It has now emerged that the late Robert Mugabe left behind a lot of wealth but no will.

A report from VOA revealed that the late Mugabe left Ksh.1.2 billion in cash, 10 cars, a farm and several homes.

According to the State-owned Herald newspaper, Mugabe’s daughter Bona had registered the estate with the High Court on behalf of the family.

One of the properties is the palatial home known as Blue Roof in an upmarket suburb where Mugabe lived.


The Mugabes bought a £4million villa (pictured) in Hong Kong in 2008, just as his reign appeared under threat in a controversial election

The Mugabes bought a £4million villa (pictured) in Hong Kong in 2008, just as his reign appeared under threat in a controversial election Photo/Courtesy

The list does not include several farms that he reportedly owned or a dairy business he ran with his wife Grace, or any property outside Zimbabwe.

Mugabe’s lawyer, Terrence Hussein, told Reuters that the Master of the High Court would this week appoint an executor to compile Mugabe’s assets and liabilities.

The Herald said Hussein had also asked the court to register the estate, saying he and the family had not found a will.

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President Robert Mugabe sits with his wife, Grace PHOTO


Robert Mugambe with his young wife Grace Mugabe Photos/Courtesy


He said the properties listed in the Herald report were not in Mugabe’s name while his rural homestead had no title because all communal land in Zimbabwe is owned by traditional chiefs.

Blue Roof and another house in Harare are owned by the ruling ZANU-PF party, although President Emmerson Mnangagwa has previously promised to transfer them to the Mugabe family.

‘The first task of the executor will be to compile assets and then decide who will be a beneficiary. Therefore the suggestion that the estate has been finalised is untrue and misleading. The long drawn-out process has only begun,’ he said in response to written questions.


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Late Robert Mugabe during last days with family. Photo/Courtesy


‘The 10 cars are a vintage car collection which frankly had value only to him.’

If the will is not found, the estate will be divided between former First Lady Grace Mugabe and four children.

A diplomatic cable sent by the U.S. embassy in Harare and released by WikiLeaks in 2001 indicated that Mugabe had over $1 billion (Ksh.102billion) worth of assets in Zimbabwe and overseas.

The former Zimbabwean president was also reported to have secret accounts in Switzerland, Channel Islands, Bahamas, and castles in Scotland.

Before his death in September this year, Mugabe had ruled the country for 37 years.