The country’s Healthcare system is growing in great strides and with focus given in attaining Universal Health Coverage, the government is highly focused on ensuring Kenyans receive quality affordable healthcare as envisioned in the Big Four Agenda action points. In line with this is the Kenyatta University Teaching Research and Referral Hospital that is a major game-changer and demonstration that Kenya’s Healthcare system is scaling up in the right direction.

Being a first of firsts, the Kenyatta Teaching Research and Referral Hospital, KUTRRH is the first hospital in the country to institute the purely referral model with no walk-ins focused on highly specialized and emergency cases. It is also pegged on the utilisation of top-notch and latest global technological standards that will greatly cut down on money channeled abroad for various forms of treatment. The ultra-modern state-of-the-art facility has a 650-bed capacity that is inclusive of a 76-bed oncology centre.

The hospital that was officially opened on 10th September 2020, has so far joined the list of among the best equipped hospitals in the country with the advantage of being a referral hospital thereby accessible to the general public through referrals. These specialised services that are now fully operational and are meant to benefit Kenyans and include oncology, trauma, general surgery, cardiology, Obstetrics/Gynaecology (OBS/Gyn), Neurosurgery and orthopedics, among others.

Critical to these specialized services is the state of the art Cancer Centre that has already drastically reduced the waiting period experienced by cancer patients in the country and brought cancer treatment services closer to Kenyans. It can provide radiotherapy treatment to sixty patients in a day.

The centre is one of the hospital’s flagship projects that has been channeled towards bridging the cancer care gaps in the country in early screening, diagnosis and treatment. This will also go a long way in ensuring Kenyans access affordable modes of cancer treatment as opposed to the occasional raising medical funds to access treatment outside the country.

Additionally, the hospital is also geared towards more Comprehensive Cancer Care as it is currently in the process of constructing and equipping the Integrated Molecular Imaging Centre (IMIC). These specialized form of treatments are integral in ensuring Kenyans access affordable and quality healthcare.

Basically, this is a hospital that is fully focused on offering quality healthcare that is both affordable and centred on the patient. Being also a research hospital, Kenyans will receive evidence-based healthcare, training and innovation for those who are in the medical practice thus providing a conducive environment for teaching and research of health workers and medical care givers. It is an exceptional facility that is a pilot for more referral hospitals of this kind in the country as the country soars higher in attaining Universal Health Coverage.

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