Kenyans online have put Deputy President William Ruto on the spot for consistently commissioning non-existent projects.

Under the hashtag #RutosGhostProjects, Kenyans online have noted with dismay the many projects DP Ruto has launched which have either never taken off or were abandoned half way.

On June 7, 2019, Ruto went ahead to launch an irrigation project that cuts across Siaya and Busia Counties at a time the line ministries claimed the whole project was a mere skeleton and not ready for the launch presided over by Ruto.

William Samoei Ruto.

Ruto has previously come under fire for his zeal in launching development projects, with critics saying it’s a political tactic for his 2022 presidential bid.

Another netizen noted that President Uhuru Kenyatta had stated that he is surprised that most of the projects that had been flagged off by Ruto had actually failed to take off.

Deputy President William Ruto has also been accused of triggering acrimony between wananchi and elected leaders by continuously launching unplanned and non-funded development projects that are not realistic.

For instance, some road projects launched by the DP in Meru County were simply non-existent and impractical. As a result, most local politicians have found themselves in trouble as they face difficult questions regarding the projects.

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