Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga on Tuesday, January 12, met with Royal Media Services (RMS) founder and chairman Samuel Kamau Macharia to popularise the Building Bridges’ Initiative (BBI).

Raila also met with a number of artists from across the country including renowned gospel artist Roy Smith Mwatia alias Rufftone.

Macharia lauded Raila for entering into the handshake agreement with President Uhuru Kenyatta noting that the move has promoted peace in the country.

“When this country was divided into two after the 2017 General Elections, handshake came in handy because what would have followed was a civil war, which would have killed our children.

“These two men, if they give nothing else to us we are thankful for them for the handshake and putting this country together,” explained Macharia.

Raila asked the artists gathered in the meeting to drum up support for BBI to the public and asked Kenyans not to be fooled by slogans from certain politicians.

“If you can help us to market this BBI thing, it will be a good thing for the people of Kenya.

“We must change the narrative, and we must not allow charlatans to come up with slogans to confuse the people of this country,” noted Raila.

Raila appeared to hit out at Deputy President William Ruto over his ‘hustler’ narrative as he claimed that it would not solve the problems the country is facing.

The ODM Party Leader also asked the artists not to be used by politicians ahead of elections, noting that songs can promote nationhood.

Raila, who is the African Union (AU) High Representative for Infrastructure Development, added that some of the first communication we give and receive in life is through music.

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