He is known as a vocal Tanga Tanga politician who likes speaking his mind. A man who speaks much about other’s dirty linen especially of his female counterparts but behind closed doors, Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria schemes much and siphons from the people he apparently represents. However, Kenyans always have a way of knowing those who engage in corrupt activities.

For Moses Kuria, his main strategy of stealing public funds and defrauding his own constituency is through his family. According to sources, the tendering system and the Constituency Development Fund has proven to be a major source of looting by the ‘Kuria’ family members. This has been through allocation of tenders registered under several companies that ultimately goes to a common bank account. Some time back in 2017, reports indicated that the names of directors of 14 prequalified companies which had won tenders in Gatundu South were those of Moses Kuria’s  close family members. These companies were apparently registered when Kuria took office as had been planned from the start. However, this was just a tip of the iceberg.

The name in question in this whole CDF saga and a key beneficiary and role player in Kuria’s schemes is a man by the name of “Aloise Kinyanjui Kuria”. This name may be unfamiliar to many Kenyans but on familiar quarters of corruption, Aloise is among the key persons facilitating the theft of Constituency Development Funds in Gatundu South Constituency. He is the brother to Moses Kuria and a police officer in Kiambu County who has managed to pull several ropes also using his position as a policeman to ensure his brother Moses Kuria is always a free man as well as offering a suitable cover-up in the theft of funds. Additionally, Aloise is so well placed in the scheming with his bother that he has been seconded in the CDF office in Gatundu South. So essentially, the tendering process and awarding has become a family affair.

The specific matter in question is a Sh32 million tender that was awarded for the construction of blocks in five secondary schools and a primary school. This specific tender was awarded to a company by the name of Finishline Construction Company Ltd where Aloise Kuria is a company director. This company, according to sources, was duly registered after the swearing in of Moses Kuria back in 2014 and was in place two months after the MP came into office. Meaning the two were able to award and approve the tenders for themselves thereby ensuring that no one would question the tendering process. Otherwise thereby it would lead to a corrupt MP and a rogue police officer’s lashing.

This was the case for the constituency’s former MP, Moses Mwihia who had received a thorough beating from gangs and rowdy youth after he had gone to present a petition against Kuria, back in 2017, but ended up being accosted by 30 youths who beat him up leaving him with an injured leg.