Makadara court has ordered the Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA) to probe the officer in charge of Embakasi police station over brutality.

The order came after suspect Jefferns Kitemi Kiema accused OCS Moses Wanyama and other junior officers of brutal assaults and threats to kill him.

“My whole body is aching. I was beaten like a dog, and they have now imposed false charges against me. They told me there is nowhere I can take them and I will not be the first one to be killed,” Kiema who exposed his wounds told Senior Principal Magistrate Angelo Kithinji.

Kiema was charged with maliciously damaging the OCS’s swagger cane and obstructing a police officer from executing his duties on September 12.

Court documents seen by KB shows that the incident occurred on Saturday at 10.30 pm as Embakasi division officers were patrolling and enforcing the curfew.

Documents also show that the officers found a car parked in the middle of the road in Embakasi where it blocked the police lorry.

When four officers then alighted to find out what the problem was, a drunk and arrogant Kiema came out of the car to confront the officers.

The OCS also joined the four officers in questioning Kiema and that was when he allegedly snatched the swagger cane and broke it.

Kiema admitted being out during the curfew hours but denied breaking OCS Wanyama’s swagger cane.

He complained of severe pain as he had not received any treatment since his arrest.

The magistrate told the IPOA to investigate the OCS and file a report in court by September 28.

“I have ordered the police internal affairs to investigate your claims. It’s most unlikely that you will find justice if the matter is handled by the same officers,” Kithinji said.

Kiema was freed after paying an Sh5,000 bail.

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