Kenya is full of blessings and potential. All these are held back by Kenyans through sins of commission or omission.

When a robbery occurs, the typical question is how much was stolen as opposed to why this is happening. Small amounts will attract a lot of ridicule and jokes with the concerned criminals derided as stupid for taking us back while we are playing the billions league.

Tribalism doesn’t help things. It’s a pity how house managers undergo more scrutiny to be given household chores, while politicians are given a tribal pass to rob us, our children and their children to the nearest barely living cavemen conditions. The fixers of our woes will never come from outside, it must be a homegrown saviour.

A person with an attachment to our plight, our tears, our joys, a person who pains when others tumble. It’s about time we break the walls that invaders used to make themselves feel safe in a far off place where they were outnumbered. It’s time to see, awaken and be self-aware of our social shackles planted by colonial buccaneers and sustained by hand picked economic stooges.

Let’s call a sham a sham, however worldwide it is spread. Closeted tribal bigots are larking in every corner, hiding behind religion and a choreographed social presence.

A quack who speaks my home tongue should never get precedence over a well-deserving professional who may steer all of us out of poverty, ignorance and stagnation.

It is about time we end this nonsense, it is time to prove to humanity that we as a people can stand together, face our challenges as a united strong front, win some, lose some, but come out stronger and better. We can do this, not because it’s easy but because it’s hard and we are determined.

To Kenyans and the political class, we cannot always point fingers. Long term solutions to the problems we are facing will only be found if we put our heads together and work towards a better Kenya. This nation will be inherited by our future generations.

Let us not live in it like it is hired property leaving the landlord to care for it. We are the landlords. Name calling, blame game, political scavenging on genuine problems is what failed States do. We are not one and it is the time we start behaving like one.

I have high hopes in my country of Kenya, I have even higher hopes for my people, Kenyans. Take my hand, let’s do this, I will never let you go. God bless you, God Bless Kenya.