A ratified deal between Kenya and Italy on the latter’s use of the land hosting Luigi Broglio Malindi Space Centre will see the country get Sh25 million every year.

During a sitting on Thursday, the National Assembly approved a report by the Defence and Foreign Relations Committee on the consideration of the agreement between the two governments on the use of the center for the next five years.

The ratification, which has been pending since 2012 when the previous pact ended, retires a 1995 deal which was more favorable to the Italians.

Defense Cabinet Secretary Monica Juma Wednesday said the agreement has provisions ensuring Kenya derives optimum benefits, including the establishment of a joint management board responsible for the supervision and verification of the activities at the space center.

The station will also help the Kenya Space Agency (KSA) to establish a regional center for earth observation, access scientific data, offer training and education, and support telemedicine.

“I am grateful to note that our National Assembly ratified the agreement on October 15. This has opened up opportunities for our nascent space industry,” the minister said during the launch of the KSA’s 2020-2025 strategic plan.

The plan provides a roadmap for the country’s use of space science to enhance security, research, and education in support of the Big Four Agenda.

The launch also saw eight universities, which submitted proposals to develop Nanosatellites and space weather monitoring projects, get close to Sh10 million in grants.

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