When Ruto says he is a hustler, he is. On this one, you have to believe him as he knows exactly what he means when he calls himself a hustler. His character largely goes in tune with the description of a hustler of which he always religiously demonstrates or plays out without fidgeting.

To my fellow Kenyans, do you understand the true and actual meaning of a hustler? The universal and dictionary definition of a hustler is a ‘person who employs fraudulent or unscrupulous methods to obtain money’. This is a very clear and concise definition that directly sums up Ruto in ten words.

Undoubtedly, Ruto has been the mastermind of corruption in this country as his involvement of corruption, in large scale mostly in billions and small-scale in millions, has greatly enriched him and his foot soldiers who are constantly kept on toes on opportunities to steal taxpayers’ money all while taking back their fake donations after a successful publicity stunt. Ruto has been involved in countless corruption scandals, with the Arror-Kimwarer dams scandal being among his biggest bounty competing with his greed of amassing acres and acres of land.

On the question of land, it is on record that Ruto has swindled individuals and the government almost in equal measure forging title deeds and successfully grabbing land in different parts of the country including Mombasa, Uasin Gishu his home area, Taita Taveta, Nairobi among other areas in the country. This man Ruto is so greedy for land that even right in the capital, Ruto has stolen Processional way which is a road that traverses through a section of Uhuru Park and he had the audacity to obtain a title deed for it.

Again it is in court records that Ruto was forced to return Sh100 million worth of land belonging to Adrian Muteshi an Internally Displaced Person who almost lost his only source of livelihood for himself and family. Again, Ruto recently acknowledged that Weston hotel is indeed on land belonging to the Kenya Airport Authority and also grabbed land belonging to Langáta Primary school.

Looking further into the definition of a hustler, the word mainly originated in the medieval times and was equated to a ‘thief’, and back in 1825 with it the ‘prostitute’ definition dating back to 1924. Therefore, when Deputy President William Ruto says he is a proud hustler, he means he is proud of taking what is not rightfully his. He is proud of engaging in murder of the countless lives to cover up for corruption scandals that he has been adversely mentioned in, including the murder of his own aide Sergeant Kenei in order to cover up for an arms deal.

He is not only proud but boasts behind the curtains of the killings of countless lives of Kenyans, mainly women and children, who died in the Kiambaa church after being locked up and burnt alive. The killing of countless witnesses who were to testify against the Deputy President.

This is the proud hustler, Deputy President William Ruto who boasts of his hustling techniques that have gone as far as destroying the livelihoods of his own community through the maize scandals that have rocked the country where he has been involved in from time immemorial.

A man of greed, who sacrifices others for power and resources is a man who has gone at all lengths to ensure he attains the ‘billionaire status’, a man who steals, kills and destroys and does so heartlessly. This is the true and accurate meaning of Ruto, the hustler!

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