He labelled it as ‘hearsay’, ‘propaganda’, maligning and all sorts of names that were meant to sanitize himself from the Sh39.5 billion scandal. Well played out, almost meticulously but not good enough. Somewhere along the way, doubts from the ‘victims’ emerged.

Money was already lost and the process of acquisition of military surveillance equipment and firearms, was stalled just at its infancy. But why would a Ruto ally, a non- government official and an ex-Cabinet Secretary for Sports be involved in military equipment? Why not maize or dams or even fertilizer as has been their norm of thieving? This was a new area and intent is yet to be known. But Ruto and his allies know exactly what is being cooked behind the scenes.

On this scandal, with some similarities as others, the Deputy President initially appearing defensive, came out ranting in a series of tweets terming it as a ‘smear campaign’ and painting himself as a saint who should be left alone to serve the nation. In another rejoinder, after the heat got intense, he publicly confesses that indeed the meeting happened in his Harambee Annex Office for a record 23 minutes!

This admission only came after learning of a raid in his office by the police who took away CCTV footage that showed representatives of Eco Advanced Technologies LLC – two arms dealers who were said to be an American and an Egyptian. It has been even further revealed that the Deputy President’s security detail drove inside the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport runway, yes runway, to pick the American. Like a dramatic movie, the same question comes into play; why military equipment?


Left: June Ruto ,Top to bottom right: Richard Echesa and Nick Ruto

As investigations intensify, Americans have taken interest in the matter by the fact that an American was involved because of the country’s geopolitical and economic influence. The scam seemed to have been close to heart with the Deputy President as two of his children have been roped in acting out as facilitators of the process, with June Rollex Ruto being in Poland and Nick Ruto operating from Kenya. With all fingers pointing to the Deputy President, the mastermind of scandals should vacate office and allow for investigations to take place.

It is not the first time and Kenyans know it will definitely not be the last of his scandals. The Deputy President defended the suspects of the Arror- Kimwarer dams scandal downplaying a Sh21 billion scandal terming it as a ‘flat lie’ and seemed to know a lot more than what meets the eye. As quoted,

“You’ve heard government lost about Sh21 billion, which is a flat lie! The money in question is about Sh7 billion, and for every coin paid, we have a bank guarantee,” he said.

He has been further linked to all maize scandals from the time he was an Agriculture Minister and now his allies are his ground soldiers in the scheming. Apart from Rashid Echesa, Ruto’s other chief of thuggery was Henry Rotich who was arrested and an Italian CEO, Paolo Porcelli over the Itare dam scandal. This case is being handled by an Italian prosecutor in Rome.

A bad show for the country, Deputy President William Ruto is tainting Kenya’s image in respect to his position as second in command. He is undermining the President and is likely to affect Kenya’s relations with other countries with respect to his involvement in numerous corruption scandals involving foreigners and locals in equal measure. Leaders are speaking in unison that Ruto should resign to allow for impartial investigations. All the cards have been laid bare and too many questions are being asked concerning the Deputy President.

Kenyans should not take this lightly, this man Ruto is a con and a likely rebel dictator, and with his 2022 presidential ambitions, he must be stopped so that Kenyans experience unending peace as we approach 2022 and beyond. Involvement in military equipment is a recipe for chaos for someone aiming for the country’s top seat. This is how rebels are made.

Is Ruto building an army of sorts? Or does he already have one yet? Who knows…