Driven by spite, revenge, greed and hunger for power, Deputy President William Ruto has undeniably bought politicians and planted ‘moles’ camouflaged as leaders to propagate his agenda.

Divide and rule, revive tribalism and further divide Kenyans in order to gain power; those are the DP’s agenda. Has he not openly said it himself that he will stop the process of the Building Bridges Initiative? He thrives on chaos and has proven that neither the lives nor the livelihoods of Kenyans is close to his priority; for him it is about taking the whole cake.

As unity and inclusivity are key among the tenets being sought, the Deputy President is hell bent on deterring the process because it is curtailing his efforts to seize power. It is uniting Kenyans and preaching that Kenyans should look beyond their tribal inclinations. However, for the cunning Dr. William Ruto, amassing wealth, gaining power and control and manipulating or eliminating impediments that stand in his way, is how he wants to gain power.

It is no surprise, that Kenyans were treated to a live performance of leaders preaching disunity on National TV. At a critical time when the country is making headway toward unity, cohesion and inclusivity, one Senator Ledama Olekina has unapologetically declared that he is tribal. Unperturbed and in total disrespect of his own leader and proponents of the Building Bridges Initiative, Senator Ledama Ole Kina was a tired and an angry man, like a pressure cooker about to explode.

His tribal utterances are specifically within William Ruto’s agenda of causing division and disunity among Kenyans which confirms the allegations going around that he has been a Ruto mole within the Orange Democratic Movement for a very long time.

Whenever you see Ruto coming out guns blazing in defence of an individual as has been witnessed in the firearms scandal, on suspects of the Arror and Kimwarer dams’ scandals, and the maize scandal, it is an alarm that there is more than meets the eye. After Olekina’s negative utterances, the Deputy President almost immediately resurfaced in defence of the Senator’s sentiments.

Senator Ledama is intentional on tarnishing a national conversation of the BBI and diminish it to be a tribal conversation. Acknowledging his tribal utterances, the Senator behind the scenes is a Ruto operative within the Orange Democratic Movement and it is not the first instance the Senator has made statements which have been termed divisive.

He is inciting divisions among those from his area of representation and the wider Kenya. Back in 2018, the Narok Senator, fully aware that the area is a clashes-torn region, made inflamatory utterances which were specifically meant to cause hatred between communities living in the Mau region.

To the Senator, only the Maa community should exist within the Mau complex and areas encroached in the ‘Maa’ region should be left by the ‘non-Maa’ communities. Despite the region being cosmopolitan and even having international accreditation as a touristic region, Senator Ledama is focused on causing division, which he reiterated in his recent utterances on National TV.

Kenyans must shun leaders who preach disharmony in the country. Like many of Ruto’s foot soldiers, the Senator is obviously a beneficiary of Ruto’s plunder. No one who speaks on behalf of the DP goes unrewarded. Money always talks at the end of the day.

The NCIC has condemned Senator Olekina’s negative utterances and it is about time that legal action is taken against the Narok Senator. It is only a few days since rules were put in place against such leaders who would face legal action and denied running for office in 2022. The Senator should face the full arm of the law.

We must preach what will ensure the country’s existence for generations to come.