The Corleone office is a crucial setting in The Godfather: after all, it is the place where Vito Corleone is introduced and subsequently the setting in which he hands over power to his son Michael.

The Harambee Annex along Harambee Avenue hosts the Deputy President’s office.

What goes on in this office is a thriving criminal enterprise which can make [fictional Mafia boss] Don Corleone turn in his grave.

Constitutionally, Dr Ruto’s office is, in reality, part of the presidency, and Ruto has often forgotten this golden rule.

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DP Ruto allies; Governor Sang, Governor Mandago, former Kiambu Governor Waititu with former CS Echesa in a past event. Photo/Courtesy

Whether it is a measure of political naivety, a degree of recklessness, or political stratagem that defies the grasp of pundits, the Deputy President has tended to fly too close to the sun and to the gods. This could easily be his undoing.

Mafia-style cartels run by DP Ruto, corrupt politicians and business people walk in and out of the ‘Annex’ to unsuspecting passersby along the Harambee avenue. Doing business in the cosy confines of Ruto’s office ensures that the violent acts carried out in his name cannot be traced.

Ruto’s direct involvement in the plan to defraud foreigners cannot be wished away.

After his sacking, Echesa continued to enjoy close ties with the DP even attending his functions and being accorded VIP treatment.

Reports have indicated that police visited Ruto’s Annex offices and recovered copies of the documents that Echesa had been using to con unsuspecting local and foreign investors.

The former CS was reportedly in the process of defrauding foreigners Ksh39 billion claiming he would help them secure the tender to supply the Government with military equipment. To show commitment, he is reported to have asked them to pay a firm known as Pizzle Consultancy, 115,000 US dollars.

Speaking to the media, the foreigners claimed they had been taken to a boardroom in the office of the Deputy President more than twice during negotiations.

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DP William Ruto in a recent visit to Kisii  flanked by his point-men Zaheer Jhanda (Fake gold trader) & Don Bosco Gichana (Fugitive from US justice on Cheques frauds ) Photo/Courtesy

The foreign investors also claimed that Echesa promised them a meeting with the Deputy President to finalize the deal.

What has puzzled the investigators is that the fictitious tender document was found both in the Office of the Deputy President and Echesa’s car.

Dr Ruto poached Echesa from Raila Odinga’s ODM where he served as the ODM Youth Leader countrywide. He was sacked one year later after a dismal performance at the Ministry of Sports.

 “I served as the ODM Youth League leader for 10 years but left with nothing. I decided to join DP Ruto and within 3 months he has made me a Cabinet Secretary,” said Echesa during his homecoming party.

Kenyans cannot help but wonder;

  • What really happens at the Harambee Annex?
  • Is it the new headquarters for corruption and underhand dealings?
  • Why is ‘Annex’ easily accessible to fraudsters like Echesa, Zaheer the ‘Gold digger’, Don Bosco etc?
  • How many other unknown deals have been pulled from Harambee Annex?
  • Will the DCI finally take the bull by its horns?
  • Is Echesa a sacrificial lamb?
  • What of the Congo maize and the chicken in Sudan?