The deputy president of Kenya, Dr William Ruto, now seems to be a man on the isle. Recently, he looks like a targeted man with almost everything on his side receiving the awful. Last to experience this are his close allies who have been on the chopping board in the last few weeks, some losing powerful positions both in the National Assembly and in the Senate.

Also, an Executive Order that put his office under the Office of the President clearly shows Ruto as an isolated man.

However, as Kenyans online have come to realize, DP Ruto is not being targeted for nothing. He has a chain of scandals that is pulling him down together with his allies most of who could not have made it to the current position were it not for Ruto’s rigging during Jubilee nominations.

Kenyans on Twitter under the hashtag #URPAsiliCriminals, have trolled DP Ruto following his recent launch of a parallel party headquarters for Jubilee Asili where all his allies who are implicated in various corruption scandals are finding comfort, or sothey think.

Angry netizens have also noted that almost all the de-whipped legislators have a criminal past or have ongoing criminal cases in courts including DP Ruto.

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