Offensive content!Ezekiel Mutua calls for action on video song which glorifies femicide

Offensive content!Ezekiel Mutua calls for action on video song which glorifies femicide

Kenya Film Classification Board C.E.O Ezekiel Mutua has asked the DCI to arrest singers, producers behind an incitement song dubbed “Pigwa Shoka “music video.

The song under Sheddy Empire production glorifies femicide and amounts to incitement to violence against women.

@InfoKfcb is inundated with calls for action on the online distribution of a song titled “Pigwa Shoka” by Sheddy Empire which glorifies femicide and amounts to incitement to violence against women.

— Dr. Ezekiel Mutua, MBS (@EzekielMutua) May 5, 2019

We alerted @Google, which owns @YouTube who committed to take action through their “Trusted Flaggers” office in Kenya. We are saddened by the delay, global platforms take long on such decisions as the global community policy standards differ from one jurisdiction to another.

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Sheddy Empire. FILE

However, unless their local trusted flaggers do not understand Kiswahili, this content is unpalatable and cannot be allowed in any civilised society. Such content should be blocked from circulation and the culprits arrested.

We are following up to ensure that there is heightened surveillance on this kind of content. We have also alerted @DCI_Kenya to find the creators and producers of such content and ensure that they face the law. @InfoKfcb.

In most cases, it’s unscrupulous producers who are capitalizing on such controversy to make money. The young fellows doing this kind of content are seeking cheap publicity. @InfoKfcb.

Going forward, we will be ruthless on the producers of such content and DJs who give traction to such unacceptable content. We urge the @DCI_Kenya and @PoliceKE to crack down on these hoodlums and urgently bring them to book. @InfoKfcb.

Our examination and classification department will be operational 24/7 to give guidance on the classifiable elements of such content. We appeal to the members of the public not to dignify such unacceptable content by circulating it on @WhatsApp groups. @InfoKfcb

Sign language Interpreter becomes Star of Devolution Conference after she captured President Uhuru’s emotions on war on graft- Video

Sign language Interpreter becomes Star of Devolution Conference after she captured President Uhuru’s emotions on war on graft- Video

On Tuesday, sign language interpreter Youla Nzale impressed Kenyans who watched President Uhuru Kenyatta at the Devolution Conference in Kirinyaga County.

Ordinarily, Kenyans watch the sign language interpreter at the bottom right hand end of the screen. But with Nzale, who took social media by storm, her impressive performance was too big to be contained in the small box at the bottom right hand corner.

A sign language interpreter should help the deaf or hearing-impaired individuals understand what is being said in a variety of situations. They must understand the subject matter to accurately translate what is being spoken into sign language. Nzale did not disappoint.

nzale with Uhuru.jpg

Sign language interpreter Youla Nzale at 6th Devolution Conference

For Kenyans who are irked by the daily media reports of funds embezzlement and misappropriation, Nzale seemed to have mastered the art of interpreting for the hard on hearing, as well as expressing what all Kenyans are grappling with.

She twisted her lips, raised her shoulders, bugged out her eyes and furrowed her face, all in a bid to interpret Uhuru’s frustration in the fight against corruption. Fists, palms and fingers, all worked in unison as Nzale interpreted Uhuru’s speech. Her eyes were wide open when she signalled “I believe”, signaling hope that the war on corruption can be won. Nzale’s index fingers were pointed when she signalled, “Are we in agreement? Okay?”

Nzale looked skeptically when the President said, “Where is the problem? What are you afraid of? Walk to the DCI and report your findings.”

Her facial expression matched the tough-talking Uhuru who said those who believe he has stolen public funds should head to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations, not issue threats at funerals.

Nzale was described on Twitter as the sign language interpreter who outshone Uhuru at the Devolution conference.

Twitter user Elijah Kimulwo said, “The sign language lady in red is very impressive, [I] like her body language, she looked more irritated than the President.”

The Kenyan Sign Language is used by more than half of Kenya’s estimated 600,000 deaf population.

South Sudan Government Bars Singer Akothee from Performing

South Sudan Government Bars Singer Akothee from Performing

Kenyan controversial singer Esther Akoth, popularly known as Akothee, has faced another hurdle in her career after an international music tour was cancelled.

According to reports, South Sudan pulled the plug on the singer’s scheduled performance based on her moral standing.

According to reports by the young nation’s media outlets, Akothee approached the South Sudan Embassy asking to hold her tour in the country but after deliberations, they decided that she was not fit to perform.

Her request was allegedly well received by the embassy at first but after it was forwarded to the relevant ministry in the country, Dr Nadia and Makuei Lueth concluded that her moral standing was ‘She is a bad influence and lacks self-respect. I watched her performances on YouTube and with the way she immorally behaves on stage, I conclude she is not the right musician to entertain our youth,” the outlet quoted Dr Nadia.

According to Lueth, the musician would still be welcome in the conflicted country but only as a tourist and not a performer based on her history of arrogance and online wars.

‘I don’t want my kids and relatives to watch a woman spreading her legs while in pants almost exposing her genitals in the name of entertainment. That would be an erotic behaviour for them to copy’, revealed Lueth.

The outspoken singer has been on the receiving end from angry Kenyans in the past several days after raunchy photos of her emerged on the internet.

During the Abebo Music Festival, the musician showed up in a white body fitting costume and her stage theatrics left tongues wagging.

What, however, shocked the most was the fact that her parents were present during the controversial performance.

State agency to sue Diamond with treason if he performs in Kenya

State agency to sue Diamond with treason if he performs in Kenya

Tanzanian music regulatory board Basata has threatened to sue musician Diamond Platnumz with treason if he performs at his Wasafi Festival set for Nairobi on New Year eve.

The threat comes after Basata had slapped an indefinite ban on Diamond and his Wasafi Records colleague Rayvanny from performing in or outside Tanzania after they disregarded its ban on their ‘dirty’ song ‘Mwanza’.

Diamond is scheduled to have three shows in Kenya on New Year’s Eve in Embu, Mombasa and Nairobi.

According to one of his manager Babu Tale, despite the ban by Basata, all the Kenyan shows will proceed as planned.

“The concerts will go on as planned. To be Specific all of them,” Babu Tale was quoted.

But in a quick rejoinder, Basata acting chief executive Onesmo Kayanda has stated such a move will amount to treason.

“Sisi Basata we are the substitute of the government. Kama akiamua hivyo (perform in Kenya), hii kanuni ya Basata huwa inakuwa ni substitute ya sheria za nchi na akiikaidi lile suala linakuwa la kijinai.

“Likishakuwa la kijinai linakwendwa kwa Mwanasheria Mkuu wa serikali sisi tunawakabidhi mahakamani. Kwa hiyo mtu akikuika kanuni zetu za Basata, amevuka na kwenda kwenye ishu ya kijinai” Kayanda noted.

Kayanda also pointed out that Diamond is yet to pay the KSh400,000 (Tsh9 milion) fine imposed on him following the ban of ‘Mwanza’ song which he collaborated with Rayvanny.

He also dared Diamond to make good his threats to relocate from Tanzania if he feels Basata regulations are too much to handle.

Change Your Mind Change Your Luck

Change Your Mind Change Your Luck

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Unreal moments of the familiar cities

Unreal moments of the familiar cities

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