A pat on the back, a show of confidence that indeed Kenya is on the right path. With the workings of the handshake, the country is forging ahead in its quest towards economic empowerment, peace and political stability.

The show of commitment demonstrated by President Uhuru Kenyatta and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga in ensuring the country’s peace and stability, has placed Kenya on a greater pedestal than ever before. All, in the interest of Kenyans and building a worthwhile legacy which will ensure the country has stable leadership that factors in diversity and inclusivity of the Kenyan people. The country was given a new lease of life through the handshake initiated by President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila, and has been further enhanced through the Building Bridges Initiative meant to position the nation strategically for economic and social prosperity through a stable and a guaranteed leadership that should resolve many of the issues Kenyans face both before, during and after any elections.

It is already notable that changes have been experienced and are under implementation through this initiative. Key to this has been the fierce fight on graft which has so far nabbed State officers and Government officials and even private individuals and businesses involved in corrupt practices. This has literally ensured recovery of assets in billions through the Assets and Recovery Agency, ARA and the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission, EACC, despite the fact that the Judiciary has not concluded most, if not all, of the graft cases. A new lease of life for Kenya means that a thorough overhaul needs to be conducted so that the Government can ensure maximum effectiveness and efficiency in its operations.

With inclusivity close to the heart, Kenyans are meant to tremendously benefit from the Building Bridges Initiative as it is key in ensuring transparency in government operations through the reintroduction of performance contracts which will enhance efficiency of services provided to Kenyans in government institutions. In terms of healthcare, a patient’s bill of rights is meant to protect patients and equipping of hospitals to radically improve the sector ensuring Kenyans have uninterrupted access to quality healthcare. The government is also intentional in ensuring crisis in families is addressed through an introduction of a parenting curriculum putting in mind the sharp rise of violence and suicides taking place within Kenyan households. The initiative is also focused on improving the education in the country with what Kenyans are seeing in the 100 per cent transition of students going to Form one. The aim is to tackle the issue of illiteracy in the country, which will assist in resolving most of the social issues the country is grappling with.

It is an Initiative designed by Kenyans and for Kenyans and shall be felt by every Kenyan. Other key issues included in the initiative are grounded on strengthening the justice system, digitization of public service, a broadened tax base and reduced rate, an increase of county resources to further enhance devolution at a 35 per cent minimum, suitable sidewalks on road networks, and gender balance when it comes to County leadership. A notable achievement already enacted includes the banning of State officers from doing business with Government and outside Government subject to process.

Not only has the handshake impacted the country’s internal affairs but also framed Kenya as a major country for foreign investors as President Uhuru Kenyatta has been intentional in boosting the country’s economic outlook. So far, the country is on the verge of coming into a new free trade deal with the United States and is the only country in sub-Saharan Africa so far. An invitation to both the President and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga is a vote of confidence that the country has a new face globally. Leaders have pledged to work with Kenya in different capacities, with even a recent signing of trade pacts with the United Kingdom during the UK-Africa Summit 2020 held in January and valued at Sh227 billion.

Further trade opportunities are being opened up through ease of transportation and accessing of new transportation routes. President Uhuru Kenyatta has also received pledges from Russia geared towards improving its trade with Kenya during the ‘Sochi 2019’ Russia-Africa summit. Kenya has gained tremendously also in ensuring the progress of Affordable housing under the Big Four Agenda. Investments which are under the implementation stage have received a financial boost from the United Kingdom and the United States. On delivery, the first 228 units were handed to the government, which is a show that Kenyans are bound to benefit from the numerous State projects. The rest will be delivered at the end of 2020 as per the agreement with the contractor.

It is about working and building the nation in every sector of the economy and country. These are the workings of leaders who refused to plunge Kenyans into turmoil and make lasting peace.

“Brothers and sisters, I humbly ask you to pledge to reject the politics of division, hate and violence, and instead take the higher, more sacred road, of working to build your community and our beloved country Kenya”.

President Uhuru Kenyatta.