The murky waters of politics and the thin air of this environment may be problematic for some but others are used to the putridness and are playing by the rules.

This year marks the 360 degrees spinning of Deputy President William Ruto’s ambitions. Did he shoot himself in the foot? Yes. Ruto became a co-President, running a parallel government, taking advantage of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s hands-off type of politics.

He was like a bull in a China shop, breaking his dreams as his name kept popping up in all the wrong places. The time bomb has been ticking for some time now and it has exploded.

Tangatanga is seeing different shades of red as President Kenyatta bares his fangs, flattening Ruto’s camp within days. With his political allies in the bicameral Parliament being shoved aside, Ruto is in unfamiliar territory.

The weeding is soon going to catch up with his friends in the Cabinet and parastatals. The shaving is unforgiving for a man who “stood with Uhuru through thick and thin”, or so we thought.

Amid all these, the DP continues as though everything is OK. But those glad to see him out of the current political arrangement have their claws firmly stuck in his back, frustrating every step he takes.

Being the original political manipulator, he has been playing with the minds of millions of poor Kenyans by revving up the ‘Hustler Nation’ narrative conveniently to manipulate the masses.

Over time, he has managed to bring forth two words: Hustler and dynasty. The word ‘Hustler’ has been twisted to fit the objective of hoodwinking the poor that they are walking on the same path with a fellow pauper in fighting off greedy dynasties who are out to rule them forever and impoverish them.

Those branded for political expediency as ‘Dynasties’ do not fit in that label. Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, Baringo Senator Gideon Moi and Uhuru have been branded thus to deny them the right to vie for top national seats.

Raila’s father, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga was Kenya’s First Vice President and never rose beyond that level until his demise on January 20, 1994. How is Raila a dynasty? Uhuru’s father Mzee Jomo Kenyatta ruled for 15 years until his passing on, on August 22, 1978.

How is Uhuru a dynasty? Gideon’s father, Daniel arap Moi was at the helm of Kenya’s leadership for 24 years until 2002. Gideon did not inherit his father neither did Uhuru. These three men; Kenyatta, Jaramogi and Moi were sons of peasants who found themselves at the right place at the right time during Kenya’s formative years.

A dynasty is a sequence of rulers from the same family, usually in the context of a feudal or monarchical system but sometimes also appearing in elective politics. From the above definition, it is not true to call Uhuru, Raila and Gideon dynasties unless the meaning of this word has changed.

Over the years, the bar has been lowered so low such that anything goes. Role models are almost extinct and so the psychological manipulation of poor millions continues unabated. It is easier for Tangatanga to beat this “Hustler” drum because it resonates with millions of the masses whose futures have been stolen through corruption and sterile development policies.

The word “hustler” does not inspire integrity. It denotes a turn-back from values that are a cornerstone of a society. If you identify yourself as a hustler, you associate with the shadowy socioeconomic engagements of the morally corrupt.

Hustling is a tag associated with prostitution, selling of hard drugs, and other vices. But it has been “sanitised” to mean a great future and unsuspecting followers are flocking in to savour it.

Underneath the veneer of praise-worshipping followers, is a young generation ready to acquire wealth through all means as they follow in the footsteps of their stranger-than-fiction role models.

It is unbelievable leaders are selling vice to the poor young people who cling to every word they say without question. It isn’t hard for the young to be convinced because they are so hopeless thanks to the same people now leading them to a mirage Hustler Kingdom.

The youth hope for change on Utopia Street. They are entrusting their future to men and women responsible for their current woes. How unfortunate!