Shame and guilt was painted all over his face and from a glance it was visible that he was deep in thought but with one question; ‘How could I have been caught?’ His shame was not out of remorse but out of the fact that the agreement was that no one is to get caught from where they were obtaining the loot. They were to all operate discreetly. Loot without a trace!

This was the agreement that was enforced through the whole Tanga Tanga fraternity but now had been exposed. Sirisia MP John Waluke is now in the docks and seemingly appeared to have contravened the agreement by not being discreet in his dealings. He is currently in the fire with over a billion to pay up in fines or face 67 years in jail out of defrauding the National Cereals and Produce Board, NCPB of Sh313 million.

A second lawmaker who is currently on the frying pan is Mathira MP Rigathi Gachagua. This lawmaker has huge amounts of unaccounted money in his bank accounts. His accounts are currently frozen with Sh200 million with the Assets and Recovery Agency accusing him of money laundering. As if holding a country’s budget, Gachagua had Sh5.8 billion transacted through his accounts. The MP has in the recent past been colluding with Nyeri County Government officials and public officers at the Irrigation docket to embezzle funds through his companies. Some of these companies include Wamunyoro Investment with two accounts and Technical Supplies and Services Limited. This is a big thumbs up to the investigative agencies which are working relentlessly and in high spirits to ensure that such corrupt leaders are nipped in the bud.

Another Tanga Tanga ally and former Cabinet Secretary for Sports and Culture is now faced with a number of allegations that have pinpointed him in various scandals that have been unearthed. Considering himself as a confidant to Deputy President William Ruto, Rashid Echesa has been directly linked to the arms scandal that resulted to the death of a Ruto aide Sergeant Kipyegon Kenei who was eliminated right before he could make his confession as an eye witness in the scandal.

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria is on another level. For him to chip into the Tanga Tanga pyramid scheme of loot, he has established an accomplice through is brother whom they work together to siphon CDF (Constituency Development Funds) money from the constituents through the tendering process that has rendered them the prime signatories in approval of tenders. They have made it a family affair where their companies acquire tenders which is facilitated by Kuria’s brother, Aloice Kuria as he is a police officer and is able to remove any obstacles or hurdles that they may face in accessing funds. These are just a few mentions besides the likes of former Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu, and former Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich who now have pending court cases with billions under question.

One by one, the law and law enforcers are catching up on the Tanga Tanga operatives. The truth that Ruto and his bandwagon have been stealing from the public and private coffers is being brought to light. The end of the road is near as these thugs are being unravelled on a case by case basis. This time round, concrete evidence is hanging on their necks and they have nowhere to run or to hide.