Almost everywhere in Africa, there exist urban legends about femme-fatales; devastatingly beautiful women who ultimately bring disaster to men who get involved with them romantically.

In Nigeria, for instance, Author Elechi Amadi wrote about it in his novel The Concubine. In the book, Ihuoma is described as a stunning beauty worth dying for (pardon the pun). Men pant for her and fell over themselves, desperately trying to marry her. Unfortunately, all who got involved with her died under unclear circumstances.

Close home, among the Agikuyu community, for instance, some women from ethaga clan, are believed to be femme-fatales. Locals refer to them as gitune — Kikuyu word for a red spot or atumia a chiero ndune, which loosely translates to women with red thigh.

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Folklore has it that these alleged ‘sexual vampires’, despite being very beautiful and charming, are dogged with a ‘curse’ of sorts. They have a jinxed background, and it’s believed any man who marries or sires children with them dies mysteriously or tragically.

So dreaded are these women that recently, a village tycoon in Kerugoya left locals astonished when he reportedly offered a woman with the ‘red thigh’ he had impregnated a piece of land worth half a million shillings and Sh20,000 cash as inducement to abort, after a little bird whispered to him that she hails from the dreaded ethaga clan so as to prevent his imminent death!

Sexual vampires

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In Laikipia County, a tale is told of a certain Nyokabi. Her first husband reportedly died after he was gored by a raging bull. She got married to another who was later abducted, only for his corpse to be dumped by the road side in a rural outpost.

Interestingly, she never gave up; she still got married. Unfortunately, all her subsequent three husbands died under unclear circumstances.

In Kiriaini, a small market tucked somewhere in Othaya constituency, Murang’a County, a woman surnamed Muthoni is a marked ‘sexual vampire’. It’s alleged she has the infamous ‘red thigh’ and rumoured to have ‘killed’ many men. Locals discuss her in hushed tones.

That she is ‘hot’ further complicates the matter. “Those women are lethal. You touch her, and you are a goner!” avers Githinji, a friend to one of these writers. He goes on to give Muthoni’s account and how her four husbands died mysteriously.

Betty, a business lady in Kiambu Town, says she knows one such a woman

— a retired barmaid. “Men were warned against her. She was very beautiful and men used to fight over her during her heyday. Unfortunately, all those who get romantically involved with her die.

She is now old and men are no longer interested,” says Betty. “I personally know two men, involved with her, who died in tragic road accidents,” she adds.

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Erastus Njuguna, a welder in Bahati, Nakuru County, says he knows of one such woman. “She had been married twice with both of her husbands dying mysteriously. Each did not last a year in the union before meeting his unfortunate end,” he says. The woman, he adds, was warned against getting married again by her parents as she was a ‘husband killer’.

When word leaked out that she was a gitune, men now shun her. “To save face and escape shame, she relocated from the village with her whereabouts now unknown,” says Njuguna.

However, it is understood that for these jinxed to survive in a marriage set up, they MUST NEVER be married as the first wife. They can only be married as a second or a third wife. Others will prefer not be married but they will be careful not to have children with men who are not married.

This unfortunately is the fate of one Hon Cate Waruguru who is married as a second wife to a prominent Kalenjin man from Kericho.

It was after she lost her third fiancé in a mysterious way she sought help from her local pastor who in turn referred her to her renown traditionalist. After several sessions with the elderly woman, it was revealed that Cate Waruguru is from the jinxed ethaga clan. She almost went into a depression but with help of family and friends she accepted her situation and vowed never to marry from her clan.

The Laikipia queen shot to limelight after she had apparently been sent out of a Kericho hotel for failing to produce a marriage certificate. Later, Waruguru would come out to defend herself claiming her traditional wedding to William Kiget was witnessed by elders and could not understand the sort of document the hotel wanted.

Despite all the drama, one thing we cannot deny is the fact that the Laikipia MP is one gifted with beautiful looks and she knows how to perfectly flaunt her curvaceous body.

Recently she was on spot after she in an unprecedented move attacked Kirinyaga governor Anne Waiguru, using derogatory remarks and expressing concerns over the governor’s failure to conceive after her recent wedding.

Speaking on in public, Waruguru slammed the governor, telling her to focus on making babies.

“Iko kamama kengine hapa ameolewa juzi. Hata tumbo ya kwanza haijatupatia mtoto lakini anafikiria ile kitu kubwa atazaa ati ni kutuzalia BBI (There is a lady around this place who got married the other day. We are yet to see a child after her marriage yet she thinks the greatest thing she can give birth to is BBI.)” Waruguru said.