BREAKING: Breakthrough in Kiambu murder mystery probe after police arrest couple son

BREAKING: Breakthrough in Kiambu murder mystery probe after police arrest couple son

A son to a couple who was killed in cold blood together with three others in the Karura area, Kiambu county was on Friday arrested as a suspect in the incident.

Police said they arrested the son identified as Lawrence Waruinge after he went missing since Tuesday when his parents, two brothers, and a worker were brutally murdered at their home.

Lawrence, a university student in the city, was initially thought to have gone to school but it was established he was not there.

His mobile phone signal was traced to Naivasha and it is not clear how and why.

It was later traced to Thika and later to the Kabete area.

Police said the suspect went to a relative’s home in Ngongoro area to seek refuge there before they were alerted Friday night.

And when he was arrested, he told police his parents were “satanic and cruel” to him.

He had in December 2020 gone to a chief’s office in their home and claimed his parents wanted to bewitch him.

According to police, his mother who is also dead came and picked him saying he had mental issues.

“The matter was never recorded because the mother came for him saying he was unwell,” said an officer aware of the probe.

It is believed at least five people were involved in the murder of Nicholas Njoroge Waruinge, his wife Annie, sons Christian and Maxwell and a construction worker James Kinyanjui.

Their badly mutilated bodies were found in their Kiambaa home on Tuesday and Wednesday.

It is believed a dispute over property was the motive of the murder.

According to the investigators, the absence of any form of forced entry or exit in the razor wire that surrounds the compound shows the killers were well known to the family.

It is believed that they made their way into the house through the rear door, where they found Annie, the wife of slain businessman and USA based nurse Waruinge, and hacked her to death before slitting her throat.

The commotion in the kitchen drew the attention of the second victim, Maxwell Njenga, Waruinge’s 13-year-old nephew, who was confronted along the corridor and cut in the head and throat.

Christian Njenga who detectives say was killed and his throat slit on his bed had just turned 13 on December 26, 2020.

Police believe Waruinge was in the master bedroom upstairs at the time of the attack.

He rushed to the balcony on sensing danger and jumped down were the killers caught up with him and stabbed him several times and left him for the dead.

He has 34 stab wounds and a slit throat.

The bodies were moved to the mortuary where a post-mortem is expected Monday.

Nothing was stolen from the compound during the incident.

Kiambu police boss Ali Nuno said they will also revisit past unsolved murder incidents that happened in the family and are probably related to the latest murder.

“The killers seem to have been on an elimination mission. Some of the victims may have been subdued to a level they could not raise alarm for help,” said Nuno.

Tuesday’s incident was the fifth in the family according to Nuno.

He said the first victim was killed in 2016 when one Allan Waruinge, a brother to Njoroge was a victim twice.

He was shot for the first time and confined to a wheelchair before his assailants pursued him later.

“There has been an incident which involved Alan Njire Waruinge in 2016 who was a victim after being shot twice after being confined in a wheelchair. And there was Kenneth Mungai Waruinge who was assassinated alongside with his niece thereafter.”

“Kinyanjui Kamau, a family member was also killed in unclear circumstances,” said Nuno.

He said these incidents point to something wrong in the family or an interested party.

The first victim to be found dead at the scene was Kinyanjui, who had been brought to the site for construction by Njoroge’s brother-in-law to construct a house.

Waruinge had arrived in Kenya from the USA where he worked as a nurse for the Christmas holidays about 11 days ago.

His two elder daughters survived the cold blood murder because they had the previous day gone to school. Neighbors said they are in secondary school.

Annie who worked with Kiambu County Government as a psychologist nurse and two of their children were found murdered and the bodies lying in the compound.

PUZZLING! Youthful Man dies mysteriously during sex in Dandora leaving Nairobi woman devastated

PUZZLING! Youthful Man dies mysteriously during sex in Dandora leaving Nairobi woman devastated

Police in Nairobi are investigating circumstances under which a 35-year-old man died while having sex with his girlfriend in Dandora on Wednesday night.

Joyce Wairimu Wangare told police that her boyfriend who works at Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) theater department allegedly died during the act.

When police visited the house located in Dandora phase two, they found an assortment of drugs and a medical report summary.

His body was taken to the city mortuary for a postmortem examination.

The latest incident comes just days after a 59-year-old man from Migori died after allegedly taking sexual enhancement drugs.

The man had reportedly booked a hotel room as he waited for her to finish her meal but passed on after his date changed her mind on having sexual intercourse with him at the eleventh hour.

As per a police statement, the lady suddenly developed her monthly period and joined him in the room but only to inform him she was in her menses and could not ‘help him out’.

TRAGEDY: Family of five die in suspected carbon monoxide poisoning in Githurai

TRAGEDY: Family of five die in suspected carbon monoxide poisoning in Githurai

A family of five has been found dead in their house in Githurai, Nairobi County.

Police said that they suspect the couple and their three children died from carbon monoxide poisoning from their charcoal jiko.

In a police report filed at Githurai, Kimbo Police Station, the family’s neighbours checked on the family after they noticed none of the family members had come out of their house since morning.

“At around 2200 hours they decided to check on them since the door was not locked with a padlock. Upon opening the door, they discovered five bodies lying lifeless,” the statement read in part.

At the scene, police said that they found the five family members lying in the single rental room with a charcoal jiko and a sufuria full of boiled green maize.

They were identified as Jacob Karumba 32, who was also the caretaker of the building, his wife 30-year-old wife Doris, and their three children.

The oldest child is a girl aged eight-years-old, a son aged six-years-old and an infant aged 3 months.

“It is suspected that the family died from suffocation from the charcoal jiko that was found in the house,” the statement read in part.

Their bodies were taken to City Mortuary.

BREAKING NEWS: Nyamira governor John Obiero Nyagarama is dead

BREAKING NEWS: Nyamira governor John Obiero Nyagarama is dead

Nyamira Governor John Nyagarama dies at Nairobi Hospital in a suspected case of COVID19.

The Governor died while undergoing treatment at the Nairobi Hospital, where he had been admitted for the past three weeks.

This comes barely two years after the governor lost his son. Ndemo Nyagarama, one of Nyangarama’s sons breathed his last at Nairobi Hospital after battling acute meningitis. For weeks, the soft-spoken son of the second term ODM governor fought for his life at the ICU according to family sources.

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Machakos Senator Boniface Kabaka dies in hospital

Machakos Senator Boniface Kabaka dies in hospital

Machakos Senator Boniface Mutinda Kabaka has died, his family confirmed Friday, days after he was hospitalised after collapsing at a restaurant in Nairobi.

Senator Kabaka was on December 4 rushed from Dee3 Hotel in Kilimani to Nairobi Hospital, where he was placed under intensive care.

He also underwent a surgery as police launched an investigation into a suspected attempted murder.

The accused was Ms Esther Nthenya Muli, who was with the lawmaker at the establishment when he collapsed.

Ms Muli, a secondary school teacher from Wote town, was released from police custody on Tuesday.

No charges were preferred against her.

Leaders’ messages
In a condolence message via Twitter, Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua said the senator died “due to the effects of a stroke arising from a blood clot that has been bothering him for a while”.

Governor Mutua eulogised Senator Kabaka as an astute lawyer and legislator.

“Before he became senator, he had served as my government’s legal counsel. He was a lively man with strong dedication for improvement of the welfare of the people of Machakos and Kenya. This is a big blow to us,” he said.

Chama Cha Uzalendo, whose Secretary-General is Sadjah Philippe, said Senator Kabaka will be remembered as a great man due to his work and achievements.

“His demeanor, competitive style and skill were only surpassed by his incredible positive influence and zest for life, off the political arena,” the party official said.

“He did a lot in the community and was dedicated to our party, [upholding] our constitution, principles and positions on both national and county issues.”

State House Chief Of Staff, Nzioka Waita, tweeted, “Very saddened by news of the death of Senator Kabaka. I join residents of Machakos County in passing my sincere condolences to the family … for the loss of a committed leader, jovial individual and patriot.”

Narrow escape: Light aircraft crash-lands on Isiolo- Meru Highway

Narrow escape: Light aircraft crash-lands on Isiolo- Meru Highway

Two people have narrowly escaped death after a light aircraft they were in crashed at Maili Nane along the Isiolo-Meru road.

The plane was trying to land on the tarmac following a mechanical failure.

Eyewitnesses said that the aircraft crashed as the pilot was trying to avoid an oncoming lorry and motorbike.

The two occupants are employees of Lewa Conservancy and were from Isiolo headed to Nanyuki.

Buuri Sub-County Police Commander Joseph Asugo confirmed the incident but declined to give further details saying investigations are still ongoing.

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