MTU WA MTAA: Aladwa’s profile that towers above Moses Kuria’s ego

MTU WA MTAA: Aladwa’s profile that towers above Moses Kuria’s ego

Being vocal and a known ardent supporter of Raila Odinga, Hon. Aladwa has been away from the stage having many ask of his whereabouts.

The MP has resurfaced but in a fierce exchange with Gatundu MP Moses Kuria who alleged Aladwa had been appointed to the Budget and Appropriations Committee in Parliament to replace him in a perceived purge that is by all accounts, directed to William Ruto’s loyalists.

“Friends & haters are a reminder of who you are. Who would have thought that George Aladwa is my replacement as a member of the Budget & Appropriations Committee? Life is fake. Congratulations my brother. You won the loyalty test. I failed,” Hon. Kuria said.

George Aladwa found the above so disparaging and would not let it lie, coming up with a rebuttal that has had Moses Kuria not coming back to retaliate.

“Moses Kuria, with all due respect am not your equal. I am a seasoned politician who has served my people in major positions, last being the Mayor of the Capital City of this Great Republic Kenya, NAIROBI, unlike you. For your information, I have been sworn in a record of EIGHT times,” Aladwa clapped back.

Aladwa further found it pathetic to liken himself to Moses Kuria whom he said got to Parliament without any vote and thus shouldn’t fool himself as the electorate in Gatundu South may have a change of mind come 2022.

“Get your facts right before yapping here on social media. PAMBANA NA HALI YAKO!” Aladwa said.

Mr Kuria has been faulted for being exceedingly and inessentially vocal making him appear a blockhead when he actually could avoid it.

But who is George Aladwa?

As a child living in Makongeni, Mr Aladwa, who would one day become Nairobi’s Mayor, crammed with his seven siblings in a small 10ft by 10ft rental room. The former Mayor tells of a rough childhood. His mother used to sell porridge in Nairobi’s Industrial Area.

He attended Joseph Apudo Primary School in Makongeni before proceeding to Demesi Secondary School in Vihiga.

The third born, he could only go as far as Form Three before he dropped out due to lack of school fees. This is why he places a high premium on education and has enrolled his children in top city schools, he says.

It was only later in 2010, at the age of 40 that he did his Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examinations as a private candidate. He is now enrolled at the Kenya Methodist University pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Administration degree.

Married to a banker – a Ugandan national – Mr Aladwa has four children.

What does his family think of his politics? “They see me on TV. They are shaken but they know that’s my work.”

Born in 1970 in Makongeni Estate, Nairobi, Mr Aladwa got into politics at the age of 21 under the then influential Kenya African National Union (KANU) that was led by former President Daniel Arap Moi.

In his early years, he ran for the Makongeni Ward seat under KANU in both the 1992 and 1997 general elections, losing by 18 and 160 votes respectively.

“Nairobi’s politics is so much a matter of the party you are in. At that time, the opposition was very popular in the city.” He describes himself as a “mtu wa mtaa” (man of the people) whose votes were amassed through door-to-door campaigns seeing that he was a broke young man.

Despite having risen through the KANU party hierarchy in the city, Mr Aladwa chose to break from the party in 2001. Moi had anointed Uhuru Kenyatta to be the KANU flag bearer in the 2002 elections. There was a mass walkout led by LDP’s Raila Odinga.

The opposition leader and former Premier is the man who swayed Mr Aladwa and the gamble paid off as he clinched the Makongeni seat in the elections.

In 2007, he was re-elected the area councillor on an ODM ticket and would become the deputy Mayor.

It was Geoffrey Majiwa’s fate in 2011 when he lost the mayoral position over a cemetery land scandal, that gave Mr Aladwa a political boost.

But in 2013, his fortunes took a dip when he vied for the Makadara parliamentary seat but lost to Benson Mutura. The former Mayor claims to be a law-abiding citizen, saying he has only been arrested twice in his lifetime.

“I’ve never had handcuffs on my hands,” he says.

When he was arrested a day after Mr Tobiko, the then DPP, directed the police to probe him over his remarks, the Flying Squad officers who had been tracking him through his phone found him when he was having breakfast in a restaurant near the Railways headquarters.

“They were very polite. They even gave me time to settle my bill.”

The first time he was arrested was in June 2014, also over a statement that he made. At a CORD rally, he threatened to swear in Mr Odinga as Kenya’s President if the government failed to heed CORD’s calls for national dialogue.

But despite his self-proclaimed stellar record, a cursory browse reveals a chequered history.

In 2014 when Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero attempted to install Mr Aladwa as the chairman of Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company (NCWSC), his rival Mutura moved to court accusing him of abuse of office when he was Mayor.

And where does he get this money? “I run a Safaricom dealership and I’m also involved in real estate – the buying and selling of plots around the country,” he says.

Omanga denounces Ruto, pledges allegiance to President Uhuru after facing disciplinary committee

Omanga denounces Ruto, pledges allegiance to President Uhuru after facing disciplinary committee

The ruling Jubilee Party has certainly made good its threat to straighten its wayward legislators.

Among them, Nominated Senator Millicent Omanga who on Wednesday afternoon appeared before a disciplinary committee where she asserted her loyalty to the party.

Omanga was charged with gross insubordination for failing to attend a parliamentary group meeting at State House convened by President Uhuru Kenyatta last week.

She, however, repeatedly defended her case by saying she was never invited to the Jubilee Parliamentary Group meeting for Senators that axed former Senate Majority Leader Kipchumba Murkomen and Majority Whip Susan Kihika.

“After a long day; taking care of my veges Face savouring food. #MamaMIRADI.” she captioned the post.

On Wednesday, March 11, 2020, Omanga was in a group of about 100 parliamentarians who gathered for a press briefing at Parliament buildings to defend Deputy President William Ruto against threats of impeachment by a rival camp of the Jubilee Party referred to as ‘Kieleweke.’

Donned in a red jacket and black dress, Omanga conspicuously stood out from the group dubbed ‘Tanga tanga’ as she uttered words she perhaps never imagined would haunt her sooner than later.

In a show of solidarity with the country’s second-in-command and without mincing her words, Omanga said: “We hear that they want to bring a motion to impeach the Deputy President… I want to tell them ‘bring it on baby… bring it on. We are waiting. Let them bring the impeachment motion.”

Appearing before the committee, Omanga was tasked to explain what she was referring to when she said ‘bring it on… bring it on.”

Struggling to give a convincing response, Omanga claimed she was defending the party against “perpetrators” whom she said were all over social media.

“I was defending our party against the perpetrators; that is people who don’t support our party,” she said.


Asked to specifically point out the said perpetrators, she said: “Mr. Chair they are on social media. I was just responding to media and social media. it was a social media… media thing.”

Hours after the heated session, the nominated Senator took to social media to share her other skills after spending a tough day in the hands of a ruthless Jubilee Disciplinary Committee.

In the images making rounds online, she was pictured attending to a seemingly healthy vegetable garden.

Regardless of sharing her farming skills, Kenyans were shocked at her lack of basic comprehension skills during today’s grilling. Never mind she was Director at KenGen for 3yrs, before being nominated to Senate.

Omanga was not fluent in her spoken English while facing the panel and could be heard struggling to collect all the flow of her language.

Other Senators who felt the sting of the hot seat included Senator Victor Prengei who faced charges of failing to attend the May 11 meeting, openly opposed the decision taken by the party following the Jubilee Parliamentary Group meeting, advancing positions inside and outside of the Senate contrary to the party and many more.

The Senator defended his absence to the fact that he had travelled to his village and that he received no SMS inviting him to attend the meeting.

“In my village Mr. chairman, we have very poor network coverage, poor road network and no electricity. My phone was off, so I came to Nakuru to charge my phone… a colleague asked me why I didn’t come to the meeting when I was on my way to Nairobi,” he said.

You Cannot Bite The Hand That Feeds You, Ruto Should Call it Quits

You Cannot Bite The Hand That Feeds You, Ruto Should Call it Quits

Fear, panic, chaos and confusion is what has now plagued the Ruto diehards. They are working hard to save face because they know the roller-coaster is no longer rolling and it is business unusual for them. They know they are guilty as charged in denying Kenyans the right to development through theft and outright corruption, malice and greed.

They have denied Kenyans a chance to benefit from their taxes that fund government initiatives as they pocket money allocated to development projects. They have subverted every effort the President has put in place to ensure the country’s growth and prosperity. All under the instructions and directions of Deputy President William Ruto whose intentions have now been laid bare that he is out to destroy President Uhuru Kenyatta’s leadership and forcefully takeover the reigns of power.

Like Judas Iscariot, Deputy President William Ruto acted it out well; pretending to be in unity with the government in developing the country and ensuring Kenya works towards becoming a middle income economy. Yet, the heavens knew he was in a grand scheme to ensure that the economy goes on a nosedive.

Deputy President William Ruto had his operatives strategically placed to defraud the government of billions as it later emerged. Through a number of ministries, government parastatals and even County governments among others, Ruto bought and planted his moles. He ensured billions disappeared but seemingly assured his corrupt foot soldiers that he was their immunity.

As it has been in the fight against corruption, Ruto himself has come out defensively on grand corruption scandals against the likes of Henry Rotich, Ferdinand Waititu and Rashid Echesa. Ruto and his allies at one point waged a tribal war against the DCI claiming that ‘their people’ were being targeted in the war on corruption. The intimidation threats that the Tanga tanga allies were trying to evoke did not suffice, but what came out was the loss of billions of shillings in scandals which have directly linked Ruto and if not him, his allies such us Governor Moses Lenolkulal and Governor Waititu.

In his own volition Ruto said,

“I don’t believe corruption can stop any determined leader from delivering or transforming this country.”

But how does development take place when the country is being siphoned of billions? Where are the funds supposed to come from? Ruto was irrevocably claiming that corruption was part and parcel of development. He was openly telling Kenyans that corruption is a non-issue to him and that Kenya would transform as the corrupt reign.

Former Cabinet secretaries Mwangi Kiunjuri, Henry Rotich and Samson Chelugui duly delivered to the Deputy President through the loss of Sh194 billion that was accumulated from the maize scandal, Ruaraka grand scandal, Arror and Kimwarer Dam scandals among others. All the while knowing that the DP was behind their backs and would ensure their freedom. The true meaning of transformation and development for the Deputy President.

As he felt his influence was growing, Ruto showed total disdain for the President. Using his operatives who are surely driven by money and greed, Ruto bashed the President’s efforts in bringing order in different ministries. All means and ways were used to bash CS Fred Matiang’i who was not only a loyal Cabinet Secretary, but one whose performance ranked highly among Kenyans and the President. Such an individual was a thorn in the flesh to Ruto as he was working hard to bring semblance, sanity and order in different sectors of the country.

As it is known, CS Matiang’i has brought key reforms in the Ministry of ICT, Ministry of Education and now the Ministry of Interior which is reforming progressively, working against Ruto’s agenda of anti-development and division in the country. This went to the extent of threats of impeachment by the now coward Ruto allies who had threatened to impeach a performing CS Matiang’i for disrespecting the Deputy President William Ruto. But in real sense, Ruto wanted Matiang’i to defy the President and stop working!

In what appeared to be a threat to PS Kibicho, Tanga tanga operatives had threatened PS Karanja Kibicho and Matiang’i likening them to the late Professor George Saitoti and Joseph Nkaissery.

As the President commended the DPP and the DCI on a work well done, the DP and his allies castigated their efforts, warning them to leave graft cases for the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission. Lacking knowledge on the roles of investigative institutions, they said that the war was based on propaganda and more corruption. And even calling them errand boys. The likes of Senator Murkomen and Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro were the ones charged with laying the scathing attacks on the heads of investigative institutions.

From skipping numerous public functions, to undermining unity efforts through the handshake and even subtly abusing the President, Ruto and his allies have out rightly acted in defiance to the President and to Kenyans as a nation. He has initiated divisive politics even within Jubilee Party itself by buying out greedy politicians who are now eating their fruits of betrayal.

By subverting the President and the government as a whole, Ruto was creating a fertile ground for blackmail and manipulation of Kenyans experiencing tough economic times as a result of Ruto’s machinations. Ruto schemed against the President but forgot that you cannot bite the hand that feeds you.

Where are the allies now? All running around as they frantically make calls to save their own face. But the stretch limit is over…

What’s Waiguru got to do with it?

What’s Waiguru got to do with it?

Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei has rejected Jubilee’s decision to transfer him to the Powers and Privileges Committee after being removed as the chair of the Justice and Legal Affairs Committee.

“I’m not interested… it’s too low,” he said on Tuesday.

Cherargei claimed the party was ‘disciplining’ members selectively, saying Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru campaigned against Jubilee’s candidate for the Kibra MP by-election McDonald Mariga.

Waiguru attended a campaign rally for ODM’s candidate Imran Okoth alongside party leader Raila Odinga in November last year.

Waiguru explained her presence alongside Ukambani Governors Alfred Mutua (Machakos), Kivutha Kibwana (Makueni) and Charity Ngilu (Kitui).

“We must say in plain truth that the country is peaceful because of the Handshake. We will protect it,” she said.

She is one ardent supporter of Handshake and Uhuru’s Big Four Agenda. She talks tough and this makes her an easy target for the Tanga tanga.

He said Jubilee was targeting lawmakers from the Rift Valley.

Cherargei, speaking during an interview with Citizen TV, however, said he would not leave Jubilee.

“How can you leave your own house,” he said.

Open letter to DP Ruto, stop making your personal problems as ...

Governors Anne Waiguru, Kivuta Kibwana Join Raila In Kibra To Drum ...

Raila Odinga with Governors Kivuta Kibwana (Makueni), Charity Ngilu (Kitui), Anne Waiguru (Kirinyaga) and Alfred Mutua (Machakos) during a rally at Woodley grounds in Kibra constituency [Photo/Courtesy]

The Jubilee purge in the Senate continued on Tuesday with the party announcing changes which appear to push out lawmakers aligned to the Deputy President William Ruto from key positions.

The changes announced by newly installed Senate majority whip Senator Irungu Kang’ata, saw Ruto allies removed from the leadership of key committees and being replaced by perceived party loyalists.

In the changes, Senator Christopher Lang’at (Bomet) has been replaced at the House Business Committee by Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja.

Lang’at also lost his post as Education Committee chairman to Senator Alice Milgo.

Meru Senator Linturi Mithika also lost his membership at the powerful Senate County Public Accounts and Investment Committee.

Linturi has been replaced by Senator Fatuma Dullo.

John Kinyua will also lose his position as the chairman of the Devolution Committee in the Tuesday changes.

Former Senate majority leader Kipchumba Murkomen will now be a member of the Devolution Committee.

The changes according to Kang’ata have been communicated to the Senate speaker Ken Lusaka for immediate implementation.

Last Friday, seven Ruto allies, all Jubilee members, voted to save the Tharaka Nithi Senator Kithure Kindiki, with an overwhelming majority of 54 Senators endorsing his removal.

Kindiki was removed for being disloyal to the President after he skipped a meeting called by the Jubilee party leader to change the House leadership.

However, Kang’ata said they will not undertake ethnic profiling in reorganizing the committees but maintained that some of those who voted against the motion will face the music.

“We shall not undertake ethnic profiling, hence some of those that voted against [the motion] may survive. We don’t intend for example, to recall our PSC (Parliamentary Service Commission) commissioner. But some will definitely face the sanctions,” he said.

Ruto Allies In Mt. Kenya Region Quietly Leaving DP’s Camp As Uhuru Targets Rebels

Ruto Allies In Mt. Kenya Region Quietly Leaving DP’s Camp As Uhuru Targets Rebels

Allies of Deputy President William Ruto in the vote-rich Mt. Kenya region seem to be developing cold feet as Jubilee Party purges Tanga tanga rebels from leadership ranks in the National Assembly and Senate.

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s move to tame the growing discontent within the ruling party over 2022 succession politics has sent shockwaves into Ruto’s camp, with many of DP’s allies making overtures to the President’s camp.

Politicians associated with the President revealed that their opponents, who have been vocal in the pro-Ruto Tanga tanga group, have been reaching out to them in what appears to be a change of tune in Uhuru’s favour. Tired of henpecking from the Tanga tanga camp, President Kenyatta has been on a warpath to restore control of the region and instill party discipline.

Now, some of the most vocal foot soldiers of the DP have faded from the public arena, with some fearing that they may end up losing their seats in the next General Election should the President take the war to the constituency level. Some MPs from the DP’s camp have been approaching MPs allied to the President after the President’s purge started.

Some of the MPs who have been moderate have been welcomed back to Uhuru’s camp. The extremists are still locked out and out of 75 MPs in the region, 62 are behind the President and the question is, what are these numbers DP’s allies keep talking about?

Mt Kenya MPs, who have been drumming up support for the DP’s 2022 presidential ambitions, are “very scared” and some have been seeking to shift their loyalty. Some have confessed that they blindly followed the DP after being misled by a few Tanga tanga diehards that Ruto and Uhuru were working together and that is why the numbers appeared big.

But from what is happening, they have realized they were fighting the wrong battle. Some of them have actually been on their knees begging to be pardoned. Former Agriculture CS Mwangi Kiunjuri, who had projected himself as the face of the rebellion in the region and a possible Ruto running mate come 2022, has gone silent despite his declaration that “he was going nowhere” following his sacking late last year.

It has been established that nearly all Governors in Mt. Kenya region have now thrown their weight behind the President. Some of the leaders who were initially pro-Ruto but have since changed tune include Murang’a Governor Mwangi wa Iria, Nyeri’s Mutahi Kahiga, former Kiambu chief Ferdinand Waititu, Murang’a Women Rep Sabina Chege and nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura.

Others who have toned down the pro-Ruto rhetoric include Laikipia Women Rep Cate Waruguru, Faith Gitau of Nyandarua and Nyeri’s Rahab Mukami. Dozens of MPs who have been accompanying Ruto to public rallies in Mt. Kenya have also gone silent.

But some of Ruto’s diehard MPs in the region are still in his corner. They include Rigathi Gachagua, Moses Kuria, Ndindi Nyoro and Kimani Ichung’wah.

Is Tanga tanga brigade being paranoid? Jubilee party has no interest in impeaching the Deputy President

Is Tanga tanga brigade being paranoid? Jubilee party has no interest in impeaching the Deputy President

The wicked flee when no one pursues, but the righteous are bold as a lion.

That Tanga tanga is becoming paranoid and jumpy, fleeing from rumours and imagined dangers is clearly an indication of a people hiding skeletons behind their closets.

Either Mr Ruto should resign because he’s now a “jobless” deputy president, or he should declare open war on his boss instead of being falsely servile and obsequiously fearful.

If Mr Ruto doesn’t throw in the towel, then Mr Kenyatta should move decisively against him. Mr Kenyatta needs to either impeach Mr Ruto or charge him for his many scandals.

Jubilee MPs allied to President Uhuru Kenyatta have dismissed claims of a plot to impeach Deputy President William Ruto for allegedly disrespecting the Head of State.

MPs Kanini Kega, Joshua Kuttuny (Cherangany) and Emmanuel Wangwe (Navakholo) said there is no plot to impeach the DP now and into the future.

The denial comes in the wake of a purported ‘Order Paper’ on social media allegedly containing an impeachment motion against the DP sponsored by Kega.

The document further states that the motion sponsored has been endorsed by 106 members of parliament to kick out Ruto over alleged gross violation of the Constitution and gross misconduct.

 It claims that the motion would be debated at on June 2, 2020, at 2.30pm.

“That, Pursuant to the provisions of Article 150(1) (b) of the Constitution and Standing Orders 61 and 65 of the National Assembly Standing Orders, this House impeaches Dr William Samoei Ruto as the Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya,” reads the document in part.

However, National Assembly Clerk Michael Sialai disowned the document as fake and fictitious only meant to mislead the members.

But Kega termed the claims and the purported motion as far-fetched, fertile imaginations and a scheme to whip up public emotions.

Kega said those spreading the fake document are seeking sympathy from Kenyans for discrediting and disrespecting the President.

“We have no motion or intentions to impeach DP Ruto; in fact, it’s not part of our agenda. Us in Jubilee, we are focused on helping the President achieve the big four since he has only two years remaining.”

The MP said their aim (as Kieleweke MPs) is to help the President deliver the big four, BBI and Handshake.

Kuttuny said as Kieleweke – Jubilee faction supporting the President’s Handshake with ODM leader Raila Odinga – their work is to support the President deliver on his promises to Kenyans.

“One of the President’s agenda is not to impeach his deputy. As his troops, we have no such instructions to do and we don’t intend to go that route,” he affirmed.

Concerning the purported Order Paper, Sialai reiterated that while it is true the members are resuming sessions on June 2 from recess, the House Business Committee has not met to schedule the business for the day.

“The committee is yet to meet to consider and approve the business to be transacted by the House when it resumes during the week commencing on June 2, 2020,” he said.

He elaborated that once the committee sits and comes up with business, the same will be published on the parliamentary website and also circulated to all members in the usual manner including notification through an official Bulk SMS platform.

The Clerk further noted that no notice of such a motion has been received in either his office or that of Speaker Justin Muturi.

“Similarly, no list of members or signatures in support of such motion has been received in either of the two offices,” he added.

Sialai said the document has glaring features that differentiate it from the normal or official Orders Papers of the National Assembly.

“The document refers to the sixth session whereas it is common knowledge that our Parliament currently is in its fourth session. The agenda of the alleged document begins at Order No. 9 glaringly skipping Order No. 8 which is not the regular order of business,” he said.