They are promoters of division and protectors of the corrupt. They have increasingly engaged in dirty tricks which have ultimately come out in full view of the public in form of corruption scandals. Scandals where they have pocketed billions of taxpayers’ money acquired fraudulently and open theft, all for the benefit of power ambitions with the use of money as their currency for deception. And now these individuals having being cornered for their low moral standards, lack of integrity and leadership among other issues, have decided to be united in criminality through their slogan ‘Sote Pamoja’.

Giving a clear indication of rebels charting their own path, the Ruto party has some of the most troublesome politicians and leaders this country could ever have. It is disheartening but true. Starting with their leader Deputy President William Ruto, the level of graft that has plagued Ruto is perplexing as he is not only engaging in corruption but has also been blamed for murder of individuals who have in numerous times been linked to him and his office.

Similarly, Ruto allies have been implicated in major scandals with many of his allies having cases in court. Among them is the Sirisia MP who is awaiting his sentencing at the Kilimani Police Station having been found guilty of acquiring Sh297 million fraudulently from the National Cereals and Produce Board having supplied nothing. Senator Kipchumba Murkomen who led the meeting at Kilimani was implicated in the Arror and Kimwarer Dams scandal and was among the first to claim they were tribal targets when things heated up.

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria has been engaged in corruption and incitement which is a mantra they use in causing division. For Moses Kuria, he has been awarding CDF tenders to his close relatives and friends who have been paid millions of shillings to companies, which are owned by his close family, from the kitty. This took place since 2014 after he became a first time MP.

Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa who joined the bandwagon has a pending case in court where she has been charged with abuse of office, money laundering and embezzling Sh58 million worth of public funds. Jumwa together with ten other individuals including two of her children were implicatd in the scandal through their company, Kaseru Construction Limited.

Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi has a pending forgery case and has been in and out of court on numerous occassions. He is charged over forged academic certificates after failing to stop his prosecution. This is the calibre of individuals who have come together to plan doom for the country but they will not succeed.

The Jubilee Asili faction is only out to camouflage corruption as it seeks to repackage itself from the ‘Tanga Tanga’ outfit. There is nothing new under the sun and Kenyans must know that this is yet another scheme for theft and corruption and not where they will air their grievances and frustrations.