Dead men tell no tales

Dead men tell no tales

It is saddening that a heartless man walks freely in the public domain.

Preaches his doctrines far and wide as he ensures no one and nothing comes in the way of his ambitions. A liar, a thief and a murderer – a man who believes in the art of sacrifices just as it happens in cults.

A self-proclaimed ‘man of God’ who has shed the blood of many innocent victims just because they threatened his existence, they threatened his source of livelihood which is Kenyans’ taxes.

His wealth has grown immensely to the sum of billions but to get here, this man who calls himself a ‘hustler’, has hustled his way through the hearts and souls of innocent victims whose voices will never be heard. The truth and the information they knew concerning Deputy President William Samoei Ruto will never be heard.

Their hearts and souls cry out but only through a deafening silence.

He does not discriminate on who he chooses to eliminate. Whether a friend, a close confidant, a simple employee or an elderly person; there is no qualification but the fact that he feels threatened and exposed by the information these people know. When you fall out with Ruto, you are a target which must be contained or eliminated. Sergeant Kipyegon Kenei requested for a transfer he never got.

Image result for Mr. Anthony Kariuki dead

Image result for Mr. Anthony Kariuki dead

Deputy President William Ruto condoles the family of one of his staff members Antony Kariuki who was killed in a road accident. Photo/Courtesy

Right after the Echesa arms deal was exposed, a Ruto aide was involved in a mysterious accident, one Kelvin Rono. Was it a setup? Someone knows. Why did he have to stop by Weston Hotel before getting home? This may never be known. Enough has been said about Kenei in a well-planned murder that has raised eyebrows.

Dead men tell no tales. Simple Kenyan employees working to earn a living have been victims and will never say their side of the story. A little-known employee was killed at a time when a letter on a planned assassination was trailed back to the Harambee Annex office. A young wife and mother had lost a husband, Mr. Anthony Kariuki who was mysteriously killed on his way back home. As earlier mentioned, another Ruto aide, Kelvin Rono died in a mysterious manner which seemingly appeared as a planned car accident with a Mercedes Benz totally wrecked, right after a stop over at the Weston Hotel. Little can be questioned on it but it is only the victim who knows the genesis of the matter.

Three aides down in a record two years. Employees who knew a little too much or maybe even a lot more. Who knows? The late Administration Police officer was linked to the arms scandal and was to be questioned over the matter, but that was never to happen. Two aides gone immediately after the scandal was revealed and the suspects arrested. They were sacrificed because they were a stumbling block to the scheming and would not hide the information they had.

A few years back and the script has been the same. It is not only those who the DP has worked with but also ‘business associates’ and ‘close friends’. Captain Mario Magonga was a very trusted man being Ruto’s pilot who frequently flew Ruto around the country. This former military soldier died in a mysterious plane crash in Turkana which raised a lot of controversies. He died in 2019 where all five on board the helicopter were killed in an area with unfavourable conditions for flying. The pilot made the attempt to fly at night, but what was the urgency? Being an experienced pilot, he was aware of the dangers he faced especially flying at night. This will as well never be known.

Jacob Juma was a close business associate to the Deputy President and when they fell out, he repeatedly said that his life was in danger. Juma repeatedly mentioned that William Ruto would come for him as he had incriminating information against him. He seemingly knew of his planned elimination.

Jacob Juma was shot in the heart of Nairobi by hitmen who had planned the whole assassination. No standard procedure was followed in securing the crime scene and the vehicle was also towed from the scene with Juma’s body inside. Investigations never revealed anything and that was left to rest.

The truth of the matter is that anyone who appears to be a stumbling block to the Deputy President is well suited for elimination. From Chris Msando whose car was interestingly found by Moses Kuria, a key Ruto ally, to Governor Gakuru who was to be the next Mt Kenya kingpin having been Mwai Kibaki’s prodigy. Victims and witnesses of the ICC have bored the brunt with the killing of John Kituyi, a journalist who was an ICC witness, to the old lady who witnessed the burning down of people at Kiambaa church, ‘Mama’ Elizabeth Wangui.

The souls of the voiceless are crying out for justice. But Ruto is a happy man, for dead men tell no tales.

Who killed this man?

Who killed this man?

He was a friend, a confidant and a highly trusted man to Deputy President William Ruto. He was not just any policeman. He was an aide to the country’s second in command and had unlimited access, both at his workstation at the Harambee Annex office in Nairobi and the DP’s home in Sugoi.

His father Mr. John Chesang knew his son had a promising and bright future and had seen his rapid change since he began working with the Deputy President. As said by his father, Sgt. Kipyegon Kenei was a hardworking man, with great intentions for his young family and his parents. With a one-month old baby and a wedding set for August, Sgt Kenei’s life was looking up!

Little did he or anyone know that his days had been numbered. Somebody somewhere saw him as a threat to their schemes. Being a trusted man within the Office of the Deputy President, the slain officer knew the daily on goings of the office, he knew who went in and who came out.

He was trusted, but apparently not trusted enough to cover up a scandal. Not trusted enough to hide individuals who he knew were engaging in corrupt activities; individuals who wanted to smuggle military arms and surveillance equipment with no involvement of either the Kenya Defence Forces or the government itself.


Inset: Sgt Kipyegon Kenei whose lifeless body was found at his Villa Franca single roomed house.

Kenei was a disciplined Administration Police Officer who knew the ongoings of his place of work and according to sources, he appeared to have knowledge of a lot of information regarding the operations at his work place.

He knew too much but seemed not to be in the ‘inner circle’ within the DP’s office. He was a man to be used but with the heat getting too much to handle for his killers, he became a threat, thus a man qualified for elimination.

As the country watched several CCTV clips that were retrieved from the Harambee Annex Office and some from a neighbouring institution, it was clear that Kenei saw and interacted with Rashid Echesa, the two foreigners and the supposed ‘General Juma’.

He probably questioned their visit but in the ‘mere’ position that he was in, Sgt Kenei took it as work and followed instructions as his work pertains having been already roped in the scandal.

This man of few words only had a few hours left to his death. With a defrauding scheme gone stale, elimination was critical as a cover up and Sgt Kenei was the man in crosshairs.

Staff working at the Deputy President’s office had been summoned to record statements at the DCI’s by detectives from the Serious Crimes Unit and Sgt Kenei, who was in close contact with the defrauding suspects, was one of them.

From the CCTV footage obtained by the DCI, they found it was edited out of some of what was retrieved from the DP Ruto’s office.

The Sergeant planned to show up to record his statement and he even went to an extent of asking his colleagues how the whole process is done. Unfortunately, his killers worked in haste planning the murder with preciseness. They seemed well trained.

Sgt. Kenei’s lifeless body was found at his one roomed house in Villa Franca Estate in Imara Daima with a single gunshot wound, phone records deleted, no blood splatter, and social media handles including Facebook and Twitter deactivated. No gunshot was heard by neighbours.

This became a case of cold-blooded murder with some major cover up but detectives have so managed to retrieve the phone records and are slowly zoning in on the killers.

With everything taking place at the Harambee House Annex and the Deputy President acting like he is unaware of the happenings at his own office regarding the Sh39 billion arms scandal, too many questions have been raised by Kenyans.

This man Kenei was killed to conceal evidence. It could have been anyone; an administrator, a manager, a different security guard or any other support staff caught in the milieu, but this time round it was an Administration Police Officer and a confidant of the Deputy President with exclusive access to the second floor office and facilities.

It is only a matter of time before Kenei’s killers are revealed.

JUST IN: Tanga tanga legislators in a lock up meeting over Echesa fake arms deal

JUST IN: Tanga tanga legislators in a lock up meeting over Echesa fake arms deal

A day after showing a united front on Sunday, now the Tanga tanga legislators have spent the better part of the day holed up in a meeting at Castle Gardens to find ways of mitigating the Echesa crisis which has tarnished Deputy President Ruto’s image.

The legislators led by Gatundu MP Moses Kuria, Kandara MP Alice Wahome, Kigumo’s Ndindi Nyoro, among others, are expected to address the media shortly.

Most probably they will defend DP Ruto on his involvement in the scandal in which his office was used by the scammers led by former Sports CS Rashid Echesa.

More to follow….

Vindu Vichenjanga: Governor Mike Sonko dramatically ejected from the main dais at Kabarak

Vindu Vichenjanga: Governor Mike Sonko dramatically ejected from the main dais at Kabarak

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko was ejected from the main dais at Kabarak as the funeral ceremony for the late President Daniel arap Moi was underway.

Security officers barred him from entering where other leaders were seated.

Image result for SONKO AT KABARAK

Nairobi Governor at Kabarak Photo/Courtesy

Dressed in a black suit and gold-coloured spectacles, Sonko was seen standing on the sidelines for several minutes.

An unidentified man wearing a blue tag then approached him and seemed to be explaining why he would not be allowed in.

Unlike Tuesday when Sonko was allowed to sit at the podium with other leaders at Nyayo Stadium, Wednesday was a different scene altogether.

It was not immediately clear why the officers prevented him from sitting among the leaders.

The swamp must be drained; War against corruption must be won

The swamp must be drained; War against corruption must be won

It never ceases to amaze me, the complexities involved in Kenya’s politics.

Never mind the reality that politics in Kenya is completely intertwined with everyday life, but the deeply rooted belief system where certain individuals acquire almost godlike reverence from their supporters, baffles me. And when the reaction is hate, it is a total hatred that can spark off a civil war, if not carefully managed by brink men masterminds who litter either side of the political divide.

But what intrigues me most about politics in Kenya is the behind the scenes wars fought from one election cycle to the next.

There are almost always two forces behind these wars: sustaining corruption networks and selecting a winning candidate for the next election.

In Kenya, like most nations around the world, diversionary tactics are used to distract the collective national attention from a serious issue.

Right now there is a serious effort mounted by President Kenyatta to develop the regions while combating historic corruption. Many casual observers say that this campaign against corruption is widening a rift between the President and his Deputy, William Ruto, who has been adversely mentioned in several newspapers and tabloids as a corruption czar.

However, this ongoing push by Kenyatta is likely to see many of the old guard involved in corruption exposed or out in the cold by the time the next elections come around. So they have begun election-mongering early and by doing so, united themselves against the President on just about every issue.

A few years ago, the expression ‘kutanga tanga’ was introduced to political speak by President Kenyatta.

It was a coded reference to DP William Ruto who was at the time touring the country in a campaign mood. The word itself means to aimlessly wander about and it displayed perfectly that while the President was focusing on development (he was issuing title deeds to disenfranchised local residents at the time), other politicians were focusing on the wrong agenda for the time since the next election is 4 years off.

Image result for draining the swamp kenya politics"

Legislators affiliated to Tangatanga faction of Jubilee Photo/Courtesy

So what do the Tanga tanga politicians really want?

The first aim is to discredit President Kenyatta in his own Mt. Kenya backyard. It is no secret in Kenya that the region overwhelmingly supports the President and any open opposition to him could be politically suicidal for anyone in the region. The main thrust of this plan is to blame the President for the apparent lack of development in the region. Like any other pedestrian observer, I was shocked to be told that the area is barely developed. But yesterday afternoon, I sat with a friend of mine, Wairuri wa Mwaniki, who shed some light on this propaganda.

Ever since Kenyatta took office, Mt. Kenya region has received over Ksh. 174 Billion earmarked for development projects. These include roads, dams, irrigation, electricity connection, hospitals and schools. The region is more developed than Western Kenya and the North Eastern region combined. Kiambu County alone has more kilometers of tarmacked roads (1,385) than the entirety of Kakamega, Bungoma and Vihiga combined (700 for all Western Kenya Counties). There are 1,145 primary schools in Kiambu to 289 primary schools in the entire North Eastern region. There are more hospitals in Central Kenya than you can find in the Rift Valley region.

Deputy President William Ruto and former Kiambu governor Ferdinand Waititu during Waititu's daughter wedding in Kiambu in July 2019

Deputy President William Ruto and former Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu during Waititu’s daughter’s wedding in Kiambu in July 2019 Photo/Courtesy

So it is not that the region is not developed. Central Kenya is so grossly over-developed compared to the rest of Kenya that an examination of the facts and figures makes you appreciate the conscious effort made by President Kenyatta to fast-track development of the rest of the country.

This is just a symptom of a silent war. This war is being waged not in the Kenyan Parliament where it can be muted easily by fact, but in Tanga tanga territory; public rallies, funerals and fund raisers. The speakers at these events are familiar faces including Moses Kuria and Kimani Ngunjiri. They will almost always be in the company of DP William Ruto and the bossom topic will be, the 2022 election (the distraction) and the launch of a mundane project which will scarcely be remembered by the press in a week’s time.

A cursory glance of the headlines reveals that these MPs have launched 68 ‘development projects’ in 2018, all of which have vanished into thin air at the time of writing this.

The projects of course are a smoke screen. It is common knowledge that William Ruto will be a tough sell to Central Kenya but it is also calculated that by securing him as a president, those who will have aided his rise will be allowed special favors in the new administration.

More often than not, these new favors are linked to protecting corruption empires which have been under the spot light, thanks to President Kenyatta’s war on corruption.

Image result for war on corruption kenya"

Kenyans are not the political ignoramuses of a decade ago where anything said by a local mheshimiwa was gospel truth. A majority of Kenyans actually know that the push for local development comes from local leadership and the devolved government system.

The real ‘washenzi’ are the leaders who politick without a development track record and are like a guardian, protecting the corrupt.

While an unoccupied minority screams on social media, it would be a good time to keep your eyes on the bigger picture. Kenyan drug dealers have fingered the judiciary as complicit in the drug trade in Africa; mega-corruption cases are working their way through the court system (and threaten to take down some well-connected politicians, some of whom are Tanga tanga members). One Governor has already been impeached and two others are in the out-tray.

Conspiracy is taking shape to cripple investigations carried out by the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions on these Governors’ cases.

Legislators allied to Ruto’s Tanga tanga faction are hell bent to protect the corrupt lawmakers with threats to impeach the President, a task which is equivalent to an exercise in futility.

The swamp must be drained

Blow to Ruto as Kikuyu Council of Elders recant any past deal; no debt to be paid

Blow to Ruto as Kikuyu Council of Elders recant any past deal; no debt to be paid

The question on whether Mt. Kenya region will drum up support for DP William Ruto’s 2022 candidature now hangs in the balance after the Kikuyu Council of Elders called off the deal with the Kalenjin Community.

The council declared total support for the handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga saying it has brought tangible benefits and peace to millions of Kenyans, as well as, reduced ethnic tensions.

The Council’s national chairman, Wachira Kiago, stated that there is no debt to be paid as anyone can lead the country.

Wachira stated that the issue of Ruto’s candidature had destabilised the community through the division of leaders either allied to Tanga tanga or Kieleweke squad.

“We have no deal with Ruto or the Kalenjin Community or his lieutenants. The issue of 2022 must be closed. If we talk of a political debt, everyone can claim it from us (Kikuyu). Kalonzo, Raila, Mudavadi among others, have supported us before and they don’t claim. Why is it that the DP is claiming?” Wachira posed.

The Kalenjin community had earlier asked the Kikuyu elders to clarify their stance and not disown them.

Image result for kimani ngunjiri in sugoi"

Deputy President William Ruto addresses a meeting with Kikuyu leaders from the Rift Valley in Sugoi, Uasin Gishu County on December 19, 2019.

Wachira claims that Bahati MP Kimani Ngunjiri, a close ally of the DP, has been pushing the agenda of paying the debt. Recently, the MP allegedly took about 4,000 members of Kiama Kiama to Ruto’s residence and chatted on how to broker Ruto’s entry into the Mt. Kenya region.

MP Kimani Ngunjiri (Chairman of Kikuyu Community in Rift Valley) and his vice-chair, Joseph Wainaina, are accused of running away with Ksh8  million to reimburse transport costs for the over 4,000 Kikuyu leaders who attended the meeting about fostering peace.

However, several leaders alleged that less than Ksh1 million was shared and the organizers disappeared with the rest. An attempt to reach the MP were futile as he neither picked our calls nor replied to messages by the time of publishing the story.

The anti-Ruto sentiment in the Mt. Kenya region has gained momentum since Uhuru shook hands and signed a unity pact with Odinga on March 9.

Wachira states that the truce is credited with returning calm to the country as the Kikuyu community in Nyanza and other regions are living a peaceful life.

The handshake has received lukewarm support from Ruto’s inner circle with MPs allied to the DP, among them Kimani Ichung’wa (Kikuyu), Kimani Ngunjiri (Bahati), Ndindi Nyoro (Kiharu), Rigathi Gachagwa (Mathira) and Alice Wahome (Kandara), claiming that it has complicated Ruto’s political arithmetic.

Wachira Kiago has, therefore, warned Central Kenya politicians against disrespecting Uhuru and dividing the community while pushing for their interests.

He added that the Head of State should come out and visit the people, noting that this would help to heal and give hope to those who seem forsaken.

“We are planning to summon MPs who are causing tension in the community. Also, we have reached out to the President and we are looking forward to meeting him to discuss how we can end the stalemate, but he must be respected,” he notes.

Former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo has also called on the leaders to stick together and spread peace.

Image result for kikuyu elders in sugoi"

Bahati MP Kimani Ngunjiri led a kikuyu delegation to Sugoi

“Let’s focus on the big agenda of the community rather than individual interest. This is the time to work for the community but not 2022,” Kabogo said.

He noted the Central region is filled with hatred and bitterness towards one another, and most of the time, this is being used to insult each other online instead of unifying the community.

He regrets that Mt. Kenya area was the only part of the country that was left in a campaign mode after the disputed 2017 general elections.

“All other communities are silent and probably concentrating on development, but in Mt. Kenya region, we are busy fighting one another. Let’s all come together and serve our people, let’s make use of our numbers,” he urged.

Controversial artiste and former Chairman of defunct Jubilee reloaded lobby group, Kamande Kioi, also urged politicians in the region to stop rhetoric politics.

Image may contain: 5 people, crowd, sky and outdoor

The de facto Kikuyu Council of Elders in Nyahururu for annual prayers Photo/Courtesy

Kamande states that the community will negotiate with all presidential candidates and support whoever will give them the best deal when the right time comes.

“We as Kikuyu elders, we are calling for unity, and those propagating divisive politics should stop it. Continued 2022 politics will harm the economy as well as spurring conflict. Leaders should be preaching peace and unity to the population,” an agitated Kamande said.

He adds that Kieleweke and Tanga tanga groups from the region should now be busy talking about roads that need repairing, coffee [sector] that needs to be fixed, the tea sector that should be managed and the dairy industry and horticulture which have been mismanaged.

“Ruto should not talk of another 10 years, the pact with Uhuru will expire 2022 and should, therefore, prepare to exit with the Uhuru administration or else he campaigns without tagging Kikuyu community,” he states.

He further stated that the campaigns have hindered smooth service delivery to the citizens, negatively impacting the national development agenda.

The deputy president has on several occasions made it clear that no individual or community owes anyone, including him, any political debt.

However, to achieve his dream, the DP must overcome the herculean task of consolidating the votes and backing of two regions that would all but catapult him to the presidency.