We have witnessed the hardships, we have witnessed the failures and we have witnessed the success stories of countries that have managed to contain the spread of the Coronavirus in countries such as Taiwan and Singapore.

Kenya does not want to experience the worst and that is why the government is urging people to stay at home. Stay at home to protect yourself, to protect your family as well as your loved ones, your neighbours and the country at large.

The Coronavirus does not respect persons, knows no boundaries, no titles, neither race nor any religious affiliations. No individual is immune to it. Therefore we must take the necessary precautions that have been provided by the government. This is what will save our country from having a massive outbreak as witnessed in Italy.

Apart from social distancing, staying at home is one of the best ways to prevent the spread of the virus and that means one should avoid public gatherings, avoid using public transport, including taxis, and shut doors to visitors no matter how close they may be. If you have an option of staying home, please do so for that could be the difference between life and death.

No one wants to be confined to a hospital. It is better to limit your freedom at home than to allow a disease to confine you in isolation. Those in hospital would wish to be at home with their loved ones, working, but the vicious virus has caught up with them because they were exposed to an infected person along the way.

Staying at home is a protective measure that each and every one of us can enact as we only leave those who are health care providers and those in key sectors go to their work stations while taking the necessary precautions. Plan your workday, read books, play with your children, exercise, cook, clean, or even chat with loved ones online. All these are activities that people can undertake.

If you have to leave, take the necessary precautions; use a hand sanitizer everywhere you go and wash your hands if you have access to soap and water. Avoid touching surfaces while walking up a flight of stairs or any other place and cough or sneeze into your elbow or use disposable tissues after which you wash your hands with soap and water.

The essence is to avoid any spread as there is currently no cure for the COVID-19 disease. This is also the time that being your brother’s keeper is important as we should discourage those who are loitering around but have the option to stay home, to actually stay home.

Countries such as Italy, Iran, Spain and USA are working on flattening the curve to relieve health workers, and facilities of the pressure it has created on them. Despite having the best facilities and the most resourceful, the facilities they have now seem  inadequate due to the high number of cases.

Key to flattening the curve is making the infection growth fall. Therefore, Kenyans must stay at home and follow the government directives. If you must go out, take the necessary precautions given and avoid touching your face. Maintain the social distance at all times.