He started young and full of ambition. Everything was ripe and ready to be put into action, carefully inducted to ensure Kenyans are strategically brought to their knees – all through an economic sabotage that was carefully orchestrated for manipulation and power.  The YK92 was and still is his big win. This was because it was his opportunity to start amassing wealth as a young ‘hustler’ and it is because now, he is on the verge of joining the class of billionaires who are richer than most of the world’s population. It is indeed a reincarnation of the YK92 with now the perpetrator boldly betraying the President ever since he got a leeway into the helm of leadership back in 2013.

This time round, the YK92 strategy is being enacted with a billionaire man whose has planted allies in almost every sector of the economy to ensure the billions the government collects from Kenyans through taxes, and is loaned to through grants and donations, are channeled to his well-hidden off-shore accounts and into money laundering with minimal trace of the mammoth theft taking place.

Welcome to the world of Deputy President William Ruto, the smart modern-day elite thug who will steal while you are staring at him.

He leads by deception and empty promises which he is very unapologetic for. A leader who will make you believe he can bring the moon to Kenya. What happened in the YK92 season is that Kenya was plunged into economic sabotage through skillful plundering that denied Kenyans development and a decent source of income. Money was stolen skillfully and channeled to a few Kenyan politicians all through the YK92 which left indelible damage to the country. Remember Kenya was at par with South Korea in the 60s and even used to give out donations in the 80s and early 90s. So where did the country lose its focus?

All this was led by William Ruto and Cyrus Jirongo who were the main operators of the show and now what we have is a mastermind who has perfected the game of theft through his allies. The Treasury docket was manned by Henry Rotich who as a result; delivered his bounty through the Ruaraka scandal where Sh1.5 billion was lost, the Kimwarer and Arror Sh19 billion, and the maize imports scandal where approximately Sh10 billion has been lost.

PanicThe man who prefers photos of locusts, the former Cabinet Secretary manning the Agriculture docket, has so far delivered close to Sh45 billion to his master William Ruto. He has successfully scammed the government through the National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) scandal of Sh11.3 billion or more. Over Sh85 million has been lost through the fertilizer scandal, Sh1.8 billion in illegal payments and Sh29 billion through the Itare dam scandal.

As a man manning the energy sector, Charles Keter was also not left behind in the thuggery. The KPC pricing scandal clinched Sh4.4 billion, KPC oil spillage scandal clinched Sh2.5 billion, Sh1.88 billion was through the KPC oil jetty, a whooping Sh95 billion through the KPC inflation of contracts and Sh6.3 billion in the Ketraco scandal. As if not enough, Charles Keter has ensured thuggery of Sh4.5 billion in the KPLC contract scandals, Sh3.3 billion through the Geothermal Development contract scandal and Sh5 billion on the Lake Turkana Wind Power scandal.

This is what the YK92 is all about, theft and more theft through William Ruto, the mastermind of the Tangatanga squad. How far will this country go at the rate at which corruption is taking place?

Kenya is about to be plunged into a banana republic if this is not stopped and money retrieved and the person who is pocketing these billions, is the man second in leadership, undoing the President’s vision of economic development and freedom for Kenyans. Kenyans will soon be suffocated by the Deputy President’s thuggery. This must be stopped and the country should not be surprised over arrests bound to take place.