That an “ordinary” citizen in the person of Raila Odinga was able to break military protocol and divert a whole President from boarding his jet whose engine was already running, is something that has left many Kenyans tongue tied and continuing to wonder what would have made this happen.

On Saturday 19th January 2019, Security and protocol officers were taken by surprise when President Uhuru changed his mind about boarding his jet at the Kisumu International Airport at the last minute after Raila Odinga pulled him aside, whispered something to him and everything changed.

It is reported that Uhuru picked one of his dark presidential cars and drove himself off with Raila Odinga and asked the security detail to follow them.

Whatever Raila whispered to Uhuru that occasioned the shocking turn of events has remained mysterious and triggered a widening speculation on a foiled attempt on the President’s life.



The dignitaries that came to see off Uhuru and a host of security officers attached to the President who were at the airport, were thrown into a spin and left bewildered as they watched Uhuru and Raila drive off in two Prados to an undisclosed destination in Kisumu town.

That Saturday breach of protocol at Kisumu International Airport may have more than has been reported or that which meets the eye. Did Raila, who is known for foreseeing and evading death traps laid by his enemies, save the life of President Kenyatta?

Our highly placed source who requested anonymity said there could be a number of reasons that made this happen, but the graver one was a foiled assassination plot against the Head of State after a tip off by Raila Odinga.

The source claimed that there was a great possibility to harm the President while in Kisumu and blame it on the Opposition leader Raila Odinga, with an aim of breaking the unity pact between Uhuru and Raila that has been causing headaches in quarters he didn’t mention.

The source added that they believed the President’s security detail was infiltrated by a would-be-assassin, a key reason why the presidential jet was delayed at the airport for over four hours as the President waited for a new team from Nairobi.

However, whether the President indeed later on boarded his plane or spent the night in Kisumu on that evening, remains a top State secret.

It is on those unfortunate happenings in Kisumu that made President Uhuru Kenyatta call for an urgent security meeting at State House, Mombasa, to shake up officers charged with protecting him. President Kenyatta further issued an executive order where he radically reorganized his administration that saw powers and most government functions moved from the office of the deputy president to the Ministry of Interior and National Coordination under CS Fred Matiang’i.

However, according to State House reports, the President called the meeting to issue various directives to regional and County security chiefs that aim at up-scaling, promoting and enhancing the country’s national security.

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