A campaign to end teenage pregnancy has kicked off in Kajiado North targeting girls in school.

The campaign is aimed at sensitising them against retrogressive cultural practices that result in early marriage and teen pregnancy.

The campaign dubbed “Funga Miguu” is a partnership between children officers and non-governmental organisations in the area.

A report by the children’s department in the County indicating more than 190 minors mostly primary school girls were expectant, may have triggered the launch of the campaign.

The campaign focuses on sensitising teenagers against retrogressive cultures and caution them against the dangers of early pregnancy and has so far benefitted 200 girls.

Since the closing of schools due to the COVID-19 pandemic, an increase in teen pregnancy has been witnessed in most parts of the country.

Children rights activists Dorcas Parit and Eve Melin say the Funga Miguu program is geared towards pushing for abstinence.

Chiefs and their assistants have been ordered to report all cases of early pregnancy and child abuse in their areas of jurisdiction to the County Commissioner in the next seven days.