INEXPLICABLE! Why Tanzanian women are applying tobacco on their privates

INEXPLICABLE! Why Tanzanian women are applying tobacco on their privates

A section of Tanzanian women are applying ground tobacco on their privates to stop the urge of having sex.

According to a report by the BBC, the women, from Tabora, also view the act as a family planning method.

“When I put the tobacco (in my privates) I feel like I have been with a man. Even if a man makes a move at me, I feel like he’s just a nuisance.

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“An old woman told me to mix the ground tobacco (ugoro) with soda ash (magadi) before mixing it with cooking oil.

“When placed in the privates, the urge to have sex ceases,” Asha Said told BBC.

According to Asha’s husband Hamidu Santu, he was prompted to investigate the matter after she turned down his advances time and again.

“Whenever I asked her (for conjugal rights), she declined. After carrying out my investigation, I found her with tobacco, despite neither of us using the drug.

“I asked her why she had tobacco yet she did not smoke it but she didn’t respond.  After constantly inquiring on the matter, she finally told me what she uses it for,” he said.

Asha further revealed that the tobacco is mostly used by divorced women, widows or those whose husbands are away for a long time.

However, there are dangers to applying the concoction to the privates.

According to Dr Paul Swakara, the tobacco can cause infertility, Sexually Transmitted Infections and even cancer.

No medical research has this far been conducted to establish whether tobacco can be used as a family planning method or to stop the urge to have sex.


FARE THE WELL! Thousands flock to bury billionaire Reginald Mengi today

FARE THE WELL! Thousands flock to bury billionaire Reginald Mengi today

Fallen Tanzanian billionaire, business mogul, author and philanthropist Reginald Mengi, will be buried today at his home in Machame.

The 76-year old business magnate died last week while on vacation in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. In 2014, Forbes estimated his wealth at $560m (Sh56billion).

Thousands of mourners paid homage to Mengi whose body was flown back to his country on Monday. His 39-year-old widow Jacqueline Mengi led family and dignitaries in receiving the tycoon’s remains at Julius Nyerere International Airport.

An aerial view of Mengi’s home

Just as he drew crowds while alive, mourners lined up the streets of Dar es Salam to pay their last respect.

After the procession, his body was preserved at Lugala Hospital and later taken to Karinjeem Hall where Tanzania’s President Magufuli led other top government officials and the public to mourn the fallen businessman.

The tycoon is survived by a wife, Jacqueline Ntuyabaliwe-Mengi and two sons.

Mengi at a glance

Reginald Mengi was born 76 years ago to a peasant family in Tanzania. He rose from the humble beginning and finished his education in Scotland.

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Late Reginald Mengi and his twins alongside their mother Jacquline Ntuyabaliwe. FILE

When he returned to Tanzania, he briefly worked as an accountant before he started his business empire, a ball-point pen assembly plant.

He owns local English and Swahili TV stations, ITV and Capital TV, as well as the English-language daily Guardian newspaper.

His IPP Group conglomerate also manufactures one of Tanzania’s best-known brands of bottled water and is moving into smart-phone and tablet manufacturing.

In a past interview with BBC, he was quoted to have said he has ‘made enough money’

In 2018, he authored an autobiography ‘I Can, I Must, I Will’.

Nakuru Pastor cancel couple’s wedding over medical report

Nakuru Pastor cancel couple’s wedding over medical report

Apostle Jesse Karanja of the Mizpah House of Prayer Church was scheduled to officiate Joyce Waithera and Paul Waithaka’s wedding but he delayed the ceremony until 6pm because of medical reports.

According to the bride’s father, Henry Kamau, they arrived at the church from their Gilgil home at 9am in readiness for the couple to exchange their vows.

The preacher, however, showed up minutes later and summoned the couple to his office demanding that they go for a medical checkup and bring him the results before he could declare them married.

A local pastor who declined to officiate a wedding ceremony in Bahati area, Nakuru County on Saturday has defended himself saying the couple did not meet the standards set by his church.

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Apostle Jesse Karanja of Mizpah House of Prayer

Joyce Waithera and her fiance Paul Waithaka are said to have arrived at the Mizpah House of Prayer church in good time, ready to walk down the isle and recite their wedding vows. Friends and family members had gathered early in what was expected to be a glamorous wedding. But upon arrival, the couple was summoned by the head of the church, Apostle Jesse Karanja, to his office where he reportedly instructed them to undergo a HIV test and return to him with their results.

Never mind that this was at 1 o’clock in the afternoon hours after the two expected to have been married.

They returned and the results were negative. Waithera had also been asked to do a pregnancy test and the results were also negative.

According to family members, the officiating minister kept the couple waiting again until 4pm, where he instructed them to undergo yet another test. They did, and the results were negative.

Frustrated, the Apostle asked them to do a third test, this time at a clinic of his choice. The couple obeyed, but this time the results allegedly indicated that the bride was HIV positive and that she was pregnant.

The results shocked them but they were still hopeful that they would continue with the ceremony, after all their status would remain their secret, but the Apostle appears to have had other things up his sleeves.

He again kept the couple and the guests waiting until 6pm and only emerged from his office saying he cannot officiate the wedding because the law does not allow weddings to be conducted past 6pm.

The couple drove away in a huff leaving behind family members and guests to feast on the meals that had been prepared.

Speaking while delivering his sermon on Sunday, Apostle Karanja defended his action saying the couple failed to meet the set standards.

“Basic principles of our Christian Pentecostal ministry were not met. As an apostolic leader I have to answer to God about your life… I have the authority to tell you, ‘you must go this way.” If you don’t do it I have a legal authority from heaven to ex-communicate you,” said Apostle Karanja.

“Yesterday, we were supposed to have a wedding but it did not happen. The main reason is that our standards as a Christian church organization were not met. Every member must adhere to some basic christian standards. Any deviation calls for the church not to perform any christian ordinance.

“We had given the couple up to Friday to fulfill some standard requirements of this ministry because we proclaim living a life of purity. We advocate sex out of marriage for young people. We have set our own biblical standards that everyone must meet. There are other personal reasons that we cannot give you,” said the clergy man.

The bridegroom’s father faulted the pastor for his actions, adding that his son had been a member of the church for the last six years. “Even if he hates this young man, he should not have done that. This man has been a member of the his church for the last six years. He has really heartbroken this young couple. His actions are very suspicious, ” said the groom’s father.

The Apostle’s actions have now raised eyebrows about some church leaders’ role when it comes to their flocks’ medical conditions.

Despite spending close to one millions shillings for ceremony that did not go as planned, the couple says it will still go on with their plans and marry at a later date.

Change Your Mind Change Your Luck

Change Your Mind Change Your Luck

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Haruki Murakami thrills us again with his latest novel

Haruki Murakami thrills us again with his latest novel

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Unreal moments of the familiar cities

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