Towards economic prosperity: The resultant domino effect of the handshake

Towards economic prosperity: The resultant domino effect of the handshake

A pat on the back, a show of confidence that indeed Kenya is on the right path. With the workings of the handshake, the country is forging ahead in its quest towards economic empowerment, peace and political stability.

The show of commitment demonstrated by President Uhuru Kenyatta and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga in ensuring the country’s peace and stability, has placed Kenya on a greater pedestal than ever before. All, in the interest of Kenyans and building a worthwhile legacy which will ensure the country has stable leadership that factors in diversity and inclusivity of the Kenyan people. The country was given a new lease of life through the handshake initiated by President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila, and has been further enhanced through the Building Bridges Initiative meant to position the nation strategically for economic and social prosperity through a stable and a guaranteed leadership that should resolve many of the issues Kenyans face both before, during and after any elections.

It is already notable that changes have been experienced and are under implementation through this initiative. Key to this has been the fierce fight on graft which has so far nabbed State officers and Government officials and even private individuals and businesses involved in corrupt practices. This has literally ensured recovery of assets in billions through the Assets and Recovery Agency, ARA and the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission, EACC, despite the fact that the Judiciary has not concluded most, if not all, of the graft cases. A new lease of life for Kenya means that a thorough overhaul needs to be conducted so that the Government can ensure maximum effectiveness and efficiency in its operations.

With inclusivity close to the heart, Kenyans are meant to tremendously benefit from the Building Bridges Initiative as it is key in ensuring transparency in government operations through the reintroduction of performance contracts which will enhance efficiency of services provided to Kenyans in government institutions. In terms of healthcare, a patient’s bill of rights is meant to protect patients and equipping of hospitals to radically improve the sector ensuring Kenyans have uninterrupted access to quality healthcare. The government is also intentional in ensuring crisis in families is addressed through an introduction of a parenting curriculum putting in mind the sharp rise of violence and suicides taking place within Kenyan households. The initiative is also focused on improving the education in the country with what Kenyans are seeing in the 100 per cent transition of students going to Form one. The aim is to tackle the issue of illiteracy in the country, which will assist in resolving most of the social issues the country is grappling with.

It is an Initiative designed by Kenyans and for Kenyans and shall be felt by every Kenyan. Other key issues included in the initiative are grounded on strengthening the justice system, digitization of public service, a broadened tax base and reduced rate, an increase of county resources to further enhance devolution at a 35 per cent minimum, suitable sidewalks on road networks, and gender balance when it comes to County leadership. A notable achievement already enacted includes the banning of State officers from doing business with Government and outside Government subject to process.

Not only has the handshake impacted the country’s internal affairs but also framed Kenya as a major country for foreign investors as President Uhuru Kenyatta has been intentional in boosting the country’s economic outlook. So far, the country is on the verge of coming into a new free trade deal with the United States and is the only country in sub-Saharan Africa so far. An invitation to both the President and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga is a vote of confidence that the country has a new face globally. Leaders have pledged to work with Kenya in different capacities, with even a recent signing of trade pacts with the United Kingdom during the UK-Africa Summit 2020 held in January and valued at Sh227 billion.

Further trade opportunities are being opened up through ease of transportation and accessing of new transportation routes. President Uhuru Kenyatta has also received pledges from Russia geared towards improving its trade with Kenya during the ‘Sochi 2019’ Russia-Africa summit. Kenya has gained tremendously also in ensuring the progress of Affordable housing under the Big Four Agenda. Investments which are under the implementation stage have received a financial boost from the United Kingdom and the United States. On delivery, the first 228 units were handed to the government, which is a show that Kenyans are bound to benefit from the numerous State projects. The rest will be delivered at the end of 2020 as per the agreement with the contractor.

It is about working and building the nation in every sector of the economy and country. These are the workings of leaders who refused to plunge Kenyans into turmoil and make lasting peace.

“Brothers and sisters, I humbly ask you to pledge to reject the politics of division, hate and violence, and instead take the higher, more sacred road, of working to build your community and our beloved country Kenya”.

President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Treacherous leaders: When the corrupt are watching over the corrupt…

Treacherous leaders: When the corrupt are watching over the corrupt…

It was a day of reckoning for the corrupt former Governor Ferdinand Waititu, but he thought otherwise having made frantic calls to who knows who. This was a reflection of what should happen to incompetent leaders who are out to engage in corrupt activities denying citizens of much deserved County and National services as taxes and County funds were consistently being stolen as a result of the wanton greed. And rightfully, the Members of County Assembly in Kiambu firmly set their foot on ground paving way for the final Senate proceedings where Waititu echoed the last of his governorship in the Senate Assembly.

Waititu had serious charges leveled against him which were listed as, having violated the Constitution, violating national laws and gross misconduct as a Governor. But he never realized the seriousness of the matter that had denied County residents efficient services and development projects within his County government. This man, known for his cunning political antics by fellow politicians had learnt the art of manipulation and playing ‘dirty games’ as far as politics was concerned.

A fattened cow knows no limit; Waititu had fattened himself and his family with County millions approximated to be over Sh500 million. Despite this, and even his admission of grabbing Sh100 million worth of land from a widow, Waititu still had supporters who were in agreement with his corrupt ways because they knew he was contributing to the Tanga tanga Agenda of economic sabotage and gathering funds in preparation for the 2022 presidential election.

The said Senators devised a way to malign the process in order to vindicate the corrupt Governor. Using an eleven member select committee, the Senators were apparently meant to investigate the charges against the former County boss. Senators Kipchumba Murkomen, Aaron Cheruiyot, Susan Kihika, Millicent Omanga, Samson Cherargei, Mithika Linturi, Godana Hargura, Moses Wetangula, John Kinyua Nderitu, Christopher Langat and Anwar Loitiptip were the leaders  hell bent on ensuring Waititu’s impeachment does not sail through. Despite the numerous evidences on corruption charges laid against him, these leaders chose to turn a deaf ear and were only after their own selfish interests.

Why protect a man who has stolen close to a billion shillings including land and property? However, their strategy flopped which meant the beginning of the end of Waititu’s political career. A closer look at these said Senators reveals a vast chain of greedy leaders who have exploited Wanjiku in their capacity. Nominated Senator Millicent Omanga as known to many, has stolen close to Sh4.4 billion from Kenya Prisons and of course, she was at the forefront in using taxpayers’ money for a trip to the Rio World Cup in Brazil. Having been a hawker at one point in her life, she has forgotten the poor Wanjiku who continually pay taxes for her to enjoy.

A known mastermind of the Arror-Kimwarer dams scandal Nandi Senator Murkomen is always bickering about 2022. He, together with nominated Senator Mary Yiane Senata, own large tracts of land in the Mau forest and is a reason why he was out pretending to be fighting for those living in Mau as he knew his grabbed assets were at stake. Incidentally, investigations have also revealed that his law firm Sing’oei Murkomen and Sigei Advocates is linked to the NYS scandal. Kericho Senator Samson Cherargei, just like Murkomen, has also defended corrupt State officers and has been rooting for Governors to be granted immunity for protection while in office, thus ensuring they are not brought to book on corruption allegations.

Money, fame, sexual exploitation and power, is their driving force with Senators Anwar Loitiptip and Senator Mithika Linturi using their sexual exploits to both elevate themselves as well as exploit young girls. For instance, Senator Loitiptip who defended Sonko over corruption allegations, is a known sugar daddy to Governor Sonko’s daughter, Saumu Mbuvi. Linturi’s divorce case on the other hand has revealed the messy life he has been living as a leader who even went to the extremities of being sued for abusing and abandoning a woman and their three-year old son. The Senator even rose to his ranks having presented fake papers when enrolling at the University of Nairobi.

The rot among such leaders is immense and is not only a display of rot among our leaders, but also an indicator that the fight on graft will need a total overhaul of leaders, especially those who are hell bent on protecting other corrupt leaders. The war on graft is intensifying and we must clear the rot to the last spot.

IT OFFICIAL: Few days after sacking, Kiunjuri now joins Tangatanga

IT OFFICIAL: Few days after sacking, Kiunjuri now joins Tangatanga

Sacked Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Mwangi Kiunjuri has officially joined Deputy President Dr William Ruto’s Tangatanga faction after his  dismissal from the Cabinet.

Kiunjuri lashed out at the Government for cracking down on Tangatanga leaders for opposing the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI), urging for a free society.

 “How can you tell us to build bridges when you want to demolish others,” posed Kiunjuri, “You are demolishing one bridge to build another one.”

Image may contain: 1 person, standing, shoes, beard and outdoor

Former CS Kiunjuri with Governor Mandago, a close ally of DP Ruto  Photo/Courtesy

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Kiunjuri made clear his support for DP Ruto, stating that he would support the Deputy President all through even if he ends up in the Opposition.

President Uhuru Kenyatta fired Kiunjuri from the Cabinet and replaced him with CS Peter Munya.

Before his sacking, Kiunjuri had openly expressed his opposition to the BBI report fronted by President Kenyatta and ODM party leader Raila Odinga.

Kiunjuri had been on a collision path with President Kenyatta on several occasions where the President was captured on live TV scolding him in public for poor performance in his ministry.

However, the DP kept off the debate about changing the structure of government. He said the BBI was aimed at bringing Kenyans together as a country and strengthening cohesion.

“We want the BBI to bring the people of this great country together but not to divide them,” he said. “We want people to give their views on what they want. These people include mama mboga, hustlers, casual labourers (and) our leaders. I mean, it is not for leaders alone, but everybody who is a Kenyan.”

Ruto was accompanied by MPs Kimani Ichung’wa (Kikuyu), Kimani Ngunjiri (Bahati), Moses Kuria (Gatundu South), Rugathi Gachagua (Mathira) and Jonah Mburu (Lari). Governors Francis Kimemia (Nyandarua) and Jackson Mandago (Uasin Gishu) were present.

MPs allied to Ruto had alleged an elaborate plan to lock them out of the Afraha Stadium for their BBI rally on February 8.

But Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui dismissed their claims saying that he was yet to receive any request for use of the venue.

He said the County government was ready to honor the request once it is made through the right channel.

“We shall facilitate necessary arrangements for the success of the meeting once we receive the request. A meeting of that magnitude requires adequate preparations, including security and other logistics,” Kunyanjui said.

He added: “We, therefore, expect the request will be made in good time to allow adequate preparations and any other logistical issue that may be required on our part.”

The Governor, however, warned that the Tangatanga team has a duty to preach harmony starting with their first rally.

“Insults, name calling and character assassination will undermine the progress made so far in uniting the country,” he said.

Billions stolen, yet Ruto is still yearning for more

Billions stolen, yet Ruto is still yearning for more

A man of deceit and deception Ruto began, was duly trained and mentored on how to steal from the public without being traced. He carefully learnt that in order to steal from your enemy, you must first not appear as an enemy but a friend. Additionally, for it to be effective, he must buy out and bribe politicians so that they will work as his foot soldiers in order to bring food on the table. He learnt the art of divide and rule. If that did not work, he focused on divide and manipulate, and finally divide and eliminate.

A young leader who was politically propelled when he became a leader of the YK92, Ruto has immensely grown out of scandals and scheming the government throughout his political career. Once an Agriculture Minister, Ruto was suspended over a maize scandal with an artificial food crisis created, and it has been replicated through his ally Mwangi Kiunjuri who as a Cabinet Secretary, ensured Sh41 billion is lost through the National Cereals and Produce Board. Despite Rift Valley region being the bread basket of maize, farmers have immensely suffered with no payments from the NCPB and many have resorted to other food crops. There has been a series of well calculated instances of maize shortages to ensure illegal importation of maize, most of which is filled with aflatoxins.

William Ruto has worked and walked far and wide with his numerous contributions to ensure he has allies to defraud the government and as a result, pocket corruption proceeds. Remember that the YK92 period was when Kenya entered into serious economic turmoil as there was rampant stealing in all sectors of the government under Moi’s regime. William Ruto was the leader with Cyrus Jirongo, and were key in ensuring that Kenyans are manipulated through increased poverty levels as a result of corruption. There were numerous donations by the ruling regime which was ultimately buying out Kenyans through manipulation.

This is how the Deputy President has operated since 2013 with allies who he well instructed that they must deliver to him the loot. His allies range from Governors, Members of Parliament, Cabinet Secretaries, Parastatal heads, among others. From Ruto himself grabbing 100 acres of land from an elderly man and even grabbing land from the Langata primary school, Ruto and his allies have been linked to numerous scandals where billions of shillings have been lost.

aimAishaHis biggest allies include Henry Rotich who scammed the government Sh30 billion through Treasury, Mwangi Kiunjuri who managed Sh41 billion, with the biggest bait being that of Charles Keter where Sh123 billion has been lost through the Energy Ministry. Additionally, Governors who had joined the Ruto camp have embezzled County funds with some being charged in court. Governors Ferdinand Waititu (Kiambu), Moses Lenolkulal (Samburu), Okoth Obado (Migori) and Ali Korane (Garissa) are just some of the Governors who have been charged with corruption, with others changing their stand on Ruto as a result. MPs allied to Ruto have been equally linked to corruption scandals, some of them being Moses Kuria (Gatundu South) with a Sh100 million CDF scandal, Aisha Jumwa (Malindi) with a the similar CDF scandal involving Sh312 million, John Waluke (Sirisia) involved in fraudulent acquisition of public properties and forgery where Sh114 million has been lost.

It is an endless list of ‘nefarious elements’ draining the country’s coffers, but what stands out is Ruto’s immense involvement in corrupt activities; where he blinds his supporters with the same loot through church donations that he usually comes back to collect. William Ruto is ready to throw Kenyans into the pit of destruction and will stop at nothing to obtain more billions for his 2022 ambitions.


Tangatanga’s seven point presser; the referendum is unstoppable

Tangatanga’s seven point presser; the referendum is unstoppable

Tangatanga’s presser today left Kenyans with more questions than answers. Was it a case of ‘if you cannot beat them join them or the proverbial ‘the devil is in the details’?

Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen on Tuesday, January 21, announced that all Jubilee Party leaders had resolved to join ODM Party leader Raila Odinga in his BBI consultative meetings.

Tangatanga team present during the presser at Serena Hotel Nairobi Photo/Courtesy

Speaking from Serena Hotel in Nairobi, the Senate majority leader led a group of Jubilee Senators and MPs, including Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika, who all vowed to aid Odinga in drumming up support for the initiative.

“We will be participating in all public BBI rallies across the country and this weekend we will be in Mombasa together with the BBI team,” he declared.Image may contain: one or more people, crowd and outdoor

Image result for bbi meeting in kakamega"

BBI Meeting at Bukhungu Stadium in Kakamega Photo/Courtesy

However, he also aired out his misgivings on how the report was being peddled across the country, “Unfortunately, even before the period was defined, and to our profound dismay, it has come to our attention that a section of the political leadership already commenced public rallies aimed at politicizing the BBI process,” he stated.

Murkomen went on to outline seven resolutions they had come up with following their closed-door session as follows:

  1. That we shall participate and contribute towards the success of the already organized BBI rallies across the country, beginning with Mombasa this weekend.
  2. That to support existing efforts and complement the already scheduled rallies, we are organizing rallies in other parts of the country. We shall soon announce the calendar of complimentary rallies to reinforce those already published. To these rallies, everybody irrespective of political opinion is invited.
  3. That we fully support the BBI report as launched and intend to fully participate in related engagements in good faith.
  4. That we shall mobilize our constituents to present their views in all the 290 constituencies as soon as the task force gazetted by Government announces their full schedule.
  5. That we believe that by our participation in these rallies, we shall redirect the BBI conversation to people-centric issues such as the economy, unemployment, social justice, rule of law & human rights. At the moment, the discussion is centred on the pursuit of political power & positions by leaders.
  6. We are concerned with reports of existence of a clandestine BBI steering committe with an underground draft report & bill. To this end, we demand that the entire BBI process be driven in an open and transparent manner by the gazetted committee.
  7. We are opposed to the use of public funds in the organized BBI rallies unless appropriated by parliament or county assemblies. Our participation & organization of BBI rallies shall be through personal contributions.

This was a surprise move, with the Senator having grabbed the headlines back in November when he was booed off the stage at the Bomas of Kenya after he made claims that the BBI report was biased.

“Even before I spoke as the leader of the majority in the Senate, I was already feeling the conversation didn’t represent the wider communities across the country,” Murkomen stated at the launch.

He criticised the organizers of the event in the full glare of the media, foreign dignitaries and guests.

“Your Excellency, we must have an honest discussion here. Junet Mohammed (Suna East MP), I’ll be lying if I left this stage without saying that this programme has been skewed to leave out people with different opinions,” lamented Murkomen immediately he took to the podium before he was jeered off.

However, he has since announced that the ruling party was behind the initiative and that it would be part of the team set to drum up support for the BBI on Saturday, January 25.

The mastermind thug will stop at nothing: A replay of  history

The mastermind thug will stop at nothing: A replay of history

He started young and full of ambition. Everything was ripe and ready to be put into action, carefully inducted to ensure Kenyans are strategically brought to their knees – all through an economic sabotage that was carefully orchestrated for manipulation and power.  The YK92 was and still is his big win. This was because it was his opportunity to start amassing wealth as a young ‘hustler’ and it is because now, he is on the verge of joining the class of billionaires who are richer than most of the world’s population. It is indeed a reincarnation of the YK92 with now the perpetrator boldly betraying the President ever since he got a leeway into the helm of leadership back in 2013.

This time round, the YK92 strategy is being enacted with a billionaire man whose has planted allies in almost every sector of the economy to ensure the billions the government collects from Kenyans through taxes, and is loaned to through grants and donations, are channeled to his well-hidden off-shore accounts and into money laundering with minimal trace of the mammoth theft taking place.

Welcome to the world of Deputy President William Ruto, the smart modern-day elite thug who will steal while you are staring at him.

He leads by deception and empty promises which he is very unapologetic for. A leader who will make you believe he can bring the moon to Kenya. What happened in the YK92 season is that Kenya was plunged into economic sabotage through skillful plundering that denied Kenyans development and a decent source of income. Money was stolen skillfully and channeled to a few Kenyan politicians all through the YK92 which left indelible damage to the country. Remember Kenya was at par with South Korea in the 60s and even used to give out donations in the 80s and early 90s. So where did the country lose its focus?

All this was led by William Ruto and Cyrus Jirongo who were the main operators of the show and now what we have is a mastermind who has perfected the game of theft through his allies. The Treasury docket was manned by Henry Rotich who as a result; delivered his bounty through the Ruaraka scandal where Sh1.5 billion was lost, the Kimwarer and Arror Sh19 billion, and the maize imports scandal where approximately Sh10 billion has been lost.

PanicThe man who prefers photos of locusts, the former Cabinet Secretary manning the Agriculture docket, has so far delivered close to Sh45 billion to his master William Ruto. He has successfully scammed the government through the National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) scandal of Sh11.3 billion or more. Over Sh85 million has been lost through the fertilizer scandal, Sh1.8 billion in illegal payments and Sh29 billion through the Itare dam scandal.

As a man manning the energy sector, Charles Keter was also not left behind in the thuggery. The KPC pricing scandal clinched Sh4.4 billion, KPC oil spillage scandal clinched Sh2.5 billion, Sh1.88 billion was through the KPC oil jetty, a whooping Sh95 billion through the KPC inflation of contracts and Sh6.3 billion in the Ketraco scandal. As if not enough, Charles Keter has ensured thuggery of Sh4.5 billion in the KPLC contract scandals, Sh3.3 billion through the Geothermal Development contract scandal and Sh5 billion on the Lake Turkana Wind Power scandal.

This is what the YK92 is all about, theft and more theft through William Ruto, the mastermind of the Tangatanga squad. How far will this country go at the rate at which corruption is taking place?

Kenya is about to be plunged into a banana republic if this is not stopped and money retrieved and the person who is pocketing these billions, is the man second in leadership, undoing the President’s vision of economic development and freedom for Kenyans. Kenyans will soon be suffocated by the Deputy President’s thuggery. This must be stopped and the country should not be surprised over arrests bound to take place.