In many and almost every situation there are usually two sides of the coin. It may be the heads or the tails, the high and the low or with the commonality of the good and the bad. As a country we are blessed with leaders who endeavor to have the interests of Kenyans. One such leader is Deputy President William Ruto whose actions and reactions have done Kenya great good, almost redefining the path of the country.
We choose to recognize Ruto’s efforts in fighting corruption having pocketed billions of shillings meant for development of dams. Development that was meant for his community and surrounding neighbours especially in the Kimwarer – Arror dams scandal; but for now they had to wait because having the said amounts was of national importance as Ruto builds his empire. Whether Sh7 or Sh21 billion, the difference was the same for Ruto as he had hit a major jackpot defining his loot as some ‘mere’ billions that would in his views be hardly notice.
The DP has done great good in ensuring the close suffocation of the country’s bread basket to ensure maize farmers get no returns for their harvests. He did well in the National Cereals Produce Board when he instructed the payment of ingenuine farmers – a cartel –  to be paid up for their ‘air harvest’ leaving out maize farmers in Uasin Gishu and the surrounding regions to cry with their rotting maize. As a word of encouragement, Ruto saw it fit that they should turn to other alternative food and cash crops and leave him merry making with his cartels to import maize unfit for human consumption. And indeed Kenyans did consume maize with aflatoxin back in 2017 which has had a ripple effect with a rise in cancer cases in the country.
Ruto deserves accolades for taking away the lives of innocent Kenyans who appeared as obstacles to his goals and objectives. Kenyans who would have done the Deputy President wrong by offering information that would be lethal for his political career of theft and wanton killings. He skillfully eliminated witnesses of the Kiambaa church that would have spoiled his name and reputation. He deserves a glass of champagne, for his involvement in the Sh39 billion arms scandal where he ensured Sergeant Kenei would never speak against him as he was meticulously murdered and made to appear as a suicide. Being a friend and confidant, Ruto knew that Kenei would do anything for him including giving up his life to protect Dr.Ruto.
Ruto has been the ultimate man of unity throughout his political career, flying around the country with tax payers money while engaging in divisive politics. Divisive politics that has catapulted him to leadership complementing it with manipulation and blackmail after  isolating parties, communities and groups. He has done this as well in the backdrop of churches where he has donates millions in public but taken it back and a lot more of it in private. Holding the church in high esteem, Dr Ruto has doctored all his undertaking in churches and harambees are a source of income through loot and deception.
With his justified actions, Ruto is well able to take the country to the next level of turmoil, underdevelopment and poverty as he grows his empire. This deserves an honorary doctorate as Ruto is indeed a man of means and power.