Deeply Entrenched In Crime; How William Ruto Operates

Deeply Entrenched In Crime; How William Ruto Operates

Beyond reproach, uncouth, insolent and self-centred individuals. They lack respect, are deceitful and work towards sabotaging good while glorifying evil. They have become grand conmen and grandmasters in corruption be it in acquiring fictitious tenders, fraud and money laundering, open theft of public funds and a total elimination of human obstacles through planned killings.

These individuals care for nothing else but their pockets and their ambitions which must not be cutailed by anything or anyone otherwise any threat is squarely eliminated. Their presennce is embued with the aroma of evil.

But who are they? Who seeks to scare Kenyans and plunge the country into fear, chaos and calamity through their economic and political ambitions? These are William Ruto and his foot soldiers as this revelation chooses not to disgrace the title ‘Deputy President’ as there have been commendable ones before in the same positions and there will be many others later. These men have committed atrocities that have ranged from attempted economic sabotage, attempted political sabotage and even social with the attempted sparking of class wars in the country between those considered ‘rich’ and those considered ‘poor’ from an individual who falsely claims he wants peace in the country.

Listing them they include the likes of Rigathi Gaachagua who stole from Nyeri County as he brother slowly deteriorated and died of cancer, Farouk Kibet who is well vast with covering up tracing of Ruto in a number of gruesome murders, Mwangi Kiunjuri who instituted a well crafted maize scandal that led to the loss of billions meant for farmers, Rashid Echesa who is a political goon and has also been involved in a series of corruption scandals including the fake arms scandal that saw a Ruto aide Sgt Kenei murdered with Ruto playing the ‘I don’t know what happened’ game.

Oscar Sudi who is adversely mentioned in the Arror Kimwarer dams scandal that led to the loss of over SH21billion, Kimani Ngunjiri who learning from his master Ruto has been implicated in a trail of land fraud and even grabbed land from an elderly woman. Don Bpsco Gichana who is an expert in money laundering alongside Echesa and a gold racketeer in addition to being a conman, Zaheer Jhanda another serious money launderer alongside fraud who are key in hiding Ruto’s loot from public coffers amounting in billions by engaging in his fake gold business and Moses Kuria who has wiped the Gatundu South NGCDF belonging to his consttituents and distributed the tenders amongst his family members who have largely not delivered projects but promises with money pocketed.

These are the individuals that claim are leaders. Lost in their world of greed and loot with Ruto not seeing Kenyans but seeing vaults containing public funds and reserves and relishing the moment it will all be his. Havent’s you seen him even grab Sh100 million worth of land from an old man, Adrian Muteshi who eventually died? This is factual. We can only imagine the enomity of the stress this man had as he fought for what rightfully belonged to him. Evil evil and more evil. The stench is unbearable and no Kenyan can stand this level of ruthlessness.

Parliament Has No Power To Alter Wanjiku’s BBI Views

Parliament Has No Power To Alter Wanjiku’s BBI Views

A few days ago, the promoters of the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) constitutional amendment bill announced the referendum would be in August. This is after it dawned on them the initial June date was no longer realistic.

They cited the delay by the Nation al Assembly and the Senate to pass the bill. And now some of the BBI bill promoters are pushing for reopening of the report, a move that will definitely derail the process further. The BBI bill had earlier been tabled before county assemblies and received overwhelming support. The assemblies complied with Article 257 of the Constitution which outlines a
roadmap of amending the Constitution through the popular initiative.

Under this law, the hands of the legislative bodies, both at county and national levels are tied. They have no power to alter or add a coma or fullstop to a bill that originates from views of the people. The county assemblies had two options: to either adopt or reject the bill submitted to them by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission.

The National Assembly and the Senate had a similar role. However, even if the two Houses rejected the original BBI bill, it wouldn’t stop the IEBC from going ahead with referendum plans. Kenyans will have the final say.

President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Handshake partner Raila Odinga are the key drivers of the BBI process. However, going by latest political events, it seems one or both of them has/have changed mind. They no longer lead the BBI process with same vigour and energy they exhibited at the start of the journey.

Besides their allies are now rooting for the reopening of bill and if they have eventually have their way, then the BBI bill would no longer be a popular document. Well, one of the key proposals that the MPs, who are pushing for the reopening of BBI report, are uncomfortable with is that of increasing the number of constituencies. Central Kenya is highly populated and hence it is set to receive the lion’s share of the 70 additional parliamentary seats.

The BBI bill has no clause suggesting the power to create new electoral units would be taken away from IEBC. Once adopted, the commission will still exercise this power. In the event that the document is reopened, we would result in two documents, one passed by county assemblies and the amended version endorsed by two Houses of Parliament.

So which bill will be presented to Kenyans at the referendum? Further, this would give the anti BBI team more grounds to challenge the legality of the process in court. One wonders why the same proponents of the constitution amendment initiative would want to offend the same supreme law of the land they seek to make better.

Remember how Raila allies repeatedly countered the narrative of cost of a referendum, arguing that Kenyans stand to gain more if BBI sailed through? What has changed? Kenyans deserve better leadership, please!

KlepRUTOmania; Not a Disorder But A Habitual Willful Undertaking

KlepRUTOmania; Not a Disorder But A Habitual Willful Undertaking

The buck stopped at Deputy President William Ruto or so that was the never ending supposed thought. But alas the tables of urned and apart from the already existing loot from the likes of Waluke, Kihika and Murkomen, things are not all rosy for they have been exposed in several exposes that have confirmed how public money has been siphoned and directed to their pockets in well schemed and fueled scandals.

For Ruto, it was an elaborate plan that he has been using to fuel his campaign, buy and manufacture goons, fund his so-called foot soldiers and make payments for the unmentioned lot to do the ‘dirty’ work, some of whom have consumed the likes of Kenei. Jacob Juma among others, but that is besides the point. This time round the Civil Society seems to have seen the light on who Ruto really is, they have seen the light on his corrupt nature and how his expends public money that goes directly to his already fat pockets. This man Ruto has never been worn out of pocketing taxpayers money. If there was a word that could be likened to a kleptomaniac it would probably be coined as Kleprutomaniac but for this one it would be one who has an addiction for the big bucks including anything land and anything that spells billions no matter what the cost.

Discovered now to be a Saint of the devil, the Civil Society has realized that they have been backing a man who goes against their statutes as a society. Renowned joiurnalist John Allan Nyamu who for years was known for his success and in-depth and truthful investigative stories is now a part of the Civil society under Africa Uncensored but be it as it may his journalistic instinct and quest for the truth exposed Ruto’s anomaly to a Civil Society that had once been veiled by Ruto to believe that he was fighting for the rights of the ‘Wanjiku’ but it was all about his political ambitions that were centred on power, dictatorship and control.

Over the past Namu has revealed how DP Ruto and his office holders have strategically been involved in similar contracts for not one or two or three contracts but eight consecutive years. This is unethical and illegal in the issuing of tenders and contracts as it clearly displays biasness. This, the Civil Society has failed to justify and is now beginning to see the truth on Ruto’s corrupt nature of grand theft. More so to this is the fact that his allies have been in and out of court over corruption allegations involving billions.

The Arror and Kimwarer dams construction was one lucrative project that Ruto felt he had hit the jackpot as it was an opportunity to hit his own without trace. Well placed, besides the ‘mere’ billions stolen as downplayed by Ruto, the former Cabinet Secretary made a payment of insurance at 17.5% rate instead of 1.5% inflated 17 timees more from the actual payment with his master shielding him on several occasions from the Sh21 billion scandal. Further information also revealed that Ruto had specific individuals in companies that were well place to ‘oil his pipeline’. Ever heard of Stella Nyamu? Ask Allan Namu, for she was a key informant in ensuring transactions go to the fictitious companies.

Somalia political crisis deepens as MPs extend Farmaajo’s term by two years

Somalia political crisis deepens as MPs extend Farmaajo’s term by two years

Somalia’s Parliament has extended its mandate and that of President Mohamed Farmaajo by two years, giving the incumbent some respite but creating a potential opposition from the international community and some aspirants.

The decision was reached on Monday after an emergency assembly of the Lower House saw some 149 MPs vote to extend their mandate with three voting against and one abstaining from the vote. The House usually has 275 MPs.

President Farmaajo welcomed the decision, saying it will correct the incessant disagreements on the electoral model.

He said national elections lie within the jurisdiction of the Republic and are independent of the people Government of Somalia.

The president said all government agencies will carry out their mandates using diplomatic terms & principles without tolerating any external interference.

“The Government shall play its key role in the implementation of the electoral law as passed by the House of the people to rightfully restore the constitutional power to the Somali people,” he said.

The MPs say the two years should provide enough time for the country to be ready for universal suffrage, something it had failed to organise in four years.

“His Excellency, President Mohamed Farmaajo urges the citizens to seize the historic chance to choose their destiny as the House of the People voted to return the mandate of the election to the people.

Indirect election

“This followed after the failure of FMS members to support the implementation of the initial Sep 17, 2020 Agreement,” said a statement from Villa Somalia, Farmaajo’s official residence in Mogadishu.

The decision may undercut the calls by the international community and opposition groups who had opposed the extension of the mandate and any moves that could jeopardize the implementation of an indirect election based on an agreement reached on September 17, 2020.

Under the agreement signed by President Farmaajo and leaders of five federal states; an indirect election was to be based on delegates nominated by elders in conjunction with the electoral management bodies. The delegates were to elect MPs who in turn vote for the president.

But the parties disagreed on who should be members of the electoral commission, security arrangements, and venue of the polls in some of the federal states.

Last week, the parties fell out for the fourth time, failing to agree on the way forward and making no arrangements to return to the table. Opposition groups and donors demanded the resumption of talks. They didn’t.

“Farmajo’s train has arrived at the station it had been running towards. Many people who were unsure about his intention now know better,” said Mr. Abdishakur Abdirahman, leader of Wadajir Party and a presidential aspirant.

“Anyone who provides financial, military or diplomatic support to Farmajo’s unconstitutional acts becomes part of a crime against the Somali people.”

No extension

Mr. Abdirahman and several other aspirants had formed the Council of Presidential Candidates, a caucus which has insisted on no extensions or parallel electoral programs. Last week, the group led by ex-President Sheikh Sharif Ahmed called on parties to return to the table.

Kenya Can No Longer Stand The Brute Actions of the British

Kenya Can No Longer Stand The Brute Actions of the British

They have committed gruesome atrocities against our people, our forefathers, freedom fighters. They have raped,killed and maimed, arrested and whipped, innocent Kenyans whom they tortured to subdue a people and take away their livelihoods and most of all their bountiful land that they grabbed as they killed the actual African owners. These are moments that Kenyans would never choose to relive because the British were brut and brutal, they openly practiced racism and continued on a killing spree to settle their own who were streaming in the country in drones and unfortunately this has not ended.

Feeling entitled to their theft, they went on their business of killing and subjecting Kenyans to slavery as they took up the lush green farms of Central and Rift Valley regions Kenyans were demeaned and demoralized by a country anchored on theft or resources and taking away the rights and privileges of Africans, particularly Kenyans

With all said and done and to this date the British are still at it, feeling entitled and behaving as bullies as they are. The recent diplomatic spat is a clear show of a country that assumes it can get away with manipulating Kenya into doing as it pleases. But times have changed and Kenya cannot allow to be tossed back and forth by colonialists who stole resources including acreages of land and now putting in restrictive measures against Kenyans flying to the United Kingdom. Ironically, Kenya has fewer Covid-19 cases yet had not put in punitive measures against the United Kingdom. With a strain that emanated from their country, their restrictions are outright punitive and unbalanced yet they want to subject Kenyans to punitive measures upon arrival in the UK.

Fortunately, Kenya cannot agree to be manipulated as a country and is outright outraged over UKs move which will firmly put an end to neocolonialism. This is why it is important to give the same energy you are given. Kenya will not stand down to UK discriminatory ways. Call a spade a spade

Forget the ‘Hustlers’, It’s For Him, Himself and His; Sputnik V Is Now Ruto’s Latest Money Minting Venture

Forget the ‘Hustlers’, It’s For Him, Himself and His; Sputnik V Is Now Ruto’s Latest Money Minting Venture

He was almost at his happy place. All plans had been well drafted and a whooping $ 6 million worth in fraudulent profit was beckoning at his doorstep. Having acquired a good deal for the importation of Sputnik V vaccine everything was up and running and would go a long way in recouping what he had lost from handouts and tokens to politicians and ‘hustlers’ that had irrevocably failed to deliver on the Tanga Tanga hype which is now his nightmare.

Taking advantage of the fear that has bedeviled Kenyans who are now demanding for the vaccine. Ruto went ahead and well against the government and his own Executive to be the brand Ambassador for the Sputnik V that is not at all pocket friendly for the hustlers he ‘claims’ to be fighting for and indebted to. Accompanied by his dear wife, Rachel Ruto, Deputy President received the first dose of his imported Sputnik vaccine that cost Sh20000 which is money that he considers very affordable for the hustlers that he represents. Unconcerned and unfettered by his receiving of the vaccine, Ruto expects every hustler to,pay up for his imported Sh20000 vaccine and shun the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine which is free.

For Ruto it was about the money and particularly fending for his unending thirst for money. Shunning a free vaccine that target Kenyans from all walks of life, Ruto who had already begun commercialization of the vaccination exercise put his financial interest ahead of the health of Kenyans. Does he expect ‘hustlers’ to start paying up Sh20000 for the vaccine using his economics of the wheelbarrow?

Moreover, this particular vaccine has not even been approved by the World Health Organization neither have any trials been undertaken in the country. For him, sitting in front of the screens was not a show of confidence in being vaccinated but was a marketing stunt to create demand and increase anxiety for the people to take up the vaccine. And this has been witnessed with the haves paying up for the 100,000 doses imported by Ruto in total disregard of what had been approved by the WHO and the government and against the public good.

This is nothing to an individual who once imported maize containing aflatoxin, a cancer causing agent which saw a sharp rise of cancer cases in the country but ensured a fat wallet for him. Nothing to a man who unashamedly denies his community an opportunity to improve their standards of living through the construction of the Arror and Kimwarer dam that saw the disappearance of over Sh21 billion being downplayed like pocket change. One who cannot, has not and would not even genuinely assist even one hustler to be vaccinated with Sputnik V vaccine. This is Ruto for you, a vision of pocket enrichment and power, not for any Kenyan.