Leave Fred Ngatia alone, even Maraga acquitted Kiambaa Church massacre perpetrator- Shamalla

Leave Fred Ngatia alone, even Maraga acquitted Kiambaa Church massacre perpetrator- Shamalla

Popular Nominated MP Jennifer Shamalla yesterday moved to throw a spanner in the works as regarding debate on Lawyer Fred Nga’tia who, hours earlier, had been interviewed for the Chief Justice position by the Judicial Service Commission’s vetting panel.

Jennifer Shamalla dismissed fears expressed by Ngatia’s critics who are concerned that since he has acted as a lawyer for Uhuru in the past, this might make him an unsuitable Chief Justice, citing possible bias.

Speaking yesterday on KTN News’ political show NewsNight hosted by Ben Kitili, Jennifer Shamalla reminded the rest that even former Chief Justice David Maraga, who is now hailed as a model Chief Justice by many, had his own unsavory past.

Referring to a ruling Maraga made when he was still a High Court judge in Nakuru, Shamalla said it should be remembered that Maraga freed four suspects who were accused of burning the Kiambaa Church during the 2007-08 post-election violence.

Thousands of civilians, including women and children, died when marauding militias set fire to the Kenya Assemblies of God church in the northern city of Eldoret, where they were sheltering from the clashes. The deaths took place on 1 January, 2008, and four suspects were charged two months later but Justice David Maraga said he had to drop the case, citing lack of evidence and shoddy police investigations.

Back in 2016, when appearing before MPs for vetting, then Chief Justice nominee David Maraga struggled to explain himself against allegations he failed to serve justice in the famous judgement.

When he appeared before MPs for vetting, Justice Maraga was pressed to explain his decision not to convict anyone during the attack on Kiambaa church at the height of the 2007/2008 post-election violence.

Under intense questioning by the Justice and Legal Affairs Committee led by then Ainabkoi MP Samuel Chepkonga, the judge stood his ground.
Committee vice-person Priscilla Nyokabi (Nyeri County MP) raised the matter of Kiambaa Church arson case and demanded to know why the suspects were acquitted.

Justice Maraga said: “I handled the… Kiambaa at the… time. Our judgement is not based on emotions but on evidence and the law. I also lamented over poor investigations. There was no evidence to sustain a conviction.”

Jubilee Turf Wars! Uhuru’s Jubilee Party declares total war on DP Ruto’s UDA

Jubilee Turf Wars! Uhuru’s Jubilee Party declares total war on DP Ruto’s UDA

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Jubilee has taken on Deputy President William Ruto-backed United Democratic Alliance (UDA), with a plot to terminate a pre-election agreement with the rebranded party.

Jubilee has insisted it signed a pre-election pact with Party for Development and Reforms (PDR), which rebranded to UDA, and is therefore considered a new entity.

And if it goes ahead and severs ties with UDA, MPs allied to Ruto who are openly associating with the new party, citing the coalition agreement, would be exposed legally.

According to the Political Parties Act, a party member who promotes the affairs of another outfit risks disciplinary action, punishment the President’s camp would not hesitate to initiate against rebels as the relations with his deputy continue to deteriorate.

“It is dishonest to say we are in the same coalition (with UDA). It is a hostile coalition. It is hostile in Parliament. It cannot be allowed to continue,” Jubilee secretary-general Raphael Tuju recently submitted to the Political Parties Disputes Tribunal where he defended the party’s decision to expel nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura for his association with UDA.

But Dr Ruto has dismissed such claims, insisting that UDA’s agreement with Jubilee is still valid.

Coalition agreement

“UDA and Jubilee are one. We have a coalition agreement and we have been working together. If they break Jubilee, trying to make it a tribal party, we will build UDA as the national party we had hoped Jubilee will be,” Dr Ruto said last month.

And last Thursday, the DP cautioned Jubilee has itself to blame for what he said will be an avalanche of defections to UDA. “In the event Jubilee is not available, we will have a plan B. UDA is the next best option as it is already working with Jubilee. It will become an option if Jubilee does not stop this expulsion spree.”

The DP’s allies, too, insist they have done nothing wrong in associating with an affiliate of Jubilee.

“As far as I am concerned, I am still a Jubilee member. I may not agree with what Jubilee is doing, but I am a member. I have no apologies to make for associating with UDA. I am a firm believer that you cannot stop anyone from associating with anybody,” Meru senator Mithika Linturi said yesterday.

The ruling party, however, argues that it was disingenuous for the Ruto team to be in both parties at the same time, and that they should resign to seek a fresh mandate in the new UDA party.

A Northern Kenya based party, PDR, now UDA, worked with Jubilee at a time President Kenyatta preferred such working relationships to shore up his support in regions where Jubilee was not the most preferred party.

UDA now has five elected leaders in Parliament led by Senate Deputy Majority Leader Fatuma Dullo, who is also the Isiolo senator, as well as Wajir Woman Rep Fatuma Gedi, Tarbaj’s Ahmed Bashane, Mark Lomunokol of Kacheliba and Ijara’s Sophia Abdi.

Political moves

The Nation has learnt that the DP instructed his allies during a meeting at his Karen home recently to help the UDA leadership in constituting the party coordinators from the constituency to county level ahead of the party’s June 18 grassroots polls.

South Mugirango MP Sylvanus Osoro and his Keiyo South counterpart Daniel Rono confirmed to the Nation that they were told to ensure that the party has interim officials ready to register members.

“We were restructuring our political moves by endeavouring to expand our networks from the grassroots level,” said Mr Osoro.

“Leaders agreed to consult further and constitute party coordinators in their areas so that we can soldier on and minimise unnecessary fights. Having the officials will help us register as many members as possible to outsmart Jubilee party,” Mr Rono added.

UDA has proposed a power-sharing model in its top party leadership structures.

In a draft UDA constitution seen by the Nation, the outfit proposes to have three deputy party leaders, three deputy chairpersons, three deputy secretaries-general, three deputy national treasurers, and three deputy national organising secretaries.

One Kenya Alliance Seeks To Widen The Coalition even as DP Ruto says its no match for his UDA

One Kenya Alliance Seeks To Widen The Coalition even as DP Ruto says its no match for his UDA

One Kenya Alliance principals Gideon Moi (KANU), Musalia Mudavadi (ANC), Kalonzo Musyoka (Wiper) and Moses Wetangula (Ford Kenya) have agreed to widen the coalition with like-minded political players ahead of the 2022 high stake General Election.

The leaders held a two-hour consultative meeting on Tuesday in which they agreed to form a technical working team that would come up with modalities of accommodating other political players.

“We had a meeting to reflect on further steps to be undertaken in the coming weeks to strengthen and broaden the emerging political formation of One Kenya Alliance,” Mudavadi said.

The leaders, who have remained committal that their alliance is primarily aimed at uniting Kenyans, have in recent days been on the receiving end with some of their critics accusing them of being propped by President Uhuru Kenyatta ahead of the polls to tame the influence of ODM Party Leader Raila Odinga and Deputy President William Ruto.

“Today we mark the beginning of a journey with a clear purpose to unite this country through a transformative agenda that seeks to create equal opportunities for all Kenyans,” the leaders said during its launch in March 2021.

The former Prime Minister Odinga enjoyed a previous political pact with Mudavadi, Musyoka and Wetangula in the now defunct National Super Alliance (NASA). He was deliberately left out of the equation in what is largely attributed to his ‘insincerity’ to honor coalition agreements.

The ODM Party Leader who is yet to formally announce his presidential bid although his allies have hinted that he will be on the ballot has since dismissed the alliance and termed it “a tribal alliance”.

Deputy President William Ruto who is also eyeing the presidency has accused the quartet of banking on tribal politics to get power instead of championing for a national party with an ideology to unite all Kenyans.

Talk has been rife in recent days of a political formation between Raila and Ruto though the two arch-rivals have dismissed the talk.

Ruto in a past interview revealed that the differences between him and the ODM leader were purely political and noted that in the event the former premier gets to adopt his hustler ideology then there could be room for a working arrangement.

“Our differences are only political and if people share ideas then room for engagement should never be dismissed,” he said.

Kakamega Governor Wycliffe Oparanya who also doubles up as the ODM Party Leader recently met Ruto in what ignited talk of the possibility of a Raila-Ruto alliance.

The One Kenya Alliance political outfit is among the three others that are angling for President Uhuru Kenyatta’s endorsement for the 2022 presidential election.

Deeply Entrenched In Crime; How William Ruto Operates

Deeply Entrenched In Crime; How William Ruto Operates

Beyond reproach, uncouth, insolent and self-centred individuals. They lack respect, are deceitful and work towards sabotaging good while glorifying evil. They have become grand conmen and grandmasters in corruption be it in acquiring fictitious tenders, fraud and money laundering, open theft of public funds and a total elimination of human obstacles through planned killings.

These individuals care for nothing else but their pockets and their ambitions which must not be cutailed by anything or anyone otherwise any threat is squarely eliminated. Their presennce is embued with the aroma of evil.

But who are they? Who seeks to scare Kenyans and plunge the country into fear, chaos and calamity through their economic and political ambitions? These are William Ruto and his foot soldiers as this revelation chooses not to disgrace the title ‘Deputy President’ as there have been commendable ones before in the same positions and there will be many others later. These men have committed atrocities that have ranged from attempted economic sabotage, attempted political sabotage and even social with the attempted sparking of class wars in the country between those considered ‘rich’ and those considered ‘poor’ from an individual who falsely claims he wants peace in the country.

Listing them they include the likes of Rigathi Gaachagua who stole from Nyeri County as he brother slowly deteriorated and died of cancer, Farouk Kibet who is well vast with covering up tracing of Ruto in a number of gruesome murders, Mwangi Kiunjuri who instituted a well crafted maize scandal that led to the loss of billions meant for farmers, Rashid Echesa who is a political goon and has also been involved in a series of corruption scandals including the fake arms scandal that saw a Ruto aide Sgt Kenei murdered with Ruto playing the ‘I don’t know what happened’ game.

Oscar Sudi who is adversely mentioned in the Arror Kimwarer dams scandal that led to the loss of over SH21billion, Kimani Ngunjiri who learning from his master Ruto has been implicated in a trail of land fraud and even grabbed land from an elderly woman. Don Bpsco Gichana who is an expert in money laundering alongside Echesa and a gold racketeer in addition to being a conman, Zaheer Jhanda another serious money launderer alongside fraud who are key in hiding Ruto’s loot from public coffers amounting in billions by engaging in his fake gold business and Moses Kuria who has wiped the Gatundu South NGCDF belonging to his consttituents and distributed the tenders amongst his family members who have largely not delivered projects but promises with money pocketed.

These are the individuals that claim are leaders. Lost in their world of greed and loot with Ruto not seeing Kenyans but seeing vaults containing public funds and reserves and relishing the moment it will all be his. Havent’s you seen him even grab Sh100 million worth of land from an old man, Adrian Muteshi who eventually died? This is factual. We can only imagine the enomity of the stress this man had as he fought for what rightfully belonged to him. Evil evil and more evil. The stench is unbearable and no Kenyan can stand this level of ruthlessness.

Parliament Has No Power To Alter Wanjiku’s BBI Views

Parliament Has No Power To Alter Wanjiku’s BBI Views

A few days ago, the promoters of the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) constitutional amendment bill announced the referendum would be in August. This is after it dawned on them the initial June date was no longer realistic.

They cited the delay by the Nation al Assembly and the Senate to pass the bill. And now some of the BBI bill promoters are pushing for reopening of the report, a move that will definitely derail the process further. The BBI bill had earlier been tabled before county assemblies and received overwhelming support. The assemblies complied with Article 257 of the Constitution which outlines a
roadmap of amending the Constitution through the popular initiative.

Under this law, the hands of the legislative bodies, both at county and national levels are tied. They have no power to alter or add a coma or fullstop to a bill that originates from views of the people. The county assemblies had two options: to either adopt or reject the bill submitted to them by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission.

The National Assembly and the Senate had a similar role. However, even if the two Houses rejected the original BBI bill, it wouldn’t stop the IEBC from going ahead with referendum plans. Kenyans will have the final say.

President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Handshake partner Raila Odinga are the key drivers of the BBI process. However, going by latest political events, it seems one or both of them has/have changed mind. They no longer lead the BBI process with same vigour and energy they exhibited at the start of the journey.

Besides their allies are now rooting for the reopening of bill and if they have eventually have their way, then the BBI bill would no longer be a popular document. Well, one of the key proposals that the MPs, who are pushing for the reopening of BBI report, are uncomfortable with is that of increasing the number of constituencies. Central Kenya is highly populated and hence it is set to receive the lion’s share of the 70 additional parliamentary seats.

The BBI bill has no clause suggesting the power to create new electoral units would be taken away from IEBC. Once adopted, the commission will still exercise this power. In the event that the document is reopened, we would result in two documents, one passed by county assemblies and the amended version endorsed by two Houses of Parliament.

So which bill will be presented to Kenyans at the referendum? Further, this would give the anti BBI team more grounds to challenge the legality of the process in court. One wonders why the same proponents of the constitution amendment initiative would want to offend the same supreme law of the land they seek to make better.

Remember how Raila allies repeatedly countered the narrative of cost of a referendum, arguing that Kenyans stand to gain more if BBI sailed through? What has changed? Kenyans deserve better leadership, please!

Ruto’s Politics of His Pocket and His Ambitions; Well Clothed in Sheep’s Skin

Ruto’s Politics of His Pocket and His Ambitions; Well Clothed in Sheep’s Skin

He started out by pretending not to take a stand as he weighed his options seeing that Kenya had accepted the crucial document. He was looking for a loophole on how he would make it as a likely savior for Kenyans in his deceptive manner through his hustler coined campaigns. He pretended to be for it but went out in his campaigns castigating the initiative stating that it would divide Kenyans yet he knew this was the ultimate strategy to bring lasting unity in the country and would definitely destroy him and his political ambitions as his strategy was that of divide and rule which he had vigorously began dividing Kenyans in classes but fortunately for Kenyans, this was extinguished before it brought another havoc and war in the country.

With a failed strategy, Ruto continued with his pretence on vouching for the Building Bridges Initiative riding on unity and refusing to admit to even his own supporters that he was discontent on the level of achievement the initiative had brought.

He is even quoted saying,

“I have a constitutional duty to assist my boss, the president. [But did you?] Now working on consensus for Kenyans to have real choices to decide/vote while avoiding yes/no or /nothing division. We avoided lose-lose we can overcome win-lose to achieve win-win,” he said.

This was a his way of giving meaningless talk as his statement was non-comprehensive to even his own hustler supporters giving a picture of a man who is playing ball with the minds of Kenyans. Moreover, ever since the inception of the handshake, he has for ever critiqued the President’s efforts in attaining unity and development in the country and choosing to sabotage and cause division in the country.

The same man who had cited that BBI had improved after Bomas claiming cooperation between him and the President through consensus building is the same individual who later castigated the initiative, For him he was looking for opportunities to gain popularity by dissuading Kenyans from the actual truth and feeding them with lies.

He instructed his allies to tarnish the document as smiled quietly i nthe background, which is why there were instances of individuals singing along to BBI and vowing total support and with the same mouth belonging to Senator Kipchumba Murkomen spitting venom against it and saying that it is the devil despite the lasting unity it is poised to bring in the country. Moses Kuria and Boni Khalwale have done the same before and after the launch of the BBI. With the overwhelming support BBI had garnered they pretended to be in support as the masses that they were looking for were behind it.

This pretence is what must be nipped in the bud. Ruto and his ilk have no stand on anything but are only moved where the money and the masses are. Everything they do has nothing to do with their paid hustler supporters and nothing done out of selfishness can succeed be it a revolution of any kind.