#EpukaCorona hashtag, which has been trending for the better part of Friday, was a well-coordinated campaign generated to raise awareness regarding social distancing and how it can actually save the lives of thousands around us.

This comes few hours before Kenyans are subjected to a countrywide curfew from 7pm to 5am in efforts to curb the spread of Coronavirus infections.

This is the second time the country will be put under such conditions since independence, with anxiety rising as the clock ticks to the magic hour.

There’s no vaccine or cure for Coronavirus. Hence, we’re bound to take all the precautions. If we don’t take it seriously, then we may face our doom too, just like some countries in the world.

There’s no other way to stop Covid-19 from spreading other than washing hands with soap and water, using a hand sanitizer and staying at home.

#EpukaCorona means practicing social distancing and observing hygiene to be exact. While the vaccines are being developed and tested, we can save ourselves and others too, just by being home. Many countries, including Pakistan, are experiencing a complete lock down. It’s the only way to prevent people from going out and becoming potential carriers that may spread the virus even more.

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