If there’s a politician in Kenya who lies to the masses without blinking an eye, it’s Deputy President William Ruto.

The second in command faced the wrath of angry Kenyans on social media platforms after netizens pounced on him exposing big lies he has peddled some while on camera.

It did not take long before the hashtag #LiesRutoTell became the top trending topic for the better part of today.

With thousands of tweets, Kenyans took shots at Ruto laying out facts, some in the video where he has been recorded telling outright lies to Kenyans, who have now been converted to ‘hustlers’ to fit his 2022 strategy.

Opposition leader Raila Odinga recently exposed DP Ruto for lying about the March 9, 2018 handshake by claiming that he (Raila) had first approached him before reaching out to President Uhuru Kenyatta.

“I can swear. I never ever talked to William Ruto,” said Odinga, adding that it was “very unethical” of Ruto to claim that the ODM party leader approached him before the handshake.

Netizens noted that Ruto has become synonymous with systemic de-legitimization of public institutions, hawking propaganda and peddling division, trying to score cheap political goals by inciting Kenyans against government projects.

Another concerned netizen observed that if Nazi-era chief propagandist Joseph Goebbels was alive today, the DP and his lieutenants could easily give him a run for his money. For they have perfected the art of repeating a lie for so long that they even start believing their own lies. The tragedy is that given the position he holds as the country’s second in command, the claims being made by his camp could be easily swallowed as the truth by gullible sections of society.

Even more critical is that the false claims pose a major threat to national security as they have the potential to spark post-election chaos if Ruto is defeated and then claims he was rigged out through the system. By virtue of his position, Ruto sits in the National Security Council. The mere fact that he is tacitly endorsing the discretion of critical institutions such as NIS is a rather worrying venture. Kenyans must seriously start questioning his fitness to be trusted with State security secrets

Here are some of the comments;

#LiesRutoTells That he supports hustlers while in Uganda he works and campaigns for the dynasties

The DP has most sworn supporters are politicians from his backyard who have on numerous times claimed the Deputy President presidential ambitions were unstoppable and any threat to his candidacy would be met with unspecified consequences.

True to script, the guests or delegates are paraded for the cameras next to wheelbarrows or beauty salon equipment as any lucky winner of the sports betting lottery would be #LiesRutoTells

Who is fooling who, You drive all the way with your V8 to go and drive a poor lady’s kids in a Wheelbarrow in the name of hustlers and helping them, This is Politics of hoodwinking and clout chasing, Mwalimu wao akiwa DP Ruto, #LiesRutoTells #TangatangaHypocricy

Kabogo narrates how Energy CS Charles Keter tried to extort 20% from a foreign investor. Never forget that Keter is William Ruto’s moneyman. And that’s the “hustler” you want to elect. Kenya will be like Somalia. #LiesRutoTells

1. Both were Deputy Presidents.
2. Both talked ill about their bosses.
3. Both radicalize the people against the rich.
4. Both made people believe that all the government ill were because of their bosses
@RobertAlai #LiesRutoTells

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