A noble idea and a noble initiative that a few elements were against is now bearing fruit. In just 100 days the Nairobi Metropolitan Service has duly delivered on its mandate that had been spelled out by President Uhuru Kenyatta. An initiative focused on developing Nairobi in a bid to strengthen urban services and infrastructure within the Nairobi Metropolitan region. This is a service that must be known and understood by all Kenyans and especially the residents of Nairobi as it is set up with the aim of improving the status of the city.

In launching the services, President Uhuru Kenyatta said that he has tasked the Nairobi Metropolitan Service to bring an end to the corruption and dismantle the cartels that have slowed down growth in the County. This was especially true as systems and operations were collapsing around the city. Nothing was moving forward and the city was in filth. However, after some functions of the County were handed over to the National Government through a Deed of Transfer that was signed between the National Government and the County government, the Nairobi Metropolitan Service swang into action immediately it was launched.

Under the deed, four County functions of Health, Transpot, Planning and Management Public Works and Ancillary Services were transferred to the National Government.

As a result, Nairobi has made a serious turn-around for the better with the city’s infrastructure being refurbished and constructed again thus making it convenient for city dwellers. Walkways and footpaths have now been refurbished with roads recarpeted to ensure there is ease of movement for many of the city dwellers and those who run businesses among other sources of income. The Central Business District has seen the creation of non-motorised paths meant to serve pedestrians.

In a number of areas, the government has provided employment to the youth some of whom are from street families that have benefited from the Kazi Mtaani Programme which is also an initiatie launched by President Uhuru Kenyatta. For instance, in Nairobi, the ongoing construction of Grogan Road has been largely done by those living in the streets. More so to this, a number of informal settlements have started to receive a variety of services which is giving them a facelift. Boreholes have already been sunk that total 52 at Mukuru Kwa Njenga where now the residents have access to clean water at no cost.

In just 100 days the NMS has managed to enhance services in waste collection and disposal, water and sanitation, housing and urban development, transport and public works. For instance, the President recently toured the water purification facilities at Kiboro Primary School in Mathare Chief’s camp (Mathare North) and Kibra DCC’s office where treated water is consumed for free.

These are the initiatives that President Uhuru Kenyatta has facilitated to ensure the capital city is well in line with the country’s development agenda. The President has for a while acknowledged that the city required a system overhaul in order to provide efficient services to the city dwellers.