The country’s new revenue sharing formula is arguably one that will ensure resources will be effectively used by the respective Counties. With population as the main criteria for revenue allocation, it translates to every Kenyan having an equal share of the national cake without sidelining a selected few. By this, it is a formula that is well able to steer Counties towards attaining sustainability as it will entail that Counties create revenue through employment creation and exploiting available resources.

However, there are those who think otherwise, there are leaders who still want the country to be stuck in the quagmire of ever-dependency on the government. They are against Counties defining their path in terms of working towards self-sustenance. Senator Johnson Sakaja has been on the forefront in staging an ambush on Senators not to pass the revenue formula that he himself knows will create a better state of affairs at the County level. No wonder he was intent on detracting and derailing government initiatives, plans and projects.

Having been seemingly seen to have lost relevance in Nairobi, Senator Sakaja is working hard to curtail every government effort including the war on COVID-19. Unashamedly and like a rebellious teenager, Senator Sakaja made a decision to intentionally flout the government directives to ‘show’ that he has become a rebel to the very same government that has given him an opportunity to serve Kenyans. He behaved recklessly, despite being the Chairperson of the Senate Ad-hoc Committee on COVID-19. Is that the sort of leadership he has been meaning to reveal to the people of Nairobi all this while?

Yet again, if the leader himself takes the fight on COVID-19 as a joke and goes out drinking and clubbing, what are other Kenyans supposed to do? What was he showing the 200 youth arrested at Avery lounge in Utawala? Sakaja is the reason why the government made a resolve to ban the sale of alcohol in the country. He abused power and undermined police authority. Senator Sakaja displayed arrogance in his conduct as a leader and the fact that he considers himself as a youth leader was reason enough for many to follow his ways in defying the government’s authority. Consequently, the Senator’s stupidity has cost 3 million jobs across the country all because he wanted to seek relevance in the public eyes.

The Senator has lost touch with the people and with the government and is now a ticking time bomb about to fully show his true colours.