Hogwash, fake, exaggerated, propaganda, mudslinging, nonsensical information; these are just some of the utterances that Ruto and his allies have used in denying the numerous corruption and criminal allegations linked to Deputy President William Ruto. It is not a lie that the Deputy President’s conduct is wanting with even his own office becoming a crime scene in itself. Ruto has become a man utilizing a strategy of seeking sympathy to cover up his criminal activities and nature in order to build up resources, wealth and power critical for his 2022 presidential ambitions. He wants to continually hoodwink Kenyans and even his own people into believing that he is a leader who cares about the plight of Kenyans. It is about ambition and he is ready and has proven beyond reasonable doubt that nothing can stop his 2022 presidential ambition.

A man of scandals, the allegations against him are factual and not fictional. Kenyans were not watching a movie when video clips of how the Sh39 Billion arms scandal unfolded. Those were CCTV footages from the Harambee Annex Office and in some, the late Sergeant Kipyegon Kenei had been edited out. It is not also factual that a meeting was held in Karen with Harambee Annex staff after the late Sergeant went missing. Even with the burial the DP only spoke about himself and his 2022 ambition and nothing on condoling the family.

Meshack Yebei and John Kituyi; two names that were critical at the ICC. The two were set to testify against the Deputy President at the International Criminal Court but never did. Meshack Yebei was murdered and the same fate landed on John Kituyi, a journalist whose life was cut short after publishing a scathing editorial on ICC witness bribery and elimination. This also has similarities with the Kenei murder as he was set to record a statement at the DCI but was murdered before he could do so.

Disguised behind church philanthropic efforts, Ruto has attended numerous church events and is known as a giver. However, why has he never had a fundraiser at Kiambaa Church? The Kiambaa church were among the key evidence areas of the violence the DP instigated. Remember that the one witness, an elderly lady, Elizabeth Wangui died as well, in mysterious circumstances. But being a ‘giver’ why has the Kiambaa Church never been given the attention it deserves by the DP? Wouldn’t this have enabled him to clear his name?

Since the intensification on the war on corruption, a number of individuals have been unmasked but Kenyans have questioned why Ruto is continually supporting corrupt individuals despite the evidence available? Even Waititu who was impeached because of corruption was supported by the DP who insisted that Waititu witnessed. Individuals who have stolen money in billions and billions of shillings including Henry Rotich, Mwangi Kiunjuri, Governor Moses Lenolkual, Aisha Jumwa, Samson Cherargei, Ferdinand Waitiitu and Rashid Echesa are all DP allies and may be among the few Kenyans who might have a clue of where the amounts stolen are hidden.

It is a fact that Deputy President William Ruto is a land grabber. Back in 2013, High Court ordered Deputy President William Ruto on Friday to surrender a 100-acre farm in the lush Rift Valley and pay compensation to a farmer who was an IDP, and indeed Ruto had to pay Sh5 million. Remember children of Langata Primary school got teargassed while protesting grabbing of their playground by Weston Hotel which is also built on land belonging to Kenya Civil Aviation Authority, KCAA. There’s the Murumbi land issue in Taita Taveta, the Kenya Pipeline land scandal in which he was taken to court.

All these allegations are not cooked but backed by evidence some of which is publicly observable. Ruto’s blame game should only be targeted to himself. Because he has brought it to himself. It pains to know the truth it is important that Kenyans know the truth. Ruto must stop the blame game. He only has himself to blame.