A man of deceit and deception Ruto began, was duly trained and mentored on how to steal from the public without being traced. He carefully learnt that in order to steal from your enemy, you must first not appear as an enemy but a friend. Additionally, for it to be effective, he must buy out and bribe politicians so that they will work as his foot soldiers in order to bring food on the table. He learnt the art of divide and rule. If that did not work, he focused on divide and manipulate, and finally divide and eliminate.

A young leader who was politically propelled when he became a leader of the YK92, Ruto has immensely grown out of scandals and scheming the government throughout his political career. Once an Agriculture Minister, Ruto was suspended over a maize scandal with an artificial food crisis created, and it has been replicated through his ally Mwangi Kiunjuri who as a Cabinet Secretary, ensured Sh41 billion is lost through the National Cereals and Produce Board. Despite Rift Valley region being the bread basket of maize, farmers have immensely suffered with no payments from the NCPB and many have resorted to other food crops. There has been a series of well calculated instances of maize shortages to ensure illegal importation of maize, most of which is filled with aflatoxins.

William Ruto has worked and walked far and wide with his numerous contributions to ensure he has allies to defraud the government and as a result, pocket corruption proceeds. Remember that the YK92 period was when Kenya entered into serious economic turmoil as there was rampant stealing in all sectors of the government under Moi’s regime. William Ruto was the leader with Cyrus Jirongo, and were key in ensuring that Kenyans are manipulated through increased poverty levels as a result of corruption. There were numerous donations by the ruling regime which was ultimately buying out Kenyans through manipulation.

This is how the Deputy President has operated since 2013 with allies who he well instructed that they must deliver to him the loot. His allies range from Governors, Members of Parliament, Cabinet Secretaries, Parastatal heads, among others. From Ruto himself grabbing 100 acres of land from an elderly man and even grabbing land from the Langata primary school, Ruto and his allies have been linked to numerous scandals where billions of shillings have been lost.

aimAishaHis biggest allies include Henry Rotich who scammed the government Sh30 billion through Treasury, Mwangi Kiunjuri who managed Sh41 billion, with the biggest bait being that of Charles Keter where Sh123 billion has been lost through the Energy Ministry. Additionally, Governors who had joined the Ruto camp have embezzled County funds with some being charged in court. Governors Ferdinand Waititu (Kiambu), Moses Lenolkulal (Samburu), Okoth Obado (Migori) and Ali Korane (Garissa) are just some of the Governors who have been charged with corruption, with others changing their stand on Ruto as a result. MPs allied to Ruto have been equally linked to corruption scandals, some of them being Moses Kuria (Gatundu South) with a Sh100 million CDF scandal, Aisha Jumwa (Malindi) with a the similar CDF scandal involving Sh312 million, John Waluke (Sirisia) involved in fraudulent acquisition of public properties and forgery where Sh114 million has been lost.

It is an endless list of ‘nefarious elements’ draining the country’s coffers, but what stands out is Ruto’s immense involvement in corrupt activities; where he blinds his supporters with the same loot through church donations that he usually comes back to collect. William Ruto is ready to throw Kenyans into the pit of destruction and will stop at nothing to obtain more billions for his 2022 ambitions.