Private security guards have been enlisted to bolster Government efforts in fighting the Covid-19 outbreak in Kenya.

The guards, employed by private security companies will serve as a standby force to assist the Government as it strives to enforce Covid-19 orders.

According to a statement by Protective Security Industry Association (PSIA) released on Saturday, the sector had already started organising its membership of 700,000 into groups to handle different tasks.

The sector provided that different firms had already contributed some of their numbers to support the Government.

“The teams are already working and we are in constant consultation with relevant offices,” confirmed Cosmas Mutava, Chairperson at the Protective Security Industry Association.

Kenyan Security Guards to Carry Guns, Make Arrests Under New Gov't ...Currently, more than 600 officers are undergoing training on how to sanitize and use protective gear without endangering their lives.

This training is designed to trickle down to the other members.

Coordination of the guards will be effected through the communication and command centre that will relay information from the security officials to the national centre and vice-versa.

According to General Delano Kiilu, Secretary-General of the Protective and Safety Association of Kenya, the officers would serve as primary informants for the government.

 “Our guards will act as primary informants and we immediately transmit the same information to national emergency centre,” Kiilu stated.

Security companies in the country fall under the list of essential service providers who can operate outside the curfew hours.