Always looking, always scavenging, and always salivating for opportunities to steal through undermining and underpinning others; that is the undesirable life of a hustler that Kenyans shun away from. The life of a hustler that Deputy President William Ruto strongly advocates for.

Being a hustler is not only undesirable to a society but also a recipe for a country’s destruction and disaster. The road and life of a swindler is always about cutting corners to unlawfully obtain wealth. For this matter, it is stealing hard earned money that Kenyans pay for through taxes to enhance the country’s development. However, the hustler is always looking for the opportunity take advantage of others’ vulnerability, even children that Ruto has stolen land from, as he seeks for more opportunities to steal, kill and destroy.

This is the very reason why communities such as the Agikuyu embody the life of having dynasties which basically translates to working hard to lawfully obtain wealth and live a decent life that will ensure multiplication of wealth for a sustainable future. A desire that is shared by many Kenyans across the country. However, Ruto being the number one hustler in the country, is him saying that he is unperturbed by his unrelenting theft of public resources.

He is communicating and has already shown Kenyans that he will gag them to silence for the sake of billions. He will destroy livelihooods as those of maize farmers in Uasin Gishu and replace with cartels that constantly report to their master with their bounty as required and guided by their hustling mentality. A mentality that is full of malice and characterized by a life of scavenging with those who operate for Ruto doing so without reasoning as they have been arguably brainwashed and shackled to a life of thuggery, murders and greed for money.

It is the hustling mentality that has been drilled to their heads to the extent that they are unable to think for themselves. These are the Ruto foot soldiers who believe in the hustling mentality.

A hustling mentality is a dangerous mindset that should be shunned by all Kenyans including those who have unfortunately been brainwashed and resigned to that kind of lifestyle of swindling money, resources and life out of other Kenyans. Countless number of people who got into Ruto’s way have paid dearly and with their life.

People who appeared as road blocks to theft of billions of shillings such as Sergeant Kenei who was a Ruto aide who was killed before he could give his testimony on the arms scandal, the ICC witnesses who were ready to testify against the Deputy President but never lived to do so; individuals like Jacob Juma who had a lot of information that would have implicated Deputy President William Ruto in a number of scandals, but whose life was cut short as he was shot severally in cold blood.

A hustler is a thief who comes to steal, kill and destroy. A swindler. Flee from the antics of the devil. Flee from William Ruto and his hustling mentality.

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