Jubilee’s nominated Senator Millicent Omanga could not let it lie for a fan who loathed her after the senator posted a video on her page.

Omanga posted a video of Embakasi East MP Babu Owino dissecting the BBI and its possible implementations in the 2022 dispensation after Uhuru has exited the country’s leadership.

According to Babu, the BBI vouches for the creation of a premier post alongside its two deputies, the presidency standing at the center. He said Raila would make the president, then Uhuru the premier with others like Mudavadi and Wetangula serving under him.

Babu was speaking in Saboti where he had attended the installation ceremony of Hon. Caleb Hamisi as the youth leader in Western Kenya.

“…BBI is where the future of the country lies. In the BBI, Raila will be the president, Uhuru the prime minister. Mudavadi and Wetangula will also be borne somewhere…” Babu said.
“Now I fully understand what BBI is. Asante my friend Babu Owino for enlightening Kenyans,” Senator Omanga commented over the video.

It is then that a facebooker hit at her saying she has to respect the ODM legislator as he appears to be more educated than her, plus she is too old to be the MP’s mother.

The senator rebutted saying she is good with being Babu’s grandmother.

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