Four men who purportedly posed as detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations conned a city doctor Ksh 29.9 million. The four individuals lied that they would sell gold to the doctor.

They appeared in court on Monday and faced charges for obtaining funds under scrupulous means.

Anthony Ngeso, Erick Odinya, George Mbugua, and Arthur Ogutu pleaded not guilty before Charles Mwaniki, Kibera senior principal magistrate.

The four committed the offense at Landmark Suites in Westlands, Nairobi, between March and December 1, 2019. Others who jointly participated in the crime didn’t appear before the court.

According to the charge sheet, they fraudulently obtained Ksh 29,956,000 from Dr. Ali Raza, through false pretense. They lied that they had pure gold weighing 11.6 kilograms that they would sell to him.

According to police reports, Dr. Raza and his Liberian friend were later arrested at a hotel in Westlands by one Francis Ndegwa, who said he worked with DCI officers at the Parklands police station.

Police reports say Kinuthia took the complainant and his friend to an undisclosed location in Parklands. He was later released without being charged.

He retreated to his hotel room and the same “DCI George Kinuthia” told him his friend had been deported.

Kinuthia later came and told Dr. Raza his friend was in holding at the DCI headquarters. He also told him they had gold in holding at the DCI headquarters, which was up for sale after the case was dispensed.

The police report further states that after Raza showed in the gold, Kinuthia who pose as DCI officer Ndegwa said he would assist him in purchasing the gold.

Fake gold

The police report further details that on April 2, 2019, Kinuthia arrived with a sealed container at Raza’s residing place saying it contained 11.6 kgs of gold.

Accompanying Kinuthia were the other accused individuals. The second accused said he was Kinuthia’s boss at DCI.

They gave him the “gold” saying he could only open the container once DCI boss George Kinoti approved of it.

They then gave him the gold. Once Dr. Raza realized that it was fake gold, he complained and later reported them.

The three were released on a 15 million bond with the case set to proceed on October 13.

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