Visibly furious Kenyans this morning have staged a well-organized campaign on social media platforms under the hashtag #ShapeUpOrShipOut, to call out Tanga tanga MPs who are hell-bent on sabotaging government agenda in parliament.

Netizens were angered by the MPs allied to the Deputy President who are disrespecting the President and yet they have been appointed into various leadership positions by the Jubilee party.

With just slightly over 24 months to his retirement, Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta has found himself in a quagmire that needs urgent and viable solutions.

Already, the murky succession politics have eclipsed the President’s quest to fix the country’s economy, a fact that he has noted in his last public addresses.

“I have no time for petty politics. Let’s us settle down and work for the people. If you think you can take my silence for a coward, you better think again. I will fire right back when that time comes.”

Another netizen noted that despite the President’s warning, his unrelenting deputy and a platoon of his followers have often dismissed the unity pact between him and Odinga. To them, Odinga’s presence is to create discord within the ruling coalition with the Deputy President.

Here are more comments from the campaign: