It was a day of reckoning for the corrupt former Governor Ferdinand Waititu, but he thought otherwise having made frantic calls to who knows who. This was a reflection of what should happen to incompetent leaders who are out to engage in corrupt activities denying citizens of much deserved County and National services as taxes and County funds were consistently being stolen as a result of the wanton greed. And rightfully, the Members of County Assembly in Kiambu firmly set their foot on ground paving way for the final Senate proceedings where Waititu echoed the last of his governorship in the Senate Assembly.

Waititu had serious charges leveled against him which were listed as, having violated the Constitution, violating national laws and gross misconduct as a Governor. But he never realized the seriousness of the matter that had denied County residents efficient services and development projects within his County government. This man, known for his cunning political antics by fellow politicians had learnt the art of manipulation and playing ‘dirty games’ as far as politics was concerned.

A fattened cow knows no limit; Waititu had fattened himself and his family with County millions approximated to be over Sh500 million. Despite this, and even his admission of grabbing Sh100 million worth of land from a widow, Waititu still had supporters who were in agreement with his corrupt ways because they knew he was contributing to the Tanga tanga Agenda of economic sabotage and gathering funds in preparation for the 2022 presidential election.

The said Senators devised a way to malign the process in order to vindicate the corrupt Governor. Using an eleven member select committee, the Senators were apparently meant to investigate the charges against the former County boss. Senators Kipchumba Murkomen, Aaron Cheruiyot, Susan Kihika, Millicent Omanga, Samson Cherargei, Mithika Linturi, Godana Hargura, Moses Wetangula, John Kinyua Nderitu, Christopher Langat and Anwar Loitiptip were the leaders  hell bent on ensuring Waititu’s impeachment does not sail through. Despite the numerous evidences on corruption charges laid against him, these leaders chose to turn a deaf ear and were only after their own selfish interests.

Why protect a man who has stolen close to a billion shillings including land and property? However, their strategy flopped which meant the beginning of the end of Waititu’s political career. A closer look at these said Senators reveals a vast chain of greedy leaders who have exploited Wanjiku in their capacity. Nominated Senator Millicent Omanga as known to many, has stolen close to Sh4.4 billion from Kenya Prisons and of course, she was at the forefront in using taxpayers’ money for a trip to the Rio World Cup in Brazil. Having been a hawker at one point in her life, she has forgotten the poor Wanjiku who continually pay taxes for her to enjoy.

A known mastermind of the Arror-Kimwarer dams scandal Nandi Senator Murkomen is always bickering about 2022. He, together with nominated Senator Mary Yiane Senata, own large tracts of land in the Mau forest and is a reason why he was out pretending to be fighting for those living in Mau as he knew his grabbed assets were at stake. Incidentally, investigations have also revealed that his law firm Sing’oei Murkomen and Sigei Advocates is linked to the NYS scandal. Kericho Senator Samson Cherargei, just like Murkomen, has also defended corrupt State officers and has been rooting for Governors to be granted immunity for protection while in office, thus ensuring they are not brought to book on corruption allegations.

Money, fame, sexual exploitation and power, is their driving force with Senators Anwar Loitiptip and Senator Mithika Linturi using their sexual exploits to both elevate themselves as well as exploit young girls. For instance, Senator Loitiptip who defended Sonko over corruption allegations, is a known sugar daddy to Governor Sonko’s daughter, Saumu Mbuvi. Linturi’s divorce case on the other hand has revealed the messy life he has been living as a leader who even went to the extremities of being sued for abusing and abandoning a woman and their three-year old son. The Senator even rose to his ranks having presented fake papers when enrolling at the University of Nairobi.

The rot among such leaders is immense and is not only a display of rot among our leaders, but also an indicator that the fight on graft will need a total overhaul of leaders, especially those who are hell bent on protecting other corrupt leaders. The war on graft is intensifying and we must clear the rot to the last spot.