Sudanese peace talks have been adjourned for a week following the death of the Sudanese Minister of Defense. Lt.-Gen. Jamal el-Din Omar.

Lt.-Gen. Omar passed away on Wednesday morning in Juba.

He died of a heart attack, according to the Sudanese army spokesperson.

The late was taking part in the Sudanese peace in Juba between the government and armed movements.

“Based on this painful loss, the parties agreed to adjourn the negotiations sessions for a week, starting on 25 March 2020,” said Mohamed Hassan, spokesperson for the Sudanese delegation for the peace talks.

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Sudanese Army Lieutenant General Jamal al-Din Omar. He died of an unspecified illness on March 25, 2020 while in neighbouring South Sudan for peace talks.PHOTO/COURTESY

The government delegation in the South Sudanese capital Juba said Omar died at 2:30 am local time “after a sudden heart attack during the performance of his sacred duty”.

Born in 1960, Omar was named defence minister after the armed forces toppled veteran president Omar Bashir in a palace coup last April following months of nationwide protests.

Before becoming minister, he headed the security and defence committee of the interim government.