A formidable leader, astute and focused with no room for compromise with a credible record of leadership and integrity has displayed and proven to Kenyans that he is indeed justified and worthy of being voted in as Kenya’s fifth president. A mark of perfection at its best. A leader who has grown with Kenyans and understands their plight emerging as a hustler and growing progressively into stardom in his political career. William Samoei Ruto is the unbeatable man to beat in Kenya’s next general election.

It is no longer a guarded secret that Ruto is Kenya’s next president. A leader with a difference who will catapult the country towards a middle-income economy and set Kenya as the super Silicon Valley in the global sphere. The country will spew with investors and donors as they will have a guaranteed environment of political stability free of corruption as Ruto is a no-nonsense leader and politician when it comes to corruption. Zero-tolerance to corruption will be his mantra as he has purposed that he will not relent on the war on graft.

Top on his list when he comes into offices is the issue of land grabbing that has become a menacing problem in the country, as politicians have immensely grabbed land from all quarters. Just as his ally, Oscar Sudi, recently commented on the habitual theft of resources in the country by leaders, land is among those greatly affected as many have cried and died because of stolen and grabbed land. Despite his name adversely mentioned on land grabbing cases, Dr. Ruto is determined to put a stop to Kenya’s frustrations by merging the Ministry of Lands with State House, as this will facilitate better foresight of land issues in Kenya and settling of the landless especially the IDPs.

To show his gallant support on the war on graft Ruto will return the illegally acquired Weston land back to the children of Lang’ata Primary School who have so far lost their playground. Among key areas he will focus on is the Ndung’u Land Report which he plans to implement as it will facilitate a resolve to the numerous historical land injustices experienced over the years. Through the merger, cases of land grabbing according to him will become a thing of the past.

Confessing that the war on corruption requires a dictator and someone who stands firm on ground, Ruto’s fight on corruption will be that of results as he plans to ultimately jail the corrupt. Claiming that the current war on corruption has degenerated into impunity, Ruto will instill integrity in the war on corruption and avoid instances where innocent Kenyans such as Henry Rotich, Ferdinand Waititu and Ben Chumo, who are his allies, are targeted and defamed as a result of graft accusations. As reiterated in one of his political meetings in Kapng’etuny in Ainamoi constituency,

The fight against corruption must proceed on the basis of correct information and by competent institutions that have the constitutional mandate and institutional capacity so that we can have results.

Besides corruption, Ruto is keen on uniting Kenyans in both the leadership and the citizenry and promises to avoid any derogatory comments against his fellow leaders. This will also be resonated by his allies who all understand that the President and his presidency must be respected and treated accordingly. Additionally, despite the endless feuds between the Luos and Kalenjins, Ruto has vowed to unite the two communities and urged leaders to follow his trail as he will be the ultimate symbol of peace and stability.

What follows suit is that just like himself, Ruto plans to trasform the many hustlers in the country to millionaires as he understands well that a hustling nation cannot be a suffering nation.

A Ruto presidency is promising and it will be the beginning of a new dawn and a new Kenya!