A rich, oppressive, exploitative politician treads on the streets of Nairobi and Gatundu freely preaching his ideologies that according to him must be eaten with a big spoon. Moses Kuria is his name, the Gatundu South MP who has become an eyesore to women in Kenya. He has grown to become the perverted politician whose highly sexualized insults to women have left tongues wagging over the rate at which he is demeaning women at every corner he encounters them. From journalists to his fellow women counterparts, Moses Kuria finds satisfaction in seeing and causing misery in women to the level of inflicting them with physical injuries. A violence evoking politician.

To the Gatundu South MP, women are weaklings and must remain so. No woman should question or disagree with him and if you do, you shall forever remember who Moses Kuria is by the fists he will use on you. This was the fate of one Joyce Wanja, of whom is alleged Moses Kuria assaulted and verbally abused, hurling insults at her. According to sources and further confirmed by the victim, Moses Kuria descended on her with slaps and blows because she offered to correct the MP over inappropriate and derogatory statements he had made in front of children and faithfuls who had gathered to raise funds for orphans. The lady was beaten up by the MP and fell to the ground, only being helped by those who had accompanied her to Royal Media Services where they had been invited to discuss other political matters.


Joyce Wanja inset

With no respect for the law, no respect for women and no respect for media, Moses Kuria pounced on a helpless lady whose only power is her voice and her activism. Joyce Wanja being an activist and political commentator has chosen to speak out and is crying out for justice. Understanding that money can change hands, Joyce Wanja is calling on the DPP and DCI to bring this politician to book. Many have gone through the hands of such crooked leaders and just recently, the country witnessed Mumias Member of Parliament Ben Washiali pouncing on a resident, where he smirked his head and up to date has never been reported as an assault. What gives leaders like Moses Kuria the right to hurl insults and physically abuse their own voters?

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Moses Kuria openly abuses women, even on altars and in front of religious leaders. The MP openly abuses his counterparts such as Gathoni Wa Muchomba and Millie Odhiambo. Time and time again this has been the norm, and now he has reached the level of using his fists and hands on them. He refers to women as prostitutes and hurls highly sexualized insults on them. This legislator needs to be brought to book. Justice needs to prevail and Kenyans want to see an end to this. Leaders must lead by example and what Moses Kuria is evoking, is in pure disregard of the law and uncouth behavior.

Women have rights and must be respected. The legal authorities must take action against this leader who has purposely become oppressive to women. History has it that an abusive man especially towards women, has undealt background and childhood issues that have majorly gone unresolved. Besides being arrested and charged in court, Moses Kuria should pay attention to his mental health and seek psychiatric help.