Kenya is forging forwards toward aggressive development,  transformative mindset and project implementations. The country has taken a second glance and realized that it is us that must restrategize, rejuvenate and remodel our future. Kenyans have realized that transformation, growth and prosperity is our mandate and our goal, as we practice hardwork, focus reimagination and implementation of our ideas that will move the country. Kenyans have realized that it is us who are to bring the transformation that we want and ultimately the Kenya that we want.

This has been well spearheaded through the actions of President Uhuru Kenyatta who has first of all restrategized the operations of the government to ensure that there is a team that is well-aligned to pro-development, a team that has key focus on the interests of Kenya and Kenyans by uplifiting the country’s economic and social status. With a strong and focused team, the country’s development agenda fell into safe hands having been designed to strengthen the country’s position as a leader in regional transport and logistics centre for the East Africa region under the Big Four Agenda

Both before and after the occurrence of the pandemic, a series of major projects have been ongoing as they focus on implementation. The government has embarked on key infrastructural projects that are opening up counties including the  construction of  Sh18.4 billion Kibwezi-Kitui Road that was launched by President Uhuru Kenyatta and is set to spur socio-economic development  along the trunk international highway. In Nairobi County, the Nairobi Metropolitan Service, which is an initiative by President Uhuru Kenyatta has displayed exemplary achievement in its first 100 days especially bringing a  major facelift within the Central Business District as well as in a number of informal sectors.

Additionally the NMS, is currently embarking on a project that will see the construction of a Sh28 billion Nairobi Railway City which has already started taking shape. Furthermore informal settlements in Nairobi will benefit from 24 health facilities that are set to be constructed with five being rehabilitated. The city is gradually attaining a refreshed outlook as the government through NMS. More in the offing is the tremendous progress attained through the Kazi Mtaani programme which is another initiative launched by President Uhuru Kenyatta to cushion the youth against the ravaging effects of Covid-19 pandemic while engaging youth to promote a clean environment. With 273,000 youth dedicated for the second phase, the programme has been lauded by youth who benefitted from the pilot programme and encouraging others to join in. The initiative is dedicated to all counties across the country.

On Buy Kenya, Build Kenya initiative, President Uhuru Kenyatta is living and walking the part as he has encouraged the the country to have a refocus on building and manufacturing our own. He has encouraged Kenyans to embrace local production as this is what will enhace the countries manufacturing potential, including a relook on the policies that enhance and cushion local businesses and entrpreneurs. Just recently, the President ordered the procurement of 500 Jua Kali made beds for public hospitals , that have proven to be efficient especially durin this time if the pandemic as hospitals are straining to increase its capacity.  Other items produced locally include ventilators, non-touch handwashing units with the country now able to manufacture and supply its own Personal Protective Equipment at KICOTEC in Kitui and Rivatex in Eldoret.

Kenyans have also embarked on homeownership as the government has delivered a number of units under the Big Four Agenda’s Affordable Housing pillar. With the Affordable Housing Project launched in 2017 the government is well on course in implementing its promise on delivering 500,000 homes.

These projects and a whole lot more have taken root in the country with Cabinet Secretaries charged to consistently inspect and ensure projects in different parts of the country are progressing towards the right direction. The recent relaunch of the Thika-Nanyuki highway is another illustration of how the country is opening up in terms of growth, trade and development.  There is a lot more in the offing that has and is still creating more opportunities for Kenyans as the country edges closer towards becoming a middle-income nation.