Around April 2019, H.E William Ruto visited Kitutu Masaba constituency, on one of his many trips to Gusii region.

Dr. Ruto launched Kemera-Kiendege-Keumbu road, which had actually been factored in during the previous regime of Timothy Bosire.

During that function, Dr. Ruto, who was accompanied by leaders, among them area MP Shadrack Mose, also handed over a brand new bus to Ekerubo Secondary school. But due to Ekerubo’s proximity to Ikonge Primary and Secondary schools, leaders lobbied for a donation, which Ruto humbly yielded and gave in cash.

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Because it was unprecedented, Board Members of the two schools were not present and this made the area MP to receive the cash on behalf of the schools.

One of Mose’s guards took the cash and safely kept it in the MP’s vehicle for expected handover. We all concede that Dr. Ruto publicly gave his donation as he has done to various institutions (never mind his source).

Almost one year later, Mr. Mose has never surrendered the cash to the schools for its intended purpose. This is despite the fact that the respective institutions have made attempts to reach the MP but their efforts have been fruitless.

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Since the money was given in cash, why hasn’t it been surrendered over 10 months later? Was this money real or fake?

Other trusted sources indicated that DP Ruto demanded the money be returned to him.

Before Ruto, only Kuria Kanyingi had carried money for “donations” in a rucksack. Kuria was a political colossus who strode the central Kenya region in the days of KANU’s one party rule, and who had striking differences but as many similarities with DP Ruto.

Kanyingi was academically challenged and nobody seems to remember having been his teacher or schoolmate at any level, anywhere. In later days, the equivalent of a rucksack was the traditional sisal-sewn Kiondo.

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Kuria Kanyingi, the man who was known as Mr. Money Bags. Always dishing out millions during harambees. He is believed to have been the first Kenyan to contribute Sh1 million at a Harambee in Kenya.

In those days when only the President was known to donate a six figure – usually Sh100,000 – Kanyingi broke the ceiling by dishing out three times as much and topping with another Sh100,000 “from” the Head of State!

Like Ruto, Kanyingi was also in love with “launching projects”. His favorite was a Women’s Bus Project.

It later emerged that it was the same bus which would be presented to one women group this Saturday and repainted in different colours to be presented to yet another women group in different areas.

Like the DP, Kanyingi also loved entertaining delegations at his two separate rural homes in Tigoni, off Limuru Road.

He was a master in the old KANU divide-and-rule tactics that on the same day he would host two hostile groups at his separate homes.

In the rest of their political careers, several parallels stand out in DP Ruto and politician Kanyingi, who died five years ago.

Both suddenly stormed the political scene from nowhere in a February, three years apart.