UNBELIEVABLE: Who bought it? A banana stuck on a wall sold for Sh10.2M

UNBELIEVABLE: Who bought it? A banana stuck on a wall sold for Sh10.2M

A New York performance artist on Saturday swallowed the celebrated banana duct-taped to a gallery wall at Art Basel Miami Beach, which had just sold to a collector for 120,000 U.S. dollars.

The banana art piece, “Comedian,” is the work of Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan. It was displayed at the museum on Friday.

Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan created the banana duct-taped to a wall art piece that sold for $120,000. (Reuters, File)

Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan created the banana duct-taped to a wall art piece that sold for $120,000. (Reuters, File)

The performance artist David Datuna ate the banana at around 1:45 p.m. in front of art lovers, according to gallery representatives.

A report from the Herald said that his behavior triggered some noises as one visitor shouted: “You’re not supposed to touch the art!” Datuna slipped away before the gallery reported the incident to security, the newspaper reported.

“He did not destroy the art work. The banana is the idea,” said Lucien Terras, director of museum relations for Galerie Perrotin.

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New York performance artist David Datuna who ate the banana. /Screenshot of Instagram

In an interview with The Post, Datuna explained that he was doing an art performance called “Hungry Artist.”

“Maurizio Cattelan, I love him. One artist eats another artist. It’s fun,” the report quoted him as saying.

It’s reported that the gallery re-taped a new banana to the wall after 2 p.m. the same day.

Cattelan actually made three editions of the banana piece. Two, including the one eaten by Datuna, were sold to two French buyers. The third one, according to art market website Artnet, has already been priced at 150,000 U.S. dollars.

Cattelan said this project took him about a year, as he explored with different materials like bronze and resin for the banana. “In the end, one day I woke up and I said, ‘The banana is supposed to be a banana,'” Cattelan told Artnet.

HILARIOUS: Pastor’s wife advises married Couples to have sex everywhere to save their marriages- video

HILARIOUS: Pastor’s wife advises married Couples to have sex everywhere to save their marriages- video

It has been weeks full of sad news, dull economic times, political theatrics and now the floods. However, Kenyans especially netizens,  have always found ways to lighten the moods.

A female pastor who is also a pastor’s wife in Deliverance Church of Kenya has excited Kenyans after her sermon in regards to sex in marriage went viral.

In the sermon titled ‘Godly woman Godly marriage,’ the pastor advises married couples to spice things up in their sex life in order to kill boredom and to save their marriages.

The pastor insists that sex is a very important aspect of every marriage and revealed that it is indeed a unique game that was designed by God.


“Sex is the only game that God created, all the others are man-made,” she said

Unlike other games like football and volleyball, the pastor believes that sex is one of the games that the married can engage in at any time and almost everywhere.

“Game ya God inastahili kufanywa wakati wowote. Kama kuna kitu inatufanya tuwe kitu kimoja na pastor ni sex. Us we can have sex anywhere garini twa twa kitchen twa twa… everywhere!!” she added

Her sermon has sparked mixed reactions from Kenyans who are now curious to know where her church is located so that they may join her fellowship services.

Here is the video;

FAKE NEWS: CMB Prezzo refutes claims that he was hospitalized after being gang-raped

FAKE NEWS: CMB Prezzo refutes claims that he was hospitalized after being gang-raped

Kenyan rapper Jackson Makini, alias CMB Prezzo, has refuted reports published in a section of Ugandan and Tanzanian media that he is receiving treatment at the Karen Hospital after he was recently sexually assaulted by three women in Nairobi.

The reports first appeared on Uganda’s gossip tabloid xclusive.co.ug on Tuesday evening and carried afresh on Tanzania’s The Citizen on Wednesday, November 13.

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Prezzo in Karen with Wiper leadership after being picked as Wiper’s candidate for just concluded Kibra by-election PHOTO/COURTESY

The Citizen says the Mafans rapper, 39, was injected with an overdose of cocaine and Viagra before being sexually abused by three youthful women.

The publication cited “sources” as saying that the women, identified as Ruth, Vivian and Patricia, were arrested, and are being detained at Karen Police Station in Nairobi.

But in an exclusive interview with K24 Digital on Wednesday afternoon, CMB Prezzo vehemently denied the reports.

“I do not know where the false allegations have come from. I am well, and currently at home. From my tone in this call, you can tell on your end that everything is okay with me. (Laughs). I will ensure I dig deep into these claims so that I find out who started peddling the falsehoods. Sections of the media in East Africa have been bent on tarnishing my name since 2004. It is time I take action against them,” he said.

Why would someone wish him this horrible act? Or could it be he is paying for the ‘Fake news’ to remain relevant after his botched Wiper’s candidature for just concluded Kibra by-elections? Lets wait and see.

INTERESTING: Catholic Church investigating two nuns who returned pregnant after missionary trip to Africa

INTERESTING: Catholic Church investigating two nuns who returned pregnant after missionary trip to Africa

In an incident that has been quite the embarrassment for the Catholic Church, two nuns have reportedly returned from a charity trip to Africa with a surprise — they were both pregnant.

Details of the story are still vague and unconfirmed, and it looks like the Church is determined to get to the bottom of the incident, as it has launched an internal investigation to determine what has happened.

Catholic Nuns are primarily associated with chastity, and failing to maintain that image has historically always been treated as a significant problem for the organization.

A source in Rome revealed: “There is consternation at this news. It appears that both women were back in their home nations and obviously had some form of sexual encounter.”

Salvatore Riotta, the mayor of Militello, where one of the two women is based, stated: “An investigation has been launched. They both breached strict rules of chastity, but the welfare of their children is uppermost.”

At the same time, some have pointed out that the Church should be careful with its investigation — an incident like this could potentially turn into something even more damaging if the story was followed further.

At this point, though, it does seem like a reasonable response from an organization that is determined to protect its image.

The nuns themselves have not provided any comments on the situation, though hardly anyone expected that in the first place.

Reports also indicate that the two nuns have been facing serious pressure to leave the Church altogether.

This has not been confirmed officially yet, though it is well known that the Catholic Church can take some rather heavy-handed approaches to internal problems in its ranks. With that in mind, not many seem to doubt these claims.

Pope Francis has, in the past, addressed the problem of sexual abuse that some nuns have faced in the Church.

When priests impregnate nuns, they are forced to resign and have to raise the children on their own.

Lucetta Scaraffia, the editor of Women Church World, explained: “It’s very hard for a nun to report she has been raped by a priest because of the mindset that, in sex, women can always say no.”

The two women belonged to different orders in Sicily, Italy, and Africa is their home continent.

STRANGE: A landlord wows tenants with voluntary rent cut

STRANGE: A landlord wows tenants with voluntary rent cut

A landlord has warmed hearts after sending a memo informing his tenants of an imminent rent cut.

The letter dated 17th October 2019 surfaced online with the landlord, Mr Simon Ngugi relaying the “good news” to the tenants who are presumably renting business spaces.

“We thank you for being our valued customer over the period. We have noticed a serious business fall in recent months…” read the letter in part.

This is perhaps one of the kindest gestures by any business owner in Kenya who often hike prices in order to stay afloat in uncertain economic times.

Ngugi would further make a 20 per cent reduction in the rent, chucking out a whole Sh2,000 from the original Sh10,000 rent.

“Your new rent from 1st November 2019 is Sh8,000 down from Sh10,000. We advise that you continue paying your rent on time as agreed,” concluded the letter.

Our attempts to reach the phone number captured on the letter doing rounds in Social media were unsuccessful.

As a result, we could not independently verify whether the contents of the letter or its author were authentic.

This comes just a day after Central Bank of Kenya Governor Patrick Njoroge questioned President Kenyatta’s economic policy which prioritizes infrastructural development.

“It’s true the number of goods produced sold in the country rose. The only problem is that Kenyans can’t eat the numbers,” Njoroge noted during the launch of IMF regional outlook report in Nairobi.

DRAMA: Gladys Boss Shollei chases promiscuous husband from matrimonial home

DRAMA: Gladys Boss Shollei chases promiscuous husband from matrimonial home

In September 20, 2012, Sam Kruschev Shollei joined Standard Group as Chief Executive Officer. In the first month as CEO, Shollei visited all the Standard Group Bureaus and surprised many when his first move as head of the giant media house was not even meeting journalists, but transferring from Eldoret a petite young beautiful kuku kienyeji girl, Faith Rono.

Sam Shollei

Sam Kruschev Shollei Photo/Courtesy

Ms. Rono was a correspondent at the bureau but was quickly moved to the Head Office, Mombasa Road, given a permanent and pensionable job and moved to the prestigious weekend desk. Senior editors says that that was the first time Shollei had a fight with editorial director Chaacha Mwita.


Mwita was the head of editorial, and he wondered how the CEO can pick a journalist from the bureau, promote her, and fix her in the weekend desk, without even consulting Mwita. Mwita immediately pulled the girl from the weekend desk and took her to the daily desk because the best place to train journalist, is the daily desk.

“Weekends are usually for veteran journalists who can do indepth stories,” says a Senior editor at the Standard.

But more drama was to unfold at Standard under the tutelage of Shollei. Women he was sleeping with could not be touched at KTN and the then head of KTN, Jose Ageyo gave them a wide berth.


Gladys Shollei at her dairy farm in Uasin Gishu County. PHOTO/COURTESY

In the Standard, editors like Kipkoech Tanui and John Bundotich avoided women from the CEO’s realm, like a married man avoids syphilis. He was soon known in the newsroom as the Russian Bull, (from his middle name Kruschev). Like a bull in a China Shop, Shollei was soon ‘smashing’ women across The Standard and KTN newsrooms.

He tried all the news anchors, a few who refused but many gladly opened their thighs. From the screen, he got into the commercial and marketing departments where like Mobutu Sese Seko, he was a cock that left no hen untouched.


The former head of marketing was untouchable in the organization since everyone knew she had a thing going on with the CEO. A man with many varied tastes, Shollei chewed thin women in procurement, fat women in marketing, shallow women in television department and had several ‘indepth’ meetings with bright women in editorial department.

tandard Group Women Network President Queenter Mbori-Saina (left), and Public Relations and Events chair Faith Rono (right) present a gift to Devolution CS Margaret Kobia. PHOTO/COURTESY


But as much as many women at Standard Group were warming his bed, Shollei’s love had always been Faith Rono. This was evident when he took a Sacco loan of KSh900,000 so that he could buy Rono a red Toyota Belta car. He drunkenly explained to some of the company executives who used to drink with him that his wife, then Judiciary registrar, Gladys Jepkosgei-Boss Shollei kept a keen eye on their finances so he has to take a loan to buy his girlfriend a car.

A few deals later, he bought her a Chevrolet and then a Ford.

A heavy drinker, it was astounding that Shollei could keep up the marathon of sex with several women in the company but in his own house, things were different. He wasn’t marking the register of conjugal rights. His wife Gladys, the former registrar of the judiciary was growing restless and soon sought comfort in the hands of a Kisii farmer who soon started ploughing her field, clearing weeds and bushes.

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Gladys Shollei during Inua Mama Initiative forum in Nyandarua County Photo/courtesy

Being a CEO of a media house, the matter was quickly swept under the carpet. Shollei was fired from Standard in September 2017 and quickly got a job in a place he loved better than he loved the bar, Keroche Breweries. He could now be at liberty to drink from the source. As his wife won the Uasin Gishu women representative post, Shollei was also kicked out of Keroche and now it was madam’s turn to bring home the bacon.

It’s been less than a year since Shollei lost his source of income, and his wife, Gladdy Boss Shollei has shown she is a real Boss, and seems to have forgotten her pre-election pledges to her dear husband, maybe punishing him for disrupting her by shooting her lover as she was about to climax two years ago.

She has kicked him out of the matrimonial Kitisuru home.

The man is now spending his days living in hotels, or crashing in Faith Rono’s house.

All women who Shollei left a big hole in their hearts and other parts of their bodies are all now shunning him, he has nowhere to go.

Good thing for Faith Rono, before Shollei left, he had so much Faith in Rono that he promoted her to the be group Corporate Affairs Manager earning a salary of excess of 350,000