In the war against terror, nothing is ever put to chance. From the security personnel to the normal citizenry, we all have a crucial role to play in the war against terror and terror related activities. It is a collective responsibility and a moral obligation that must be employed and implored by all if we are to continue living iin a peaceful country devoid of brutal men and women who have nothing in mind but take away people’s right to life.

This is how Kenya has achieved great strides in foiling numerous terror attacks that would have been catastrophic to the country. Our country’s security forces and intelligence agencies have been on toes when it comes to gathering information and nailing any planned attacks.

This has meant high-level vigilance and collaborative effort both within the country and on cross border activities especially in the Northern region of Kenya bordering Somalia and Coastal areas such as Lamu, which borders Somalia as well.

The country’s security forces have been on the forefront in nabbing terror suspects through monitoring activities within terror prone areas and with this, they have been able to save the lives of unknowing Kenyans who go about their daily business in confidence that our forces have everything under control, which they have arguably been.

With the country marking the 7th anniversary of the Westgate attack, Kenya has remained steadfast in its war against terror. The various security forces have taken a multi-agency approach in fighting terror and also cemented more collaboration with foreign agencies such as Interpol and the Federal Bureau of Investigations alongside the US State Department that has led to the formation of the Kenyan Joint Terrorism Task Force that will see the country’s security officers benefit from training, experience and insights.

Additionally, the citizenry has become more conscious of its immediate environment through emphasis on public vigilance as well as collaborative effort with security forces through reporting activities or individuals deemed suspicious. For instance, the five terror suspects who were nabbed undertaking surveillance at a popular entertainment joint in Nairobi was out of intelligence reports.

In Kapseret, a multi-agency team comprising of DCI detectives, Anti-terror police Unit and the DCI Special Service Unit arrested two terror suspects where they recovered assorted explosives, detonators, detonation cords, safety fuses and boosters. The multi-agency approach has proven to be an effective strategy in counter terrorism. Similar incidences have occurred in different parts of the country where suspects and explosive accessories have been retrieved.

What our security forces have so far achieved is commendable as Kenyans must realize that it is out of their effective counterterrorism strategies that the country is effectively dealing with terrorist and militia groups such as the al-Shabaab.

Together and in unity among our security forces and the citizens of Kenya, we must stand to weed out terrorists in the country.

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