leaders. The MP openly abuses his counterparts such as Gathoni Wa Muchomba and Millie Odhiambo. Time and time again this has been the norm, and now he has reached the level of using his fists and hands on them. He refers to women as prostitutes and hurls highly sexualized insults on them. This legislator needs to be brought to book. Justice needs to prevail and Kenyans want to see an end to this. Leaders must lead by example and what Moses Kuria is evoking, is in pure disregard of the law and uncouth behavior.

Women have rights and must be respected. The legal authorities must take action against this leader who has purposely become oppressive to women. History has it that an abusive man especially towards women, has undealt background and childhood issues that have majorly gone unresolved. Besides being arrested and charged in court, Moses Kuria should pay attention to his mental health and seek psychiatric help.


The future express is here, Dr. William Samoei Ruto the unbeatable 5th president of Kenya

The future express is here, Dr. William Samoei Ruto the unbeatable 5th president of Kenya

A formidable leader, astute and focused with no room for compromise with a credible record of leadership and integrity has displayed and proven to Kenyans that he is indeed justified and worthy of being voted in as Kenya’s fifth president. A mark of perfection at its best. A leader who has grown with Kenyans and understands their plight emerging as a hustler and growing progressively into stardom in his political career. William Samoei Ruto is the unbeatable man to beat in Kenya’s next general election.

It is no longer a guarded secret that Ruto is Kenya’s next president. A leader with a difference who will catapult the country towards a middle-income economy and set Kenya as the super Silicon Valley in the global sphere. The country will spew with investors and donors as they will have a guaranteed environment of political stability free of corruption as Ruto is a no-nonsense leader and politician when it comes to corruption. Zero-tolerance to corruption will be his mantra as he has purposed that he will not relent on the war on graft.

Top on his list when he comes into offices is the issue of land grabbing that has become a menacing problem in the country, as politicians have immensely grabbed land from all quarters. Just as his ally, Oscar Sudi, recently commented on the habitual theft of resources in the country by leaders, land is among those greatly affected as many have cried and died because of stolen and grabbed land. Despite his name adversely mentioned on land grabbing cases, Dr. Ruto is determined to put a stop to Kenya’s frustrations by merging the Ministry of Lands with State House, as this will facilitate better foresight of land issues in Kenya and settling of the landless especially the IDPs.

To show his gallant support on the war on graft Ruto will return the illegally acquired Weston land back to the children of Lang’ata Primary School who have so far lost their playground. Among key areas he will focus on is the Ndung’u Land Report which he plans to implement as it will facilitate a resolve to the numerous historical land injustices experienced over the years. Through the merger, cases of land grabbing according to him will become a thing of the past.

Confessing that the war on corruption requires a dictator and someone who stands firm on ground, Ruto’s fight on corruption will be that of results as he plans to ultimately jail the corrupt. Claiming that the current war on corruption has degenerated into impunity, Ruto will instill integrity in the war on corruption and avoid instances where innocent Kenyans such as Henry Rotich, Ferdinand Waititu and Ben Chumo, who are his allies, are targeted and defamed as a result of graft accusations. As reiterated in one of his political meetings in Kapng’etuny in Ainamoi constituency,

The fight against corruption must proceed on the basis of correct information and by competent institutions that have the constitutional mandate and institutional capacity so that we can have results.

Besides corruption, Ruto is keen on uniting Kenyans in both the leadership and the citizenry and promises to avoid any derogatory comments against his fellow leaders. This will also be resonated by his allies who all understand that the President and his presidency must be respected and treated accordingly. Additionally, despite the endless feuds between the Luos and Kalenjins, Ruto has vowed to unite the two communities and urged leaders to follow his trail as he will be the ultimate symbol of peace and stability.

What follows suit is that just like himself, Ruto plans to trasform the many hustlers in the country to millionaires as he understands well that a hustling nation cannot be a suffering nation.

A Ruto presidency is promising and it will be the beginning of a new dawn and a new Kenya!



FREEDOM! Miguna red alert lifted, he can now board a flight to Kenya or any African Country

FREEDOM! Miguna red alert lifted, he can now board a flight to Kenya or any African Country

Self-proclaimed NRM General Miguna Miguna who had been blocked by Germany Authorities from boarding a Kenyan bound flight at the Frankfurt Airport on Tuesday morning is relieved after Kenyan authorities lifted the red alert on his head.

Miguna was scheduled to board a Lufthansa flight at 11:20 AM (German time) and arrive in Nairobi at 9:25 PM tonight.

But a few minutes after 8 AM, the General informed his lawyer Dr. John Khaminwa that he had been blocked by authorities from boarding the plane.

“We have just received a call from Miguna that the German authorities have stopped him from boarding the plane because the Kenyan government has not communicated with them at all,” Khaminwa is quoted to have said.

The lawyer further said he had reached Kenyan Authorities in an attempt to solve the stalemate before the flight departs.

According to Journalist Robinson Njogu, German authorities cannot allow Miguna to board a flight to Kenya or any other African country because there is a red alert on his head.

When he was controversially deported in March 2018, the government of Kenya as norm dictates, had declared Miguna a threat and issued the red alert at international airports.

The government has since lifted the ban and is handling the matter at the Foreign Affairs Ministry.

Sonko Nominates Little Known Widow as Deputy Governor

Sonko Nominates Little Known Widow as Deputy Governor

Mike Sonko nominated Ann in a letter addressed to Nairobi County Assembly Speaker Beatrice Elachi. The Director of Public Prosecutions has, however, cited Sonko’s nomination as null and void as he is in violation of the bail terms that saw him being locked away from his office.

“The court was clear on what Sonko cannot do. To purport to have power to name a deputy while his case is still on, is a violation of the bail terms given to him. We will move to court.”

Sonko nominated Anne Kananu Mwenda as the Deputy Governor.

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In a letter to assembly Speaker Beatrice Elachi on Monday, Sonko said the decision is in line with article 180 (5) of the Constitution and the Supreme Court Advisory of March 2018.

Kananu is the current chief officer for disaster and acting chief officer for water.

She was among the original chief officers who were vetted and approved by the assembly in April 2018. She had survived the constant reshuffles until November last year, when she was placed as the chief officer for water in an acting capacity.

According to documents from the Nairobi County Assembly Archives, Ms Mwenda holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology from the Dedan Kimathi University.

Before joining the public service, Ann worked as a Security Supervisor in charge of Quality Control and Training at the Kenya Airports Authority.

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At some point Ann worked as a personal assistant at H. Mogambi & Co Advocates as well as Mokir Enterprises, which was one of Safaricom’s Consultancy firms responsible for handling customer services.

Ann Kananu Mwenda also served as a switchboard operator at the Kenya College of Communications Technology for some time.

Mwenda lost her husband Philip Njiru in an Athi River road accident last year.

Born in 1980, she completed her high school education in 1999. Her nomination comes two years after Polycarp Igathe resigned, stating he could not continue to remain in office because he had failed to “earn the trust” of Sonko.

Sonko nominated self-declared general Miguna Miguna as Deputy Governor in May 2018, but the nomination was shot down.

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UNFORTUNATE as Njenga Karume’s multi billion hotels are auctioned

UNFORTUNATE as Njenga Karume’s multi billion hotels are auctioned

The iconic Jacaranda Hotel, owned by the family of former Cabinet Minister the late Njenga Karume, is set to be auctioned on January 22nd.

The hotel, sitting in Westlands, is one of the lucrative multi-billion properties that Karume amassed during his lifetime.

A notice seen by Pulse Live Kenya and published by Regent Auctioneers indicated that Jacaranda Hotel, including all its buildings and a piece of land the size of 3.506 acres would be up for a public auction on the 22nd of January 2020.

Duly instructed by our clients, we shall set the under mentioned properties by public auction on Wednesday 22nd 2020 at our auction mart new kereita building, Kirinyaga Road at 11am,” the auctioneer’s notice read in part.

This is a 128 bedroomed four-star hotel with ensuite bathrooms, satellite tv, and wireless internet connection situated in the heart of Westlands,” the notice further indicated.

To bid, interested purchasers are required to place a refundable deposit of Sh5 million.

Karume’s estate has been unable to pay a Sh257 million loan owed to Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB), which the bank is seeking to recover through the auction.

The defaulted loan is far below the estimated valuation of Jacaranda Hotel which is strategically located in one of the most prime locations in Nairobi.

A 2019 report by Cytonn Real Estate showed that an acre of land in Westlands has an average price of Sh145 million – meaning, the land alone where Jacaranda sits could be well over Sh500 million, and the combined value could be over the Sh1 billion mark.

Karume, a wealthy businessman and politician, died in 2012, leaving his multi billion estate in the hands of trustees.

However, his businesses have over the past 7 years been in the red over succession fights, bad debts, mismanagement, and tax issues with Kenya Revenue Authority.

At the time of his death, James Njenga Karume was among the wealthiest individuals in Kenya.

His vast business empire cut across almost every major economic artery of the country, with multi million investments in agriculture, transport, hospitality and the Nairobi Securities Exchange.

However, his was not an easy life, and from personal testimony from his autobiography, Karume would easily pass off as the poster child for the millions of struggling youth looking to make something of their lives from nothing.

More details emerge on Governor Waititu’s impeachment

More details emerge on Governor Waititu’s impeachment

Embattled Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu was impeached late Thursday evening after 63 Members of the Kiambu County Assembly voted in favour of his removal motion tabled by Ndenderu MCA Solomon Kinuthia.

The county lawmakers ousted the man over charges of conflict of interest for using his proxy companies to trade with the county and failure to comply with procurement regulations, he was further accused of abuse of office, gross violation of the Constitution, County Government Act, Public Procurement and Disposal Act, the Public Finance Management Act and finally gross misconduct.

Conflict Of Interest

The governor is currently facing a shs588 million graft charge on irregular procurement of a tender awarded to a company in the county. Waititu and his wife allegedly received Sh51.2 million for the county awarding a tender worth Sh588 million irregularly to M/s Testimony Enterprises Ltd.

On countless occasions, the house heard that the governor influenced the award of lucrative tenders to companies associated with immediate family and close relatives.

MCA Gideon Gachara supported the removal motion citing payments to five companies linked to the governor’s family at the expense of other contractors.

Abuse Of Office

During the motion, Kinuthia said the governor has failed to account for county resources and therein caused unsustainable debts as well as pending bills of Sh4 billion. “These pending obligations were never disclosed in the county fiscal strategy paper 2018. The governor failed to implement the medium term debt management strategy for the financial year 2018-2019 placing the county in precarious financial position,” the MCA said.

Using his power as governor, Waititu was accused of grabbing land in the county repeatedly including one belonging to Cecilia Njoki, a widow in Thika. “The matter was concluded by the ombudsman after its findings of fact implicate the governor in impeachable conduct,” Kinuthia said.

The ward representatives further accused Waititu of disregarded the county assembly as an arm of the county government by diverting funds intended for use by the assembly to projects where he would obtain personal benefits

The fate of the Kiambu Governor now entirely lies in the hands of the Senate.